How To Enhance Your Urban Home Decor

If you’ve got bored of seeing the same décor inside your home, it’s high time you remodel your home. However, it is easier said than done. Remodeling requires time, efforts and money, and with a busy lifestyle you can’t really afford to spend any of that! Having a sophisticated urban space according to your liking de-stresses you. Let us jump to giving you some tips about how you can enhance your urban home décor without spending fortune.


Hammock bed: Hammock is one of the luxuries only those can afford who have some outdoor space like a garden or a huge balcony. However, don’t worry if you do not have that kind of space. If you have some corner where there is no furniture or an area where you feel you cannot arrange anything, consider hanging the hammock bed. It can become your sanctuary when you want to spend some quiet time with your books.


Add a cheery color: An organized house looks tame. If you want to add some vividness to it you can bring some bright colored flowers and viola! your room will look cheerful. Now don’t bring some white flowers, get some yellow gerberas or orchids or red tulips or blue irises – anything that will accentuate the current color scheme of your room, while maintaining the de-cluttered look.


Break the traditional setting: If your home décor is traditional, you can break that by adding a zestful accessory. For example if your dining space is dominated by brown and green, throw a patterned red tablecloth to make it eclectic. This little addition will add personality to an otherwise boring interior.


Herb garden in your kitchen: People love to have small potted plants in their homes. Space being a constraint, often people grow herbs indoors. One of the best places to have a small garden that you can boast is the kitchen. You can plant herbs in small pots and arrange these on your windowsill or perhaps create a special wall where you can hang them in the kitchen.


Tree house for kids: We understand that kids miss on real tree houses if you are living in an apartment. So how about making a tree house in their room? You can buy a kit online. Spend a weekend fixing it. Make sure that the wallpaper you have used in the background has a tree and bird!


Floating shelves for display: Ready made floating shelves are available on the market. All you have to do is buy them and fix them. Use these shelves to show your collection of unique objects you have bought. You can also use them for displaying fresh flowers also.


Abstract paintings: Paintings cover the walls so beautifully that they enhance the entire look of the room. Buy abstract paintings that are colorful and add cheery flavor to the wall.


Final caveat


While we spend relentlessly on getting new and modern accessories for our home, making small changes is more than enough to create a chic look. You don’t have to style everything at one time – go slowly. It will keep you occupied and interested.  

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