Feeling Run Down? How You Can Give Yourself A Boost

We can all have those days where we feel run down and not ourselves. Sometimes it’s not just one day, but several days where we just don’t feel our best. For some of us, there are quick and easy fixes. But for others, feeling run down can have a big impact on our daily lives. I think being a mom can have a lasting affect on how we feel, both physically and mentally.  


While there is no particular reason why we feel run down and beat, often we can all struggle with the same symptoms of it. So I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of the common symptoms and reactions to feeling run down. With a little advice on how you can give yourself a boost. Hopefully, this will get you back on track to living life to the full.


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When you lack in energy levels


Have you ever felt zapped of energy? Do things seem like a massive effort? We have all been there at some point. Sometimes the biggest cause of feeling run down is feeling low on energy. However, low energy levels can be down to you not taking proper care of yourself. Being a mom means we often put ourselves last. Energy has a lot to do with how you treat your body and how you nourish it. We all need the right food to fuel us in daily life. So a diet gauging on cheeseburgers and sugary drinks is just not going to cut it. Of course, we can all have treats every now and again. But if you find yourself zapped of energy more often than not, then considering a more balanced diet could help you improve your lifestyle.


Another great tip would be to try and increase your activity. Not everyone likes heading to the gym, but for some of us, just making a decision to walk somewhere could have a huge impact on our energy levels. A lot of people increase their activity by tracking how many steps they take each day. There are plenty of devices and smartphone apps that can help you do this. Aiming for ten thousand steps a day can increase fitness and energy levels.


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When you are not getting enough sleep


Feeling tired and worn out due to lack of sleep is another reason to feel run down. So it’s essential to ensure we get the amount of sleep we need. But most importantly it can be about the quality of sleep over the quantity. Paying particular attention to your bedtime routine could create the biggest impact on your sleep. Therefore helping you wake up to feel brighter and more energised.


One of the biggest vices we can all be guilty of is taking our phones or tablets to bed with us. Who doesn’t love a sneaky look at emails or Facebook before sleep? But this is where we can be causing more harm than good. At night, it’s important to make sure we have some wind down time. So you can help your mind relax and get ready for sleep ahead. Using technology, which includes watching TV in bed, can keep our minds switched on and alert. Making it harder to drift off to sleep. You may also want to consider reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine you drink in the evening Both of which can be stimulants which again can cause problems with you drifting off to sleep.


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When you feel bloated or constipated


There is nothing worse than stomach issues that cause you to feel a little run down. Especially if your clothes feel tight, and you are uncomfortable. Often this has much to with your diet. Constipation and bloatedness can cause you pain and discomfort because of trapped wind. While sometimes issues like this can make you feel uncomfortable to discuss, many people struggle with these matters on a daily basis.


Again in these circumstances looking at the food you eat could help you resolve any stomach or digestive issues. You may also want to consider alternative remedies to help ease the pain and discomfort. Checking out websites like The Alternative Daily have some helpful insights. If self help isn’t helping, then you may want to speak to your doctor to see if this is caused by any underlying medical issues like IBS.


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When you feel down and upset


Everyone can struggle with emotional and down days. But sometimes it’s worth noticing the difference between feeling a little low and feeling depressed. The main difference being how long you spend that way. A low mood may last a few days, depression could be with you for weeks. If you find that you have more bad days than good, then you may want to consider some ways to help boost your low mood.


For some, a little time out to gather your thoughts can be just what is needed to boost your mood levels. This is where things like yoga and meditation can help. Low mood is also linked with lack of exercise, so perhaps increasing your activity could be a viable solution. Exercise is proven to help with things like depression and anxiety because of the endorphins that are released in your body.


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When you are struggling with confidence levels


We can all take a beating to our confidence at some point. Sometimes this may be down to rejection, perhaps from a job or potential partner. Maybe you are just not feeling confident in your own skin. While confidence is not something that can be taught there are things you can do to help increase how you feel about yourself. Often a lack of confidence is linked to self esteem. Self esteem issues can cause you to be overly critical of your actions. Mindfulness is a great tool to overcome that thought process taking place.


When you have a negative mindset


Finally, feeling run down can be the outcome of a negative mindset. Letting a negative thought process take over can impact your life in many ways. From how you feel about yourself to how you portray others. A negative process of reflection will often turn any situation into a worst case scenario. So if you want to combat this, then you have to overcome that natural habit and turn things into something more positive. It may feel hard at first, but like anything, it’s about creating a habit.


I hope this helps you see some of the ways you can feel run down and offered you a few different ways that you can give yourself a boost.

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