Three Effective Ways of Cutting Costs When Relocating With a Professional Mover

Given the current hard times, most people may prefer to forgo professional movers when relocating since they are expensive. But given the complicity of moving, this is not a good option as doing it by yourself may result in more damages, time wastage, items getting lost, and injuries, to name a few.

Moreover, relocating yourself may force you to dig a little deeper to cater to packaging materials, moving trucks, and pay for the labor. The best way around this is to hire professional movers such as Allied Van Lines, who will come with their materials making the process less stressful and cost-effective.

But many people will not do it as they consider the mover companies expensive, which in most cases is not valid. Read on to identify how you can cut down costs while relocating with a professional mover.

Provide the Packaging Materials

Difficult times call for the best creativity. At this time, you need to look around for that box lying unused in your neighborhood to serve in packaging. To be on the safe side, opt to provide the packaging materials instead of the moving company coming with theirs, which may be a bit expensive.

The good thing is free and less costly packaging materials are readily available, putting you in a better position to acquire them. Therefore make this arrangement with your moving company and be proactive in searching for the free boxes from online stores, Facebook groups, friends, schools, hospitals, amongst others.

Settle on an Affordable Mover

There is a saturation of professional movers in the market today, offering quality services at friendly rates. It’s therefore upon you to do your homework well and get a favorable one for yourself. Before making your final choices, compare different quotes and read previous customer reviews to settle on the right service provider.  

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Additionally, try to negotiate with the movers for a favorable price for both of you. Sometimes these companies have special discounts and offers to their deserving clients, and your opening up may gift you one.

Also, consider getting a fixed rate, as this will deter your mover from adding unnecessary costs along the journey.

Choose an Appropriate Time To Move

The time of your move has a significant say on how much the movers charge you. For instance, you will most likely pay more to move during the weekends as compared to weekdays. This is because weekends are busy days for the movers requiring you to pay more for the service.

Therefore plan to move during the weekdays when the movers are less committed and looking for clients. During this time, they are more likely to listen to you and agree to negotiated rates.

This also applies to moving during the off-season, such as winter, when everyone wants to stay indoors. Take advantage of such times to move at a low price and good services. Most professional mover companies have quality work equipment to safeguard your items from any weather out there. Therefore don’t fear to contact them at those odd times.


Professional moving companies offer exemplary services that forgoing them is not an option. Cut down your moving costs with a professional mover by following the above three recommendations.

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