Stop Your Kids Feeling Unsafe At Home After A Break-In

A break-in is an upsetting experience for any family. The thought of someone entering your home and stealing your belongings is the stuff of nightmares. While you might be feeling devastated, it’s your children who are most likely to be left feeling traumatized. Children don’t always understand why a burglary occurs which can cause severe confusion. This can be intensified even further if some of their belongings were taken during the break-in. They might think they are being punished for bad behavior or not trying hard enough at school. As they are unable to process and cope with what has happened, this confusion can quickly turn to fear. This can stop them feeling safe in their own home and may make it difficult for them to sleep at night.

Reassuring your kids that they are safe is vital during the aftermath of a break-in. This can stop them from being constantly fearful and make your home feel like a safe place once more. To find out how you can do this, read through these simple tips and tricks.


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Get back into your daily routine

A burglary can cause considerable upheaval to your family’s daily routine. You might have had to stay at a relative’s home or your kids might not have been able to go to school. While it is often unavoidable, a lack of routine can be unnerving for your kids. This is because they are not able to adapt to sudden changes as easily as adults are. Children love the stability and familiarity provided by a daily routine. So it’s vital that you reestablish it as quickly as possible.

Make sure they go to bed and go to school at the same time every day. This should also apply to family meal times. If you take them to school or pick them up, try to continue doing this too. This can help make your kids feel more at ease and rebuilds the structure that was once lost. It also shows your children that your lives aren’t being ruled by the incident, which can also stop them being fearful.


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Increase your home security

As your family has become victims of a burglary, there is obviously an issue with your home security. You should get a Locksmith Abbotsford to replace your locks straight away but this isn’t the only measure you need to take to protect your family. Start looking for home security systems online that you can have installed into your home. For example, it might even be helpful to contact a few different CCTV Installers to get a quote for some CCTV cameras for your property. Remember that these systems do vary in price and quality. So, to ensure you get the best, see this review of FrontPoint Security from Secure Penguin or look at other review sites. Also, make sure that your new system is installed by an experienced expert for increased efficiency.

Once the alarms, cameras, and lights have been installed, show them to your kids. Explain that these devices are going to make your home feel safe again. For even more reassurance, let your kids test how effective they are. You can also discuss what other methods you are going to start using to protect your home. For instance, you can get your kids to check that all the windows and doors are locked before leaving the house.

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Consider adopting a new pet

Studies have found that households with pets are less likely to experience break-ins. This is because dogs can be trained to attack intruders or alert the homeowners of any suspicious noises. As well as being an effective deterrent to home intruders, pet dogs can also be a loyal friend to your child. They can take their mind off the break-in and give them something positive to look forward to. The presence of a friendly dog within your home can also make your kids feel more at ease.

So carefully consider whether adopting a dog (or any other type of pet) would be a good idea for your family. You need to be able to commit to it’s needs and provide care for it’s entire life. You should also research breeds which are easy to train and good with children. A friend of mine has two rats as pets and she loves them very much. She did lots of research on how to care for them before buying them and this is something everyone should do before buying an animal. If you don’t think your family is ready for a pet right now, buy your child a dog toy instead. That way they are still gaining a new friend who they can talk to and play with.

If your son or daughter still continues to feel unsafe, get in touch with your family doctor. They might need to be referred to a counselor to help them recover and process what has happened. This can be done through the use of art therapy or through simple role playing games. Talk to your doctor about your concerns to get the process started as soon as possible.

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  1. I’ve never had a break in before but I can imagine that it would be unsettling especially for kids. I think having a dog is a great idea. I know my little monster barks at everything so he’s be able to warn me if someone broke in. An alarm system is a great idea as well.

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