How to Find a Sofa That’s Right for Your Living Space

Going furniture shopping can be a fun or harrowing experience (first world problems, am I right?) depending on what you’re trying to find and in the amount of time you’re trying to find it in. Some stores, like the furniture shop gateshead, make furniture shopping really easy and relaxing, whereas some other stores are not laid out well and it can make shopping really difficult.

If you’re hosting a holiday party this month and are in need of some furniture, finding the right pieces quickly becomes high-stress. Finding furniture that fits in your living space can be a difficult job! Perhaps you’re looking at Desks For Small Spaces or maybe you want to buy a new dining room table? No matter which piece of furniture you want to get, there are a number of things you need to consider. Particularly when it comes to sofas!

You might already have the perfect sofa in mind for your living room. You’ve read all the reviews online and you are ready to make the commitment. But wait just a minute, are you absolutely certain that the sofa of your dreams is right for your space? Question: Will you even be able to get into your house once it’s delivered? It’s amazing what a tiny doorway and an unforgiving stairway can do to dash all of your perfect living room dreams.

Finding a Good Fit

The first thing you’ll need to think about (after figuring out if the sofa will be able to fit in your space) is what you’ll be using the couch most for. Obviously, you’re going to be using it to sit in front of the television or reading a good book, but what else might you use it for? Do you like to nap? Do you have company over very often? Is the sofa going to be placed in a formal room or family room? Couches don’t come one-size-fits-all; you need a couch that’ll meet your needs and suit your home’s design aesthetic.

Size Matters

The size of your sofa depends on the size of your living room and what other furniture pieces you plan on having in the space. If it’s a small space that serves more as a quiet room as opposed to a living room, then a smaller couch would be most conducive to the space. If you want the couch to be comfortable for impromptu naps, make sure it measures deep and has suitable armrests to play the part of your pillow. You’ll also want the fabric to be durable and stain resistant.

Shape Matters

Like the size the of the sofa, the shape depends on the size and function of the space. Is the space a game room that will demand a lot of room for movement? Maybe it’s a formal sitting area that demands a high back and narrow seating measurements to help the sitters retain good posture.

Modern sofas typically feature measurements that allow for formality and repose. Upon deciding the sofa’s function, you’ll need to figure out which shape would be most conducive to that function. Sectional sofas provide for clear views of the television and good conversation. L-shaped sofas work well in smaller, more compact spaces. Rounded sofas give off a feeling on inclusivity and warmth. If there is a certain energy you want your room to emit, the shape of the sofa will lend itself to it.

Object Placement Matters

Where is the front of the sofa going to face? Will the sofa face the television, the doorframe or a window? Will the sofa and chairs you have in the space face each other? Is the sofa the only sitting furniture in the space? Orientation matters. The orientation of the sofa (much like the size and shape) will help the seater understand how the space is to be used? The orientation emits a sub-conscious understanding of how the space operates in your house or apartment at large.

So, does the sofa you were about to buy meet your functional expectations?

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