Five Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes Invading Your Home

No-one wants to have to deal with an infestation of mosquitoes. They can be deadly, carrying diseases that could put you and your family at risk. There are plenty of ways to prevent them from invading your home and your yard, however. Start thinking about them now before you get an infestation that isn’t easy to get rid of! From residents in Australia considering whether to apply a fly screen to their double glazed windows in Melbourne to stop mosquitoes getting into the home or people just finding natural ways to get rid of them, these are just a few ways to keep these pests away from the home.



Remove Standing Water


If there’s one thing that mosquitoes love, it’s standing water. This is a breeding ground for them, so you have to make sure that you get rid of it! Do whatever it takes to ensure that standing water isn’t left untreated. You also need to cover things like large water tanks and drums if you’ve got any. This is just as dangerous when it comes to mosquitoes finding a base around your home and multiplying!



Mosquito-Repellant Plants


There are mosquito-repellant plants that you can put in your garden to ward them off. The best thing about this is that the same fragrances that force mosquitoes to flee are actually quite pleasant for us! Some examples of these plants include basil and lavender. All you need to do is plant a few in the vicinity of your home and garden, and that should be enough to keep them away for the most part.



Spray Them


Of course, if you’ve already got an issue with mosquitoes invading the garden and home, you’ve got a problem. Now, you might want to get the sprays out and start protecting yourselves more rapidly. You can find mosquito spray in many places, and some of the chemicals involved are more harmful than others. Make sure you aren’t getting anything that is toxic to breathe in, and always read the label. This will obviously deter mosquitoes from wanting to come to your property, as well as kill them in many circumstances.



Seek Help


Whether it’s prevention or damage control, seeking expert assistance can prove vital. These guys are experts when it comes to mosquito control, and they’ll know exactly what to do to get rid of them. While you might be stumbling on the internet for ideas (hello!) and last-minute solutions, it might just be a better idea to call professionals. That’s only something that you can decide, so I’ll leave that decision in your capable hands.



Be Aware Of The Signs


Many of us don’t know the first thing about mosquitoes. I bet this article has opened many people’s eyes regarding some of the prevention methods. Taking the time to study articles like this is crucial to ensure you are aware of the signs. By spotting the first indications of a mosquito infestation, you can make sure that you stop it in its tracks. Do more research on similar articles to this and provide yourself with the relevant knowledge.


If you get to a point where mosquitoes have invaded your home, and you feel helpless, call the experts immediately. This isn’t a time to be messing around with different solutions. You could be at risk, so get out of there and get them to deal with it quickly.

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