Improve The Value Of Your Home’s Exterior

If you want to change the look of your home and garden, you will need to follow some tips. Find out what effect elegant doors, wide windows and decorations have on your guests and possible buyers. There are many ways to improve the look, so let’s see how.

Photo: Unsplash

A solid and elegant exterior door

Put the outer door at the center of your activities if you want to change the appearance of your home. Every visitor immediately notices it and it will have a great impression. You can look at this useful link for more inspiration. The handle and lock must harmonize with the style of the door and the house. Also think of additional home accessories, such as flower pots and decorative lighting for the entrance and the veranda. 

Wide windows

Large windows give an open and friendly impression.  They may not be the most secure but they do look great.  They are used for ventilation and lighting of the house, so they also offer practical benefits for the residents. Shutters are useful for security and to shade the rooms in the warmer months. But they also affect the appearance of the facade. You can create a Mediterannean look for your property. 

Plants and flower boxes

A touch of green beautifies every house, especially in the entrance area. A well-tended garden with trees, bushes and flowers is particularly inviting. If you can’t create a garden, make do with flower boxes or potted plants. A few attractive plants are enough to change the look of your home. Don’t miss out on this easy way to make your home look more inviting. 

A great driveway

Gravel, natural stone or concrete stone paving can be used as a covering for the way to the house. Choose the material to match the facade design of the house and lay out the driveway generously. Here, too, plants are ideal to give a friendly impression. Beds or buckets with rosemary or geraniums bring a touch of refreshing green to the house and look incredibly stylish!

Exterior cladding

The material of the exterior cladding of the house must also harmonize with the style of the front door, the windows and the garden. Today it is less common to paint the facade. Instead, panels are common, which underline the beauty of the house. Wood paneling is available in different versions from rustic to elegant. Coatings made from natural stones in different colors are also popular. Many homeowners choose a balanced combination of different materials. 

Entrance lighting

The lighting at the entrance can also change the appearance of your home. Therefore, it has to match the style of the house and can offer style and security. A modern variant are lights on over the porch. Two lanterns to the right and left of the front door look more cozy. They are reminiscent of nostalgic inns and offer lovely homely atmospherics. You can also add lanterns and LED lights around the garden to highlight certain plants, features or trees.