Make Sure Your Old House Is In Pristine Condition Before You Move

It’s only fair that you make sure your old house is in pristine condition before you move. You’d expect a house you were moving into to be as clean and tidy as possible, so it’s only fair you do the same. Here are a few things you should be sure to do:


Make Repairs


Making repairs is courteous to the new owners. Even if they aren’t serious repairs, just doing what you can about them will make sure the house is in the right condition for the new owners. Replace tiles, smooth over cracks, and do anything else you can.


Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint


A fresh coat of paint will brighten up the house and make it feel new to the new owners. All you need is a neutral pot of paint to go over any bits that may be discolored. Just remember, a neutral color will always get more interest than a bright color. It allows people to imagine what they’d do with the space better!


Clean Up
If you can, take a lot of time to clean up and make the house ready for the new owners. This isn’t always possible, so get a cleaning service to help if you have time. Just make sure you do the rest of the things in the infographic here!

Infographic For A Move Out Cleaning Guide

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