No More Holiday Stress with These Tips to Prepare for Guests

The holiday season is approaching, with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away. It’s great to see friends and family during the holidays, but it can be a bit of a nightmare too. Hosting visitors can feel pretty stressful and sometimes make you uncomfortable in your own home. It’s particularly difficult if you have a relative who has different standards of housekeeping to you. If you’re about to prepare for the arrival of a difficult mother-in-law or critical cousin, you need to get everything set up in time. Do the things below long before they arrive so that you have time to put your feet up with a glass of eggnog.



Start with a Thorough Clean

Normally, you may feel like that your house is adequately clean and tidy. It seems just fine to you on a daily basis. But as soon as you’re about to have guests, you’re suddenly not so sure. You feel like it needs to be even cleaner and tidier than it ever is usually. It needs to surpass the expectations of any of your guests. Trying to get everything clean enough can be so stressful. So, instead of stressing about it, engage a company for complete cleaning services. They can take care of it all, from carpets to windows. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Set Up Sleeping Spaces

Everyone is going to need someone to sleep if you have people staying with you. You might have guest bedrooms that are ideal for hosting friends and family. However, you may also need to shuffle everyone around a little. If you have spare bedrooms, you can easily make them neat and even give them the appearance of a hotel room. But it’s more difficult if you might have to put them in your son’s or daughter’s bedroom, or even in your office. Think about creating a comfortable space, as well as a clean one. Much of the time, a set of clean sheets and perhaps some storage space for clothes is all that’s needed. Providing towels is handy too.



Create Enough Space to Eat

The holidays often mean having a lot of extra people at your table. It’s fun and warming to be surrounded by the people you love. But it also means finding somewhere for everyone to sit. If you’re lucky, you have a table you can expand, along with extra chairs. If not, you need a plan to ensure everyone can have a seat. You might decide to create a separate kids’ table if there are enough of them. Hunt around the house for extra chairs, and perhaps even borrow them from a neighbor.

Arrange a Guest Bathroom

Everyone will need to use the bathroom while they’re there, so make sure one is available. Make it nice and neat, as well as incredibly clean for your guests. Don’t forget to include towels and make sure there are plenty of supplies, including toilet paper and soap. It can be embarrassing for guests to ask for more.

Don’t panic as the holidays approach. The aim is to have a good time with friends and family, so don’t stress too much over the small stuff.