4 Easy Therapeutic Things to Try at Home During the Lockdown

Image by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels.

“Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life” are words said by a Persian poet named Khayyam Omar. If you are at your lowest point, especially during the pandemic, worry not. Even the richest and powerful individuals have their sad days.

Cheer up! Fortunately, there are things you can do to have a tranquil and happy life at home. Here are four therapeutic things you can do to be more calm and happy.


Connecting to your mind is key for a calm life. So, you can achieve this by putting your electronic gadgets away, sitting in a dark, quiet room for a few minutes and concentrating on your breathing. Your thoughts will likely be random or about something in particular.

If you have thoughts about a specific thing, let them flow. Feel all your emotions and take deep breaths rather than distracting yourself. If you want, you can play some soothing and slow music to help you relax. Leave the room after a few minutes, and you will surely observe improved mental health, making you happier and rejuvenated.

Embracing bad and good emotions rather than suppressing them is an excellent way of healthy living. So, it will be best if you set some time aside and focus on your mental wellness daily.

Write Down Your Feelings

Do you feel overwhelmed with feelings you don’t want to share with others? Putting them down on paper will help with the heavy feeling in your chest. It will help if you let your emotions flow through you regardless of them being good or bad.

This process will help you heal and grow, especially if you have bad emotions. However, if you bottle your feelings up, you might experience health problems after a while without noticing. So, to avoid this, you might consider writing a letter to a loved one or to a situation to feel lighter. You do not have to send it.


When you are having a bad day, it will be best if you get up and break out your recipe books rather than lie down on your couch. Believe it or not, cooking can create a significant impact on your mental wellness.


Like any mindfulness habit like meditation, culinary therapy involves living in the moment because the process will need your full mental attention. You will likely lose yourself in the process. You can make something as simple as a sandwich or something more complex like a salsa macha.


The best thing about cooking is that it encourages creativity and makes people feel good about themselves, especially when the dish turns out well.

Try Doing New Things

Once you feel stuck or demoralized, giving your brain a new task to perform will be great. You might do simple things like going for morning walks or more complex things like writing practical goals for the year.

Picking a new hobby like dancing or playing a musical instrument will be a fun and challenging way to help activate your brain.


If you feel sad or depressed during the lockdown, you can use these given tricks to be healthier and happier. However, if they do not seem to work on you, it is advisable to see a therapist.