Suspected Drug Problem? Signs To Look For

Has somebody you know started acting differently? Perhaps they’re just not the same and you’re beginning to wonder what’s wrong. You may not think that the person in question would ever take drugs, but acting differently could potentially be down to drug use. If they are addicted to drugs, then you need to try and get them the treatment that they need. Don’t forget though that they might suffer from drug withdrawal, so it’s a good idea to get them professional help. If you are still unsure about what a person might look like if they are addicted to drugs, then here are the signs to look for:

Abrupt Weight Changes

If the person in question has changed in weight very quickly, this could be down to drug use. Different drugs may have different effects on the body. A heroin user may suddenly drop in body weight, while a marijuana user may suddenly go up. However, this is totally dependant on the individual. There may be other reasons for abrupt weight changes, so this isn’t the only sign you should go on.

Dilated Pupils

Dilated pupils are huge sign of drug abuse, usually narcotics. A person who has smoked cannabis may have red eyes, while a person who has taken cocaine will likely have larger pupils. Huge, dilated pupils are one of the biggest giveaways that a person is on drugs.

Slurred Speech

Slurred speech could be down to a number of things, including alcohol and different types of drugs. It will depend on the amount taken, as well as the type. Some drugs, such as MDMA and Cocaine, may not cause slurred speech at all, but more rapid speech. They may make total sense, or no sense at all. It’s all down to the person. By taking a look at a site like you can see more information about what the issue could be and how to combat it properly.

how to spot a problem



Perhaps this person has a sudden low mood. Depression and other mental health issues can be a direct result of continuous drug taking. Things like anxiety, depression, paranoia, and even psychotic episodes can all be down to taking drugs. If the person in question has sudden erratic behaviour, or even permanently low moods, it could be a big sign of drug taking. That being said, these issues can happen to anybody at any time.

Change In Social Network

Has this person started mentioning people you’ve never heard of before? Do you see them spending time with people you’ve never seen? A sudden change in social network is another sign.

Financial Problems

Drug users will usually get themselves into financial difficulty because of their problem. They may ask to borrow money from you, or they may steal it. They may get in debt. They may sell all of their things. They might stop buying food and paying their bills. Watch out for financial difficulty as this is a huge sign. Many drug users will do absolutely anything to get their next fix.

Involvement In Criminal Activity

Perhaps this person has started getting in trouble with the police. Maybe they’ve been stealing from people or stores. Maybe they’ve been doing things they wouldn’t usually do when under the influence, or to get cash for their next fix.

If you suspect this person is on drugs, you need to make sure you handle the situation properly. Recommend a Drug Rehab Tempe centre for them to visit and give them the support they need! Drug addiction is a real problem and should be treated with compassion, however this person is acting. Getting them help is the most important thing!

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