How to Create a Productive Work Space at Home

Working or studying at home can be difficult unless you have a home office. Whilst some people are able to work at the kitchen table or on the sofa while the kids play in the next room, most of us struggle to stay productive. Firstly, it’s not terribly comfortable, and secondly, there isn’t enough room to spread out. The answer to this problem is to set up a work space where you can escape to study or work.

Why Work from Home?

Many people choose to work from home where possible. You can avoid the horror of the commute to work and spend the day in your PJs. Life is sweet. It also becomes necessary to work at home if you are studying for a further qualification, for example a doctor of nursing practice or MBA. In this instance, it is vital that you create a productive workspace because you will have books, study materials and assignments to complete on time. If you don’t hit the books, you may not achieve your doctor of nursing practice online degree. Another reason why you might need a home office is if you run a business from home. In this instance, it is even more important that you create a productive work area, as it will be impossible to run a successful business without one.

Choose the Right Workspace

Irrespective of why you need a workspace at home, it is important to plan the space carefully. Ideally, use a quiet space away from the main thoroughfare of the house. A self-contained room is perfect, but if you don’t have a spare room, create a workstation in a quiet corner, such as the space under the stairs or in a guest bedroom.

Choose a desk you can work with. There needs to be enough workspace for a computer, keyboard, files and books. Drawers and shelves are also handy, as these can be used to store stationery, books and files. Make sure your desk is the right height for you, as a desk that is too high or too low will cause you back problems.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Spend plenty of time looking for the perfect desk chair. This is something best bought from a local store, as you will be able to try before you buy. A poorly designed chair soon becomes an instrument of torture, especially if you need to spend all day sitting at your desk.

Desk Lighting

Lighting is important. Overhead lighting is useful, but don’t neglect task lighting, especially if you do a lot of computer work. Look for a small lamp to illuminate your keyboard and any paperwork you might have to work on. Poor lighting will eventually lead to eyestrain, which is not ideal if you are enrolled on a four-year degree course.

Once you have a designated workspace, be sure to keep it tidy. An untidy desk is a sign of a disorganized mind, which is not good if you have a ton of assignments to complete.

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