Reward Your Kids For Good Behavior The Right Way

There are a few different ways you can reward your kids. Some of these ways can help to reinforce good behavior, while others can simply teach them that pushing you to your limits means they get whatever they want. Here’s how to reward your kids for good behavior the right way:


Set Up A Reward Chart

A reward chart can be a really effective way of rewarding your kids for good behavior. They motivate them to continue behaving in the way you expect, and eliminate the behavior you don’t like with consistent use. They are ideal for use with kids aged anywhere from 2-8 years old. You can buy ready made charts, or even create one yourself. They are a brilliant way to get your kids to clean up after themselves, brush their teeth, and more.  It can be a way to make difficult experiences, like going to the dentist, easier to manage as a parent.  Set up this reward chart somewhere your kids see it every day, such as the kitchen.



Choose Short Term Rewards

Once you have your reward chart, you need to pick your short term rewards. Many people choose stickers. Stickers can be placed on the chart each time your child does something you want them to do. Have a variety and let them choose their sticker to make it more interesting. Make sure they are special stickers though that they only see when you are rewarding them, so that the novelty doesn’t wear off. You can then offer rewards for every time they get 5, 10, 20 stickers etc. Whichever way you think is best. These rewards don’t have to be things. You could offer a bike ride, quality time together, or a trip somewhere.


Stay Positive

Stay positive about their reward chart. Don’t threaten to take stickers away from them if they’re not doing what you say. It’s best to find another way to teach them, such as the naughty step if they are really not listening to you.


Give Stickers Right After The Good Behavior

Make sure you give stickers right after the good behavior and don’t delay. This gives them an immediate high and helps to reinforce their good behavior.



Consider Giving A Reward ‘Choice’

After a while, your kids may get bored of having the same rewards over and over again. You could potentially give them a choice in these instances. You can find Fingerhut gift ideas on Couponbox for inspiration. As an example, you could offer them a small new toy or an accessory for their bedroom.


Express Appreciation

Make sure you don’t just rely on stickers and gifts to teach your kids. Expressing appreciation is really important too. Make sure you compliment them and express appreciation when you mean it. Ensure that in the language you use, you focus on growth and effort. Don’t focus so much on the outcome, as this can put them off trying new things in future.  


Talk About Emotions

Make sure you talk about emotions with your kids too. How did it feel to share toys with their sibling? How did it make you feel? This allows them to become more in touch with their emotions and empathetic of those around them.