Don’t Fall When It Comes To Fall

We may well be in the midst of the summer, but everything is always in transition. This means that before you know it, Fall is going to be upon you and the one thing that you need to ensure that you get your house in order before it settles in. Summer is a good time; longer evenings, cookouts with family and warm breezes all day long. However, when you least expect it the leaves start shedding from the trees and start clogging up the drains and the temperature dips lower than it has in a while. One minute you’re sunbathing, the next, you’re cosying up the lounge so that you can be warmer indoors. There’s something beautiful about Fall, but if you’re not appropriately prepared, there’s nothing beautiful about the state of your home.

You will learn the hard way not to put off the Fall chores that you have to do, because the earlier you start, the longer you have to ensure that your home is as ready as can be. There is not plenty of time to call the plumber to clear the drains and there is not plenty of time to remember that the outside tap needs to be turned off so that you don’t end up with an ice rink for a drive. Nature is not something that can be predicted, so while we’re waiting for September, let’s get some of the jobs out of the way now.

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  • Firstly, you need to get the gutters austin cleared. We’ve already mentioned how the leaves fall from the trees and clog the drains, but they also clog the gutters, are you finding your gutters are getting clogged more often than you’d like? Looking into something like mastershield or similar could negate you having to clean or get a cleaning service for your gutters. Plus, during the summer, squirrels and mice have likely been gathering leaves and other debris and have been setting your gutters up as a home for the winter ahead. Getting it all cleared from all the gunk means that when the rains come in, they can freely flow down the drains and into the ground. If you don’t clear it, one of the main signs your gutter needs to be cleaned is when you end up with a flooded attic and possibly a yucky smell coming from your house. Definitely something to avoid if you can help it!
  • Next, you need to consider the outdoor faucets and sprinklers. Disconnecting the hose pipes and sprinklers from the faucet and draining it is so important. You could be asleep when the temperatures initially drop, which mean that you will wake up to blocked outdoor equipment, frozen faucets and pipes. It’s not ideal.
  • Lastly, you need to prepare your garden for the cooler weather ahead. Fertilizing the lawn now will keep it protected and it’ll also mean you end up with a lush lawn by the time the spring weather rolls in.

None of these chores are more than a niggle, especially when you can bring in the professionals to give you a helping hand and make sure that your home is ready to face the change in the season. Whether you decide to do them yourself, or if you ultimately decide to bring in somewhere similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning, it is important that these chores get completed in one way or another. You will feel better about everything once they have been done and you can continue to go about with your daily life. No one likes doing chores, but it’s these that’ll save you money over time if you forget and things go wrong. Get ready now and you’re done and dusted early!

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