Surprising Things That Can Harm Your Health

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We all strive to be as healthy as possible;l we exercise regularly, eat our fruits and veggies, and see the doctor for regular checkups and we think we are doing all we can to look after our bodies. However, despite that,  many of us could also be harming our health without even knowing about it!


There are lots of surprising and unusual things that could potentially be harming our health that, unless we know about them, we might be unwittingly letting into our lives, including the following:




Having a small amount of debt is probably not going to hurt your health, but if you are in over your head there is some evidence that dealigns with significant debts can cause a spike in stress levels, which not only affects your mental health but which can have a negative impact on your physical health too. Paying down your debts isn’t just good for your financial health!


Sleeping too much


Everyone knows that not getting enough sleep can make you sick, but did you know sleeping too much can have a similar effect too? Researchers from Harvard University found that people who slept more than 7 hours were 14 percent more likely to suffer from diabetes than those who slept for the recommended 7 hours.

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Misaligned teeth


If your teeth are misaligned, it might be a good idea to see a dentist about having them corrected with braces or Invisalign. Why? Because although it may seem like crooked teeth are little more than a cosmetic issue, that is not really the case. You are more likely to suffer gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss if your teeth are misaligned because it is easier for bacteria to get into and grow in the gaps.


Working nights


If you work a night shift, you are more likely to be obese, suffer from diabetes, or have mental health issues than people who work in the day., This is most likely due to your working hours messing with your body’s natural circadian rhythm.


Putting your purse on the kitchen counter


If you tend to put your purse on the kitchen counter when you get home from work, you’re going to want to stop doing that. Why? Because it has been shown that the average handbag has more bacteria on it than the average toilet seat. If you were to go on to prepare food on the counter your purse has just been resting on you could get very sick!




Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health, however, too much of a bad thing can harm your health. If you exercise too often, you can screw up your natural metabolism and hormone release, leaving you feeling sick and tired. It’s best to have at least a couple of rest days when you only do light activities like walking or yoga, instead of full-throttle exercise.


Did any of these health risks surprise you?


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