Organizational Tips And Tricks For A Less Stressful House Move


So maybe you’ve been looking at something like these rental property management jacksonville fl and have finally found something you really like. Finding the right house is tough. You might have spent ages trying to find something you really like though, you might have looked at many award winning real estate companies until you finally found the perfect place. When it comes to moving house, what can go wrong will go wrong, unless you are properly organized of course. There is so much to think about, and it can be easy to forget the essentials if you don’t commit to a little planning and preparation. From accidentally packing the cat into a cardboard box to breaking your valuables en route to your new home, all manners of disaster awaits. That’s why it’s sometimes better to get someone to come help you. This might be getting someone to help clean your house as you move out (for example, this end of lease cleaning in Canberra company), or just having a friend there to give you a helping hand. Thankfully, we are here to help. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your house move goes as smoothly as possible.

Find ways to save money

When it comes to organizing your house move, your finances need to be the priority. From buying a house to dealing with all the expected fees, your bank balance will have taken a knock. A home loan will help, of course, as will any savings you have accrued over the years. Still, the expenses continue long after the house sale has gone through, and the moving day costs themselves can be steep. You can save money on the day, however, so follow the linked tips to better manage your finances.

Make a moving checklist


There are 101 things to do, or thereabouts, and you are liable to forget something essential. To help you remember, a moving checklist is indispensable. Seeing everything written down will focus your mind, and there is great stress-relief when you start ticking off each thing in turn when they have been completed.

Keep all paperwork in one place

We have already advocated the use of a household binder on our site, and this is something else that will be indispensable when you move. Include all the essential paperwork for your house move, and have pieces of paper with all the important info needed for moving day. This can include the phone number of your removal firm, any security codes you need for getting into your new property, and any other details that you consider to be relevant. Just don’t accidentally pack your household binder into one of your boxes, as this is one thing that needs to be accessible during the move.

Pack essentials in a clear storage box

You will probably have a sea of cardboard boxes on moving day, and while practical, you can still forget what is buried within them. For the essential items – we are thinking eating utensils, phone chargers, plates, toothbrushes, and so on – store them in a clear storage box so you never lose sight of those things you might need the most when you finally arrive at your new property.

Protect your breakables with your clothing

Let’s kill two birds with one stone (not literally, that would be horrible), with this idea. While you could wrap your breakable items in thick tissue paper or bubble wrap, you can save on box space by wrapping your breakables with your clothing. You may not want to use your best outfits, of course, but an old pullover around your plates, or your socks for your glassware, may be just the thing when you are trying to avoid damage (and save space) when you’re packing away your belongings.

Label boxes room by room

It’s a no-brainer that labeling boxes is useful, but if you include a label for the room they are heading into, you are doing yourselves and the removal firm an extra favor. Be sure to put the labels on the side of the boxes as well, as if you label the tops, you will have a harder time trying to work out what’s inside them when they are all stacked on top of one another.

Remember sandwich bags are your friends

Sandwich bags are perfect for your packed lunch when you’re traveling en route to your new destination, but they are also fantastic for storing those little items that can often be overlooked when you’re packing. We are thinking of such items as curtain hooks, screws and nails, small knick-knacks, and those other things that are essential/inessential to your everyday life. Another useful tip is to tape any sandwich bags containing wires/screws to the item they belong to, such as your tv or bed frames, to make your life easier when you are assembling your belongings later on.

Take a photo of electronic items

If you followed the last tip we mentioned, you will have all the wires and bits you need in one place, all ready for assembly. But do you remember where each item goes? Possibly not, so unless you still have user manuals handy, take a photo of the back of your tv, as an example, so you can make easy work for yourself when getting everything set up at your new home. After all, you don’t want to miss a moment of your favorite tv show because you got your wires crossed!

Cut down on the number of boxes you need


One way to cut down on the number of boxes you need is by throwing/selling/donating any of your old belongings that are surplus to requirements. This will cut down on removal costs too. For those things you do need, however, you should make thrifty use of other storage items in your possession. You may be able to leave your clothes in your drawers. You may also have suitcases, laundry baskets, beer boxes, picnic hampers, etc., that can store a large bulk of the items you need to carry.

Hire friends and family

Don’t go through with the move on your strengths alone, and forego the use of expensive services, by getting those people closest to you to help on and around moving day. Give them a list of jobs to do, be that cleaning particular rooms in your house, or asking them to transport items to your new home. Of course, you should do the kind and generous thing by rewarding them for their generosity, so buy them a pizza at your new place, or give away any items you were previously thinking about donating as a reward for their hard work. With this being said, if friends/family are not available for the big move, then the assistance of a professional moving company may be something worth looking into. Before making a decision on who to get in touch with, it may be worth getting free online moving quotes to get the relevant information of what a company will be able to offer. This should be a backup plan if your friends and family are not available to help out.

Tips for those in rental properties

If you’re moving out of a rented accommodation, you don’t want to be hit with any unfair charges dictated by your landlord. Before moving, you do need to ensure the property is cleaned as thoroughly as possible, and you should make any repair work necessary. If nail holes are going to be a problem with the landlord, you can fill them in with soap, toothpaste, or wall putty. You should also take photos of the property just before you leave, ensuring the landlord doesn’t present you with any cleaning or repair bills that are unwarranted.

Don’t forget the little ones

Moving day is stressful enough for you, but if you have children and pets, the move can take its toll on them, as well. If possible, consider hiring a childminder to keep your children out of harm on moving day, and book your cats and dogs into a pet shelter until you are ready to retrieve them again. If they are around on the day, be sure to child and pet proof areas where there are likely to be accidents, as you don’t want to end up calling emergency services right before you move to your new home.


Moving day is stressful, and the occasional mishap may happen. It’s inevitable, but by following our tips and tricks, you are at least alleviating some of the potential issues that may befall you on the day. If you have any pieces of advice of your own, be sure to let us know, and bless all of us with your helpful words of wisdom. Thanks for reading!