Last minute holiday gift ideas

Last minute holiday gift ideas

You’ve spent ages looking for the perfect presents for your kids, you have been on to ensure the karaoke microphone your son asked for is just what he wanted, you have found the perfect accessories for your daughters Barbie doll, you have wrapped the gifts under the tree, got the turkey ready, prepared your Christmas sides and done the last minute visit to your superstore. But then… you find out that your niece and nephew are coming at the last minute. Normally you would have some extra gifts stashed away in the back of your closet, but this year you aren’t sure if those hidden goodies will fit – or more importantly, that they will even like what you have at home. However, worry not. You can make your own last-minute gifts if you are seriously stuck for time, to give your recipients a truly unique and different present. If you have some more time on your side, then you may still be able to order your gifts online if you can’t face waiting in line or sitting in traffic along with hundreds of other last-minute Christmas shoppers. These ideas will help you feel inspired, and get you out of a difficult situation at the last minute.

Winter clothing

A woolly scarf, cute bobble hat or even a pair of stylish gloves are presents that are easy to purchase, plus they need not cost the earth if your Christmas budget is already stretched this year. Sites such as Nickis have a range of designer, stylish winter clothing options that will put a smile on the surliest of faces. Make sure that you buy clothes one size bigger, so that kids can grow into the items that you buy them, rather than it lasting only one season. Winter clothing is a great gift idea if you are stuck for time, or buying for hard to please family members.

Baked goods

If you don’t have much time to spare, or can’t make it to the shops, then getting back to the kitchen and raiding your store cupboards could get you out of a tight spot. All you need is some flour, butter, eggs and milk and you can start creating and baking some delicious treats or cookies for your unexpected guests. If you have half an hour to spare, dash down to your local store to grab some cinnamon, oatmeal or even chocolate chips so that you can make a variety of cookies to give your nearest and dearest. Be sure to check any allergies or dietary requirements if you aren’t sure.

Home accessories

If you are crafty, creative and enjoy making gifts that are truly personal or a bit different, then why not make some home accessories? Blankets, homemade photo frames and even painting your own plates or mugs is a great way to give those hard to please recipients a present that is truly special and unique, plus every time they use these items they will think of you. So grab your knitting needles and glue, and get creating. If you don’t think that you would be any good making something by yourself, then you could always look at getting them something personalized? Why not get them something like these personalized coasters, which is a great gift, it’s thoughtful and practical and is a great home accessory!

If you are stuck for time and want to give a gift that is a bit unique and special, then why not consider getting back to the kitchen or feeling creative? You are sure to bring a smile to even the glummest of faces!

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