Brilliant Ideas For Your Next Family Reunion

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Hosting a family reunion can be an incredibly stressful experience; with so many different guests (of different ages) in attendance, it can be hard to ensure that you please everyone. However, having spent so much time separated from our family and loved ones over the past year, it’s clear that celebrations are in order. 


One way in which you can reduce the stress of event planning is by coming up with an unusual theme for your party. This will help make certain decisions, such as decorations and the food, much easier as you’ll know what you are aiming towards. It can also make the experience in general a lot more fun for everyone involved – especially if it encourages them to get creative and come up with fun costumes! 


With that in mind, here are some brilliant ideas/themes that are sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces!


Anonymous Gift Swap. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than buying a gift for a loved one, especially if you know that it is something they will enjoy. That’s what makes Secret Santa’s so exciting – especially when the receiver has to guess who has bought them the present! Fortunately, secret-Santa style exchanges don’t have to wait until the festive season rolls around, you can host them whenever you’d like, thanks to apps such as Elfster. Elfster takes the names of your family members and randomly assigns each person a name, making the entire process run smoothly. You can even use the app to put together wishlists. 


Kids choose the theme. If you’ve spent hours pouring over potential theme ideas and still haven’t found the one – maybe it’s time to put another family member in control – such as the kids. While this might mean that you have to look online for adult-sized paw patrol costumes, it’s a great way to help everyone feel involved and is sure to make everyone smile. 


Baking contest. It goes without saying that the best part of any party is the food. However, if you aren’t much of a culinary whizz or want to avoid spending hours in the kitchen, why not host a baking or cooking contest? Choosing a mix of savory snacks and sweet treats, encourage each member of the family to get involved, and be sure to have a prize on hand for the winner! If possible, you could also choose a specific theme to base the dishes around, such as Children’s TVshows (check out this reptar bar recipe for inspiration). At the end of the event, you could even create your own family cookbook


Family talent show. A talent show is yet another great way to make the most of your family reunion, especially as it gives each and every family member a chance to shine. Talent shows in controlled environments can also help your children’s confidence blossom, as they can express their creativity without worrying about people judging them. It’s also a great way to uncover any hidden talents that may lie within your family! 

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