When it’s time for Divorce


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No one wants a Divorce.  I have never meet anyone that went into a marriage saying ohh I can’t wait till we get divorced.  With that being said sometimes there is nothing left to do and this is your only option.  For the purpose of this post we are not talking about abuse.  Now if you have no kids and really no assets then it is a little easier.  Notice I said a little because divorce is never easy, when you add in kids a house and all that its no so much as a walk away situation.

With kids you will always be connected there is no way around it.  For the rest of your life you will have to see each other.  So, making the divorce as nice as possible is a must.  People like Tampa Divorce Attorneys can help.  You want someone that is on your side but also knows that you two will be in each other’s life forever.  You want it to be over and so go smooth.

When this decision is made a must thing to do it to sit and talk to your kids together.  Remember they did nothing wrong they are not part of the fight so don’t make them a part.  After you have talked to the kids and explained that this is not their fault and you will both love them then step 2 comes.  Step 2 is critical in a family situation.  DO NOT put the kids in the middle.  There is no reason to talk bad about the other spouse to the kids.  These is not reason to have them spy.

Your kids should feel safe and loved on each house.  Turning them against the other spouse is not the way to go.  Every child needs as much love on life as they can get.

Now let’s say you have assets.  This is a big one for a lot of people. Remember when splitting things up don’t fight for something you do not want. If you don’t love it why are you fighting for it.  I know some want revenge and this is a normal feeling. I would like to ask for you to sit back for one minute and remember why you are there.

You are there to get a new start. A new life with no more hate and a lot more love.  This is not going to happen if you spend months fighting over a set of golf clubs that you really do not want anyway.  By all means if it is something you really love or need then fight for it, but if not let it go.  Start your new life out clean fresh and ready to meet your forever partner.

Its ok to mourn the life you had, once you do that get back up and make an even better life for you and your kids.  I wish all the best of luck.

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