New Year New You #fitness

For the New Year, a lot of us want to get in shape.  We say it every year, and most years it falls through the cracks.  There are many things you can do, but finding a fitness routine that fits into your life is the best way to make it work.  You don’t want working out to feel like another job you have to do you want it to be something that just fits right into your life.  For me I joined the Gym, and it never worked for me.  I had to make time to get the hour or more work out in.  Not to mention the drive there and back, I just did not have the time to do it.  For me fitting it into my everyday life has worked like a dream.

You can get away with buying minimal stuff for your workout at home.  A jump rope is actually a lot of fun something your kids will do with you and is a great workout.  Adjustable dumbbells will grow with you and are a great workout you can get in, in a few minutes.  Hula Hoop yep all you heard that right.  This little marvel from our childhood is a great ab workout and once again can be fun to do with the kids.

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Now I know what you are thinking what about a treadmill and stationary bike.  If you have the space and the money awesome go for it.  If you are like me there is just not room for it, guess what the world is a treadmill.  Go for a 5-minute walk, if you can walk around the house and do a little gardening.  These are all workouts.  When you go shopping park in the back of the lot.  All of this stuff adds up.

I don’t get an hour workout in every day I get a whole lot more in.  The great thing about working out at home is if you have 5 minutes use it.  Lift the dumbbells, jump the rope clean a few windows.  5 minutes a few times a day will add up.  You won’t be a supermodel in a month but you will notice a difference in the first month.  Getting in a full workout all at once is not always in the cards for us, but getting in a few minutes here and there is so much better than just giving up because you don’t have the time.