A Look on the Bright Side Little Known Benefits of Divorce

Let’s face it; divorce is seemingly the worst thing you and your family can experience.  After all, no one gets married with the intention of divorcing some years down the road.

But it happens.  All the time.


And, while divorce can put a strain on your family, your bank account, and your emotional sanity, the truth is, after all is said and done, divorce is not always a bad thing.

Today we are going to look at what some people only see after divorce papers have been signed, despair and sadness have come and gone, and a real look at the future ahead has happened.

In fact, we are going to examine the benefits of divorce and see how hope and happiness are still attainable, even after the strongest of relationships are fractured into two.

1. You Can Be Happy Again

It may not see like it at first, but studies show that women especially, become much happier with their lives after divorcing.

This may be because the marriage was doomed from the beginning.  Or perhaps it is because breaking free from an unhappy relationship, even if it means finalizing a divorce, is more satisfying than suffering for years through it.

No matter the reason, chances are you will be happy again after your divorce settles and you learn to take your new life head on with hope.

2. You Will be Healthier

Sure, being in a loving relationship is great for your overall health and happiness.  That said, being in an unhappy marriage is sure to have a negative impact on your health over time.

Divorcing, as tough as it may seem, can actually propel you into a happier, healthier life.  This is because once the divorce is done, the conflict is gone, and the stress of fighting for something that was never going to work is over, your body – both physically and mentally – can heal, recharge, and take a turn for the better.

3. You Can Do It

Despite what we tell ourselves as parents, and what other married couples might say, being a single parent is not always the worst thing for you and your family.

Being a single parent does require adjustments.  However, there are plenty of ways to excel at being a single parent, especially when you can focus on yourself and your kids in a healthy way, rather than constantly worrying about diffusing arguments, anger, and sadness in your household.


4. Your Kids Will Thank You

You may not realize it, but while you are busy arguing with your spouse and sleeping in separate bedrooms as a way to avoid conflict resolution, your children absorb it all.

And, with states such as Oregon reporting that nearly 14,000 children under the age of 18 were affected by divorce in 2015, it is important you get a highly qualified Oregon attorney to help sort out your divorce as amicably as possible.

That said, though they may not say it aloud, or even fully understand it when it happens, many children will secretly thank you for finally ending a relationship that was not good for everyone involved.

Sure, your kids will miss some things that came with being a united family.  In fact, chances are you will too.  After all, it’s natural to miss what we once knew that was happy.

However, if you and your spouse are truly happier apart, your kids will be too, and will love that the divorce allows that happiness to shine through.

In the end, there are several reasons to want to avoid divorce.  However, for those in situations that are dire, it is important to look at the bright side and try to infuse happiness and hope into a seemingly desperate situation.

This way you, and everyone involved can move forward and make the best of an unfortunate situation.

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