Top Reasons To Go Vegan This Year

Veganism is undoubtedly one of America’s most popular diet trends and beyond. A 2018 Gallup Poll revealed that about 5% of American adults consider themselves vegan. Besides following a strictly-plant based diet, most vegans also avoid wearing fur and leather and condemn the use of animals in circuses and scientific experiments. There are many reasons people choose to go vegan, and the benefits are also plentiful. Here’s why you should consider going vegan this year.

          1.  Lower your risk of disease

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Fleshy foods can have several contaminants like antibiotics, viruses, and salmonella. Therefore, consuming these foods puts you at an increased risk of getting food poisoning than a vegan, even though plant produce can also be contaminated. Also, going vegan can lower your risk of getting osteoporosis if your diet contains adequate calcium and vitamin D. Furthermore, diets rich in vegetables can reduce the risk of some cancers, so keep this in mind. In addition, going vegan can help you lose excess weight and keep it off, as well as lessen your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Therefore, it is no surprise that many studies conclude that vegans live longer compared to omnivores.

              2.   Enjoy tasty cuisine


Many individuals think that vegan food is bland, but several amazing recipes and flavors will delight your taste buds. Consequently, consider going vegan and introduce your palette to delicious vegan food like quinoa cakes, roasted cabbage steaks, potato and onion omelet, and chickpea curry. You can experiment with several recipes from vegetarian cookbooks and try new meals at vegan restaurants. Additionally, one of the best things about going vegan is you can still eat most of your favorite foods, only that you will be substituting actual meat and dairy with healthier alternatives that taste as good.

         3. Save significant cash


Food is one of life’s unavoidable expenses since you need it for daily sustenance. As such, your food costs can add up and take significant bites out of your monthly budgets over time. Therefore, it is always prudent to find cheaper ways to eat without compromising health. Many people consider veganism a privileged and costly lifestyle, but research proves that this is far from true. Going vegan can help you lower your food costs by up to one-third. Indeed, most vegan staples like fruits, vegetables, tofu, whole grains, seeds, and nuts are cheaper than meat and dairy options. 

   4. Do your bit to save the environment

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Cattle rearing isn’t environmentally friendly since it produces more greenhouse gasses than driving cars. Also, the large amount of grain feed needed for meat production significantly worsens the issues of deforestation, habitat loss, and species extinction. Therefore, consuming meat is one of the worst things you can do for the planet since the industry is one of the major culprits in the climate crisis. Fortunately, going vegan halts the soil degradation, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions that accompany meat production. As such, you will contribute meaningfully to stopping climate change and help secure the global food supply by transitioning to veganism.



  1. For me to totally comment to VEGAN life is a no. I eat 90% of my food as vegan. I buy and eat veggies most of the time. Heck I even make my chili meatless. But ever so often I have to have a big cheese burger or a steak.

  2. Been Vegetarian for several decades now. My struggle though is I don’t eat enough; I need to focus on getting the right nutrients. Can’t fathom adding the vegan layer on top of that

  3. TOP REASONS TO GO VEGAN THIS YEAR; I am going to read this article and start doing this also this year. I am getting real sick sometimes when I eat any type of meat. Thank-you for posting about it.

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