Fix It Don’t Replace It

  I never thought of this before but did you know you can get Cut to size acrylic and Sheets of Perspex.  If a shelf in your fridge breaks you can send measurements and they can make you a new one.  If you are like me and display a lot of items, you can get acrylic displays made.  Which if any of you have seen my pictures I could use a few display items to help jazz up my pictures.


  I was truly intrigues by the outdoor table tops.  I cannot tell you how many outdoor sets I have thrown out because the table top shattered.  I never knew you can have them cut you the perfect size and you could just replace the top.  This would have saved me a ton of money in the past.  Living in Colorado it can happen more often than you think.  You miss one frost and bam your table top is gone.

  I would completely suggest checking out replacing a part before you replace the whole thing.  I love the stuff I buy so I want it to last forever.  Replacing everything all the time just cost way too much money.