The Common Plumbing Issues Plaguing Your Home

Homes up and down the country have to deal with plumbing issues on a daily basis. It’s a notoriously faulty system, and one of the worst breakdown offenders in the home, thanks to just how much use you get out of it! 


Because of this, your home is probably dealing with a plumbing issue right now, and it’s time to sort it. With this in mind, we’ve listed the most commonly troublesome parts of your plumbing below, and just how to deal with them. 

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Something’s Leaking


The most common issue by far, whether you’ve got a leaky showerhead or you’ve got a leaky faucet that’s wasting water, it’s an easier fix than you might think. You could be costing yourself hundreds by leaving it. 


Turn off the water first, to keep it from bursting into your face, and most often, you’ll just have to replace the inner cartridge. Indeed, you can watch an easy video tutorial right here; you don’t need any specialised tools for the job, just a regular tool box screwdriver and/or spanner! 


Temperamental Water Temperature


How’s the hot water in your home? Does it take ages to heat up? Maybe it turns hot and cold and then luke warm and tepid in quick succession, even when you’re actively in the shower and just trying to wash off? Maybe the temperature is far too hot to be safe to use? These are all common problems in the home, and they need fixing as soon as possible to keep water usage safe for you and your family. 


But what can you do? Well, the first thing is to be sure you know what kind of heating system you’re working with. Maybe you have an electric shower that heats on demand, or maybe you use a tank that has a select amount of hot water available at a time; once you know what you’re working with, a full step by step can be found here


You may also want to consider a fresh hot water heater installation; it’s a reliable and cost effective way to ensure there’s always some hot water ready for washing, but plenty of cold to pour into a glass as well. 


A Clog in the Shower/Bath/Toilet


Maybe the toilet won’t flush anything away, or maybe the water won’t drain out of the bathtub – either way, you’ve got a clog somewhere in the pipes! And while it may be a little disgusting to deal with, it’s actually quite easy to manage a problem like this yourself. 


No one wants to deal with dirty drains, so make sure you have a pair of gloves to wear. Then, start with boiling some water to pour down the toilet and/or plughole, to try and shift any potential congealed fat or debris. You could also use a ‘snake’ to pull foreign bodies out of the hole. 


It can be a lot easier to DIY plumbing pipes and flushing systems than you might think! 

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