Your Fashion & Style Guide For Summer 2017



Summer is almost upon us, and that leaves us with another opportunity of looking great for the season. This is around the time of year where fashion trends blossom in popularity, thanks to the radiant sunshine and therefore ability to wear more adventurous items of clothing.

But where should you start? You’ve looked great for the last few years and now you’re lost. What fashion resurgence could possibly return that hasn’t already been re-visited? How do you look great without looking stale or repetitive?

Well, don’t worry, because this fashion and style guide for summer 2017 will allow you to incorporate some of the hottest trends into your wardrobe, and turn plenty of heads as a result. Another promising aspect of this summer is the number of retailers that are having sales. What’s further is, you could use vouchers to reduce your clothing costs even more. For example, check the Jack Wills sale to learn more.

Without further ado:

Bright Colors

Bright colors are making a comeback. In fact, that’s the main trend of this summer. No matter what item of clothing that’s likely to be stocked in the hot sections of the high street retailers, you can be sure that they’ll have a bold and beautiful color scheme. Deep reds, fuschias, greens, and yellows are here to celebrate the summer in style. This was first noticed at Paris Fashion Week, where the bold often bring their most experimental items of clothing.

This was a gorgeous and beautiful display, the model’s positively beamed from the catwalk, and it wasn’t their drop dead gorgeous looks this time. Instead, the clothing did all the talking. What was special about the color scheme was that it wasn’t limited to a select method of display. Instead, super bright all-in-one’s, heels and trousers were seemingly all part and parcel of the display. Be sure to incorporate this bold yet elegant look for a truly show-stopping aesthetic this summer.


The 80’s are back, with a slightly modern twist. Huge belts, large shoulder arraignments, and big heels are doing the rounds. Leather jackets are also big as a nighttime accessory if your local can support you wearing such an insulated item. This is a great time to ask your parent to raid their wardrobe and visit vintage sales. Apps like Depop or Sphock also have a thriving online marketplace for this sort of stuff. Anything goes, but be sure to give it a modern twist to help identify it in the current era. Harping back to old decades is a tried and true method of the fashion world, yet keeping it current brings the methods of the past in front of a new, beautiful and chic light.

See-Through Dresses

If you’ve seen any A-List shows lately, you’ll have noticed the see-through, strapless and sometimes purely exposing dresses they wear. This is in this summer. Showing a little bra can be tasteful if done elegantly, and with a strapless see-through top, you might not even need that. This isn’t to encourage you to reveal anything you’re not comfortable with, in fact supplementing these items with underneath garments is also all the rage this summer, especially during the nightwear. Look at the upcoming award shows like the Tony awards, hosted on June 11th for a clearer example of what we mean.


Vertical and diagonal stripes are quickly entering the modern fashion trend and for good reason. It’s not hard to understand why wearing thick, deeply colored stripes can help you both emphasize your figure and implement the bright colors trend listed above. This must be the summer of love because the hippy motif is also a strong one this time. Imagine your favorite decorative tapestry, and now imagine someone has made a chic dress out of it. That’s the style you should be aiming for. Clashing colored stripes are in, and the more detailed and decorative the better.


Minimal purist is a big look this summer too, and it’s probably in a sensible counterbalance to the bright color motif that seems so popular at the moment. Stonewashed colors and little frills on an outfit are to be emphasized if you’re just not feeling the summer color splash. Post-modernist chic is going to be prevalent throughout summer because of this. Incorporate this into your wardrobe to prepare for the rainy days or the days that you just don’t feel like making a statement.

Overall, fashion is dictated by your personality and how you feel on the day. Taking inspiration from all the headings listed above will detail your wardrobe with a ubiquitously applicable arsenal to mix and match with ease.

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