How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh After Being Delivered

The best thing about flowers is they enhance the beauty of a room and make it extra charming. No matter what kind and color, as long as you choose one that compliments the design of your house, expect the flowers to make the room elegant and stylish. Not to mention, a bit of nature in a room gives it a comforting ambience.


And with the popularity of online flower orders and having them delivered to your home, flowers are flying off the florist’s shop. You can easily have your flowers delivered in Canberra with the help of Fresh Flowers or any of the online florist shop in your area for special occasions and life events with just a few clicks of the mouse. But flowers, without proper care, lose their freshness; wilted flowers are no good.


So to help keep the charm and freshness of the flowers after you have had them delivered, we have created a guide for proper flower care.


Keep the flowers away from what can cause its wilting

As soon as you have received the flowers you have delivered to you, the next thing to do is to keep them away from things that can dry them out quickly. As much as possible, place them away from extreme temperatures like sunlight or heavy drafts. What you can do is to put the flowers in a room or an area where it is a little cooler. In this way, you can preserve the flowers in a condition they were delivered to you for a long time.


If it came in a plastic, remove it immediately. You can place your flowers anywhere you like in a room, just as long as they will not be exposed to smoke or be near fruit because of the ethylene gas component in them that are deadly to flowers.


Submerge the stem in water

You need to recut the flowers and get the excess foliage out before popping it in a vase. Remember that the ideal cut is at the end of the stem, at an angle. In this way, the flowers can get the water properly, and the stem does not sit flat at the bottom of the vase. Use floral preservative to help you keep if fresh. Once the water gets cloudy, that means you need to change the water and do the process again. Sometimes you do not need to recut the stems, but do watch for excess foliage.


Do not forget to clean the vase with soap to remove bacteria that can cause the flowers to wilt, and rinse it thoroughly. Then remove any dead or wilted leaves from the arrangement.


Check the water level daily

Of course, you should not wait for the water to become cloudy before checking up on it. You need to look at the water level daily, add water and floral preservative as needed. If you will be away from home for a long time, keep them in your refrigerator so that you can slow down the water loss.


These are some of the basic ways you can keep your flowers fresh. You can follow these tips and ask your florist for other techniques like recipes for alternative floral preservatives. Go on and have dozens of flowers delivered to your doorstep and keep them blooming for a long time.

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