How to be a Great Role Model for Your Kids

How to be a Great Role Model for Your Kids

If you want your children to be healthy, happy, self-confident and successful, it’s important to ensure you present these traits in your own life and practice what you preach. Children base much of their behavior and attitudes to the world around them on what they see at home and will invariably follow your lead in many aspects of their lives. Here are tips to help you be the best possible role model you can.

Be accepting of others

In a world where intolerance of the beliefs or behavior of others is the root cause of thousands of deaths and injuries, it is important to ensure your children grow up with non-judgmental attitudes towards those of a different culture or race of who choose to express themselves in ways you may find odd. Explain to your children that, even if you don’t like the way someone dresses or goes about living their life, the choice they are making is their own and this needs to be respected.

Banish negative thought

You may not like the shape of your nose, curse your curly hair on a daily basis, or look upon your pear-shaped body with despair, but if you want your children to grow up being comfortable in their own skins and to have positive body images, you need to keep these thoughts to yourself.

Demonstrate healthy choices

Making healthy food choices and getting the right amount of exercise not only improves the quality of your own life but can also set a great example to your children. Rates of childhood obesity have tripled since the 1970s. Overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults and are at greater risk of developing a wide range of health issues.

Parental influence is a key factor. Studies show that around half of all children with one obese parent will become obese themselves. For children with two obese parents, 8 out of 10 will go on to become obese.

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Teach resilience

Life can be tough at times and not everything works out the way you want it to, but it’s important to show that you can bounce back from adversity and overcome difficulties. You can’t expect your child to deal well with a move to a new school or community if they see you struggling with the same set of changes.

Always strive to create a family life that balances out hard work and study with times set aside for fun and relaxation. Although you may have a demanding job, it’s important that you are generous when it comes to giving time, support and guidance to your children as this will make them feel included, capable and motivate them to succeed themselves.

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