Three Hair Care Tips Every Teen Girl Should Know

Has your teenage daughter taken more interest in her hair as of late and has been trying to out a few different styles in hopes of finding that perfect one? It’s quite common for teenage girls to sample a variety of styles before they really find their signature look. While there is nothing wrong with them trying out different looks, the fact is that it can be a little hard on their hair.

With that in mind, here are some hair care tips that can help their hair to stay healthy, and may help them to find their best look a bit faster and easier.

Make Sure They Are Using the Right Kind of Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the first tips you can give them is to make sure they are using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner. Not only that but it may need to be switched up depending on the season. If they have a dry itchy scalp and dry hair, then you want to go for some that imparts moisture back into the hair. If they have oily hair, a deep cleaning shampoo and lightweight conditioner makes more sense. If your teenager has started experimenting with hair color, then you want to be sure no matter the shampoo and conditioner they are using is also color-safe.

Go Easy on the Heat Styling Tools

While heat styling tools such as flat irons, curling wands, and curling irons can provide that perfect salon-look, the problem with them is that they are very hard on the hair. You don’t want to be using these tools on a regular daily basis, and a heat protectant spray or balm should also be applied to the hair before applying any heat to it.

Heat styling tools should only be used on hair that is completely dry, otherwise, you risk damaging the hair. Look for tools that allow you to adjust the temperature, so you don’t have to use it on the highest heat setting.

Get Regular Haircuts and Trims

Even if your teen is currently trying to grow their hair out, it’s important to stress the importance of regular haircuts and trims. This will keep their hair healthy, help prevent split ends, and will encourage growth.

If they are trying to create a specific look, such as the popular Emo look that relies heavily on fringe and lots of choppy layers, then look for ways the style can work on any length of hair rather than them having to wait to grow their hair out. The website is an excellent source of information when it comes to creating the Emo look, regardless of the hair length.

Give Them the Basics to Work With

Each of these tips act as the basics to having healthy, strong, and fabulous looking hair regardless of the type or length. These tips can be used not just in their teenage years, but moving forward from there.

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