Starting a business takes focus

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  A lot of people think all you need to start a business is a good idea.  Having a unique idea is always a plus but it takes so much more to have a successful business.  I know a lot of people who thought that is all it would take.  One-million-dollar idea and they were going to be rich.  I hear a lot from other people I am tired of making money for other people.  What some people don’t see is the time and love other people put into those businesses before they got there.

  If you want to start a successful business you need drive and be willing to put all your time and effort into it.  When I started people would tell me that I was spending too much time on something that was not paying me.  I would put in 14-16 hrs. a day.  Wake up at night and do more work.  Because that what it takes.   I don’t think I slept for about 2   With all these hours you will also have to find a way to fit your family in.  You don’t want to loose them along the way.

  The hope it to of course make money and get to a point where you don’t have to put so many hours in.  To be honest after you put that many hours in you will never really have another day where you are not thinking about the business.  Even on vacation I am always checking e-mail returning calls putting up post.  There is no end, and you want to love your business so much that you are always thinking of it.

  One you know you are willing to put in the time and effort to have your own business look at getting advice.  Finding a consultant can make a huge difference a lot of people ask what is consulting? and how can they help me?  Trust me they have a lot more information then you do and can help.

  Starting your own business can be the happiest day of your life.  The best thing to remember is to take it step by step.  Don’t just jump in one day quite your full-time job and say this is it.  Start some notes decide what it is you will actually be doing and know you are not going to get rich the day you start your business its going to take time and effort.

  If you decide to make it a hobby job or full time make some detailed lists and know what you are going to need not only for the business but for you.  Most of all make sure it is something you are passionate about.  If this is your life long dream make sure it is what you truly want to do for the rest of your life.

  I am excited to see what you all do in the future and make sure you come back and share your tips and tricks for how you made your business successful.

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