Does Your House Have That 2017 Sparkle? Make It Shine Now

2017 is quickly approaching. Its been quite a year hasn’t it? And whether you’re looking forward to the new year or not, it’s important that we keep up with the trends and ensure your house doesn’t run past its sell-by date. Here are a few tips.

2016 is almost done and even though we are still technically there, the fashion advice we got from this year is already starting to lose its glamour. Traditional tableware and desks are so last years. What were we even thinking? It’s out with the old and in with the new and 2017 is sure to be fashion crazy. Take for example lost materials like terracotta and cork. You’ve seen these designs before a few years back, well now they are making an eagerly awaited comeback. Terracotta has that feel that you’re living in sunny Spain or any other exotic European country and will not only add to the glamour of your house but also provide you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Cork, on the other hand, was always more than useful and stylish looking material. How else would you pin your posters and calendar up on the wall?


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Open plan living will also not be as much in demand as we are expected to hunt out little nooks and caves for ourselves to chill out in, in 2017. With the boom in modern technology and lifestyle choices like working from home, we need somewhere more private to concentrate and escape the real world. You can’t do that in a vast room with distractions coming at you; left, right and center. The furniture will also adapt to these cozy new surroundings. Wool will be in major demand for cushions and rugs whereas sofas will require that aaah feeling again when you fall back on them exhausted.


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As for paint colors, well there’s only one color that would satisfy the trends of 2017; and that is dark green. Although seen as a risky choice in the past, it’s becoming more and more common for you or your interior painter to turn to these colors. Green has always been seen as a neutral color and is now at that stage where it is getting more popular than a standard blue or white. Furthermore, experts are discussing whether the green shining from in your room will make the back garden look like it’s more encompassing with the rest of the house. An idea that will become more apparent as the year progresses.


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Additionally, scandinavian house plans/features are also en vogue and Nordic style is definitely top of the fashion hit list right now. Black and white striped pillows and slatted walls like those used in spas are destined to be popular for the new year with its incredible sense of relaxation and cool vibe. It’s just like being in the sauna yet you’re at home! It’s 2017 people. Roll with the punches and get your style great and up to date. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

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