How to Dress with Style


Fashion is a great way of guiding clothing trends and helping people who want to make a good impression through their attire. It is also fickle and highly opinion-based, meaning that it can change on a whim and leave you with a pile of clothes that are suddenly out of fashion. That’s why it is important to focus on style instead. Fashion can be a drain on your money and energy since it takes a lot of effort to stay on the pulse. Style, however, is about creating your own unique identity and expressing it through what you wear. It can never go out of fashion since it has nothing to do with influencing others to dress the same. Finding your own individual style can be difficult and confusing, but by going on various clothing sites with a variety of styles, like, you can find some inspiration. Here are some basic guidelines to help you find your own style and dress to impress.

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One: Know Yourself


Sometimes it seems as if you need to be teetering in skyscraper heels or bound into a tight-fitting dress to feel stylish. Despite this, the first and most important thing to remember when dressing stylishly is to be comfortable, both physically and mentally. If you love a certain top, but it makes your arms feel restricted, you’ll look uncomfortable and not very stylish. It’s all about wearing what you have on with confidence and ease. Don’t wear something just because you feel pressured to; you’ll look and feel much better when you wear clothes that bring out your confidence. If you can’t walk more than two steps in high heels, you don’t have to wear them. If you think crop tops are pretty, make them your style staple. There are so many fashion gurus who tell people to dress to flatter their body shape, but it truly doesn’t matter what size or shape you are. Instead, what matters is that you enjoy what you wear, and in turn, anything will look stylish on you.


Two: Make It Personal


If your least favorite color happens to be in fashion right now, there’s no need to buy it just because it’s become temporarily popular. No one looks stylish in clothes they don’t truly love, so stick to what you enjoy and create your own unique looks. If you have a favorite band, a tee with their album art can spark a conversation with another fan. Wearing personalized pin buttons gives your outfit added flair and individuality. Nothing stays in style longer than a strong personality and the confidence to express it.


Three: Follow Your Own Trends


Every once in a while, a fashion trend might come along that takes your fancy. There’s no shame in enjoying the latest trends and watching where fashion is going. Instead of following it to the letter, though, incorporate it into your own look. Not only will this save you money from having to keep up with the newest fads constantly, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the piece for longer since it doesn’t have to be fashionable to match your style. Let your own opinion direct your clothing choices and only follow fashion when it appeals to you.

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