Step up your aromatherapy with the MOJO


I love that aromatherapy is now everywhere.  There are so many scents and oils out in the world that can make a huge difference in your life.  Weather you have bad cold or just need a scent to relax there is a great one out there that will help.  One thing I never liked was if I wanted to bring it with me I had to have a glass bottle with me.


With Aravinda MOJO Aromatherapy slap bracelets all you have to do it slap your bracelet on, and add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy and you are ready to go on your way.  They came with a few cute designs so you can switch them up with your outfit.   As an 80’s girl I was excited to see slap bracelets come back, I am even more excited to see that these have an awesome new twist to them.


Want to know where you can get your own MOJO if you head here you can sign up to be one of the first to know when the start on Kickstarter.  They will have 4 different designs that are all cute.

These were so easy to use and I love that they have my favorite scents right in them.  I can switch them up or even just keep a different bracelet for each set.  If you are a aromatherapy lover then these are going to be a must in your house.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

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