Preparing For A Storm: Items You Need In Your Home


Now that summer is almost over, wintry weather will soon be upon us. And that means the chance of bad storms will increase. Usually, storms don’t come to much and leave our property unharmed. But the way weather has been going at the minute; it’s always best to always be prepared for the worst case scenario. So what do you need in your home to keep your family safe during a storm? Here are some super important items. You might also want to look into applications for emergency situations such as Emergenie, you’re one-stop click for a professional to be sent for emergency services such as an electrician to restore power after a power cut for example.

Food Supplies

If a storm is more than just excessive rain and brings a lot of snow, you might not be able to get to the supermarket for a day or two. In this case, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of food supplies. Stock your pantry or store cupboard with plenty of tinned foods. Think about lots of tinned soup and tins of baked beans and pulses. You should also stock up on plenty of bottled water. You will probably have tap water during a storm. But it is impossible to tell if a fallen tree or any other organic matter has gotten into the water system. So it’s always safer to stick to bottled water until the storm passes.




Electricity regularly goes off during storms. Normally, this shouldn’t be a problem as a power cut normally only lasts for a couple of hours at most. But, in the event of a severe storm, this could last a lot longer. To ensure you have electricity even during a power cut, invest in a dual fuel generators from These can often provide you with enough power to run essential appliances such as kettles and microwaves. If you aren’t sure which generator to get, check out for answers to all your questions.

Sleeping Bags And Blankets

There is one thing a generator won’t be powerful enough to power. And that is your heating system. In a very serious storm, there is a chance that your heating system might cut out. So it is important that you have plenty of sleeping bags and blankets to go around your whole family. Especially if you live in an area that often has a cooler climate. It will also be useful to keep some old long-sleeved t-shirts and thick leggings for everyone to sleep in.


Sanitary Items

It can be easy to forget about how important sanitary items are. But once they run out you will certainly miss them! And, just like with the food, if you can’t get to a supermarket for a day or two, you will be sure to run out of sanitary items. So be sure to always have a good supply of toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and tampons in your home. If you have a baby or very young toddler in your family, you will also need plenty of diapers. If possible, store all these extra sanitary items in a waterproof container so they aren’t damaged if any rain water gets into your home.
You’ll easily cope with a storm if you have all these essential items!

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