Smead from Shoplet

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Well it’s that time of year again.  You are going to need more school supplies then you ever thought possible.  Even if you stock them up now they will be missing in a weeks’ time.  Smead and Shoplet has you covered with one quick order you can be all set for the year.  The 3 in 1 super tab pocket folders are perfect to have for each different class.  They can keep everything separated and ready for the next day.  I also love the organized file folder for 2 reasons.  You can store old class assignments not only for studding later for test, but also if your teacher forgot to mark one done you have it in one easy to find place.

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You can pick up everything you need for yourself for the year and your kids in one quick online shopping trip.  Shoplet has a wide range of products from office supplies, cleaning supplies, Organization needs, Medical Supplies and Office Furniture, go ahead and stock up on everything you need for the year in one easy order.   I love that they have great prices and a very low free shipping rate.  I have found so many great products that I would have never thought of.  They really do make life easier.