Cool Food Industry Jobs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When it comes to working in the food industry, it can be hard to think of jobs beyond that of server, barista, and sous chef. After all, this is probably what pops into your mind when someone you meet says they work in foodservice. And these are very rewarding careers – a barista can get trained (this is the best barista course Melbourne, if you’re looking to become one), spend time perfecting their drink making, and eventually, open their own cafe where they have complete control over!

In addition, you are probably familiar with the concept that most positions in the foodservice industry require an understanding of food handling safety. Working in the food industry can be quite demanding and even stressful, but with businesses understanding that by implementing potential solutions such as Restaurant accounting software, hopefully people working in this industry don’t have to feel like they need to focus on several aspects all at once. With this being said, working in this industry can be rewarding, particularly if the restaurant you work for reaches its profit goals. The average profit margins of a restaurant vary depending on the restaurant, but it is a huge part of the business’s development. Finding yourself a part of a profitable business is always a win, as it means they have the resources and support needed to help you achieve your full potential.

For instance, in Texas, you must complete Texas food handlers license training for any position that requires you to work with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food contact surfaces.

However, there is a lot more to foodservice than just serving people their dinners and learning food safety.

In fact, there many opportunities available for those with additional culinary knowledge to show off their skills to food lovers of all kinds.

If you are looking to change up careers, or just try something new, keep reading to find out what kind of unique culinary jobs there are that are far from being a server or sous chef.

1. Craft Brewer

For those with a love for all things beer, you can always become a craft brewer. Craft your own beer, wine, or cider and serve your community a local brew. People love to support local small businesses, and this happens to be a great one to get invested in.

2. Restaurant Designer

People with a love for architecture, interior design, and food can make a killing as a restaurant designer. After all, those who own restaurants often need help bringing the overall concept of their restaurant to life.

Needing help with things like building design, menu creation, business branding, and marketing are all things a successful restaurant designer helps with.

3. Vegan Chef

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle has become a staple concept for people across the world. Whether it be because of allergies, a distaste for processed foods, or an environmental reason, people are consuming foods in new ways.

One such foodservice job that is taking off, but requires a special set of skills, is becoming a vegan chef. Being a true vegan requires passion and inspiration. If you have that, you can share it with others who feel the same.

4. Molecular Gastronomist

Do you have a special spot in your heart for things like chemistry and physics? If so, getting into avant-garde cooking is just the job for you.

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Using science to create new textures and tastes, you can help with the creation of unique foods that people will love, such as clear raviolis, faux caviar, and crab ice cream.

5. Food Photographer

If you have a knack for the visual things in life, becoming a food photographer may be perfect for you. Taking pictures for magazine spreads, online advertisements, billboards, and more is a great way to share your passion for food and photography all at the same time. And, if you market yourself enough, you may find yourself working with some of the top chefs and restaurant owners in the world. Taking visually attractive photos and creating effective branding and marketing are some of the responsibilities of the team behind Ceres PR who are dedicated to providing food products and brands with a professional image their clients can be proud to put to the general public.

6. Holistic Health Coach

Helping people get healthy is something you may feel strongly about. Food can help fight disease, improve moods, and make people healthier.

If you are interested in getting into holistic healthcare, consider the food industry side of it. Working with superfoods, herbal supplements, and wellness regimens, you can make a difference in many people’s lives.

In the end, there is more to the foodservice industry than being a server, coffeemaker, or sous chef. Not that those positions are inherently bad, just that there are more opportunities out there than you could ever imagine.

And, without knowing this, you risk missing an awesome job opportunity that makes you happy.