Saving More Money Than You Thought Possible…With Kids

If you’ve got kids, then you likely think that saving money is an impossible dream. It’s true that kids are expensive. Everybody knows that! But there are some things you can do to help you save more money than you thought possible. Intrigued? Read on!

Plan Your Meals In Advance

Instead of winging it and just seeing what you can manage to whip up each day, plan your meals in advance. You can even get your kids involved, if they’re old enough. Planning an entire week might be a bit tricky at first, so consider planning half the week. Planning your meals in advance sets everything in stone, so your kids can’t complain or be fussy about what they’re served. You’ll also know exactly what you need to buy, and avoid wasting money/food at all costs. Then with that money you’ve saved you can check out Savings account guide from Westpac to work towards your financial goals.

Have A Budget For Everything

Have a budget for absolutely everything. Set a weekly budget for food, toiletries, even presents. Knowing your finances inside out and coming up with a suitable budget is a must if you want to enjoy life without worrying. My parents suggested that if we needed a loan we could secure a loan through Equity Release Plus with their equity support to help with the bigger purchases.

Buy Some Things Second Hand

Get used to buying some things second hand. There are lots of things you can buy second hand or refurbished, and they’ll work just as well. Not to mention be half the price of something new! You can buy laptops, bikes, and even some toys second hand providing you know they work. You don’t have to buy clothes second hand, but some people do. Buying as much as you can second hand will save you so much money.



Teach Your Kids The Value Of Money

It’s a good idea to teach your kids the value of money as early on as possible. This is especially a good idea if you always feel tempted to buy them a present every time you go out. Start giving them pocket money instead, a set amount each week. They can then save and spend it as they choose. This can teach them good habits for when they get older and actually start earning their own.

Shop Around

Don’t stick to one place for all of your purchases, instead, shop around. This is especially important if you shop online. There are some great deals to be had! Like for example compare energy rates through websites similar to Usave to make sure you’re getting the best energy deal possible.

Use Discount Codes

There are hundreds of websites like that offer coupons and discount codes on just about any thing you can think of, so don’t just pay for things online and even in person without thinking first. In some cases, you can use a restaurant’s app or store’s app to get discounts in person. When shopping online, you can look for a Plus voucher code or something similar to get money off.

Do Free Stuff

Taking your kids places like theme parks can be great, but it can also be really expensive. Instead, do free stuff. Take them to free museums and exhibitions. Go to the park and have a picnic. There are all kinds of great things you can do that don’t cost much at all.

See? Saving money with kids is possible. Use the tips here and you’ll have more money in no time!