Tips To Being A More Proactive Parent

As parents, we want to make the most of our day, especially if we are attempting to work from home with a business, be there for a child as well as all the home necessities that need to get accomplished day to day. Although there are days we feel as if we haven’t gotten anything finished, I have a few tips to help out the tired, exhausted Mama who wants to try to be a more proactive parent. It’s easier than you think! 

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  1. Keep One Foot In The Working World – If you have young children, you’re hopefully able to get a few hours or so throughout the day to check your email or get some work done while your child naps. A neighbor of mine is a medical transcriptionist which she loves because she loves helping patients and hospitals transcribe their medical records as well as provide a steady income for her family, all while working from home. She earned her training from a company local to her in the Atlanta area called iMedX. With continuously growing technological capabilities, iMedX offers high value revenue cycle management solutions, data analytics, continued education and training opportunities and coding services. It’s leading-edge technology, best in class quality and commitment to service excellence allows them to focus on positive results and success for thousands of healthcare clients globally. They a company you’ll love to work plus keep you with a steady income, helping large or smaller healthcare companies and know you are making a difference with patients records.


  1. Learn To Delegate – If your children are older, make sure that you are not putting all the home essentials on your plate. I have a rule where my children can play but if they want to move onto something else, they need to clean up what they are doing and then move onto the next thing. This way, a room is not left a total disaster. If your kids are younger, role model and help them put away their toys so they know where they go. This will help teach them the importance of keeping their things organized, neat and easier to play with and find later. You can also have our child help set the table, make simple lunches, help prep meals or get things ready for school the next day. Believe me, they’ll love the responsibility and helping them feel like a big grown up like you! 


  1. Move Your Needs To The Top Of The To Do List – As a parent it’s super simple to never put yourself first and always put others before you. When was the last time you put yourself first by going out for lunch with your girlfriends, getting a new outfit that made you feel good about yourself or finally setting up that date night with your spouse to enjoy time without the kids for once. If you can’t think of it, then I’d sugest adjusting your priorities to put yourself at the top for once. Remember, positive mental health and self care are truly key to investing in yourself and being a happy parent- especially when you are with your kids all the time. 


  1. It Won’t Always Feel Positive – While you may hear several people tell how lucky you are that you get to stay home all day, we all know that it’s not sitting around in your pajamas eating a tub of ice cream while your kids play independently with one another has. It’s far from that but being organized, having a set schedule so your kids know what is coming throughout the day to help avoid meltdowns, and doing your best is all it really takes. Of course every day is different, you may have times you feel defeated by the endless laundry basket, the dirty dishes and the never ending sweeping of the floors but you’re also able to make memories with your kids, provide a loving home and really making yourself the best version you can be. 


There are several other tips to being a more proactive parent to yourself, your spouse and your kids but I think these four are essential to making sure you stay true to yourself, keep positive, do your best and delegate the chores to keep yourself sane. As parents, we truly do our best to give our kids a life we want them to be proud of but just know you can’t do it all some days and that’s perfectly ok. I can’t wait to hear what other tips you have to share that have helped you be your best in the comments below. 

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