Don’t Let The Fun End When The Sun Goes Down

When we were young we were told to be home when the street lights went one.  We knew that once it was dark our fun was over.  Not any more now when the sun goes down the fun is just starting.  With these two great games you and your friends can keep having fun after dark.  These great games do not have to be played after dark, but what a great reason to why you still need to be playing after dark.  Just remember to play is a safe place.  Think open field or back yard.


Wizards And Werewolves

Think of a fun game of Good vs. Evil your job is to get the main werewolf out while avoiding the other werewolves.  So when you get it read the directions.  At first I though this would be a little to complicated for my little guy.  Yet he was actually the one who remembered the rules and remembered everything.  We went to him for tips lol.  This was a great family game for the whole family. We even had the Glow bracelets on the two puppies running around.  Of course they had no idea what was going on so they made perfect wolfs lol


Capture The Flag Redux

Who remembers playing capture the flag as a kid.  I have to admit I did not like many games when I was young.  I am and have always been small which means I always loose.  Now Capture the Flag was a whole other story.  This was my time being small and sneaky was a huge plus in this game.  No one ever saw me coming.


Now we can have just as much fun with my little guy.  Of course, these glow which makes it hard to be sneaky, but ohh so much more fun playing after dark.  The Capture the Flag redux comes with. 2 Glowing Orbs (the Flag), 2 Jail Markers, 5 Territory Lights, and 10 Team Bracelets.

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We got these free in exchange for an honest review.