The Best Ways to Speed Clean Your Kitchen

When you a busy parent, time is so precious. Sometimes, what took half an hour before can suddenly take over an hour when you have little ones. Nap time is a precious time too. If you aren’t planning on taking a nap, then you might use that time to get things done around the house. Unfortunately, the laundry doesn’t wash itself! Neither does the kitchen. I find that the kitchen is one room in the house that needs to be cleaned more often than others. It is used throughout the day by the whole family. So as your time is precious, and you might only have time for a quick clean during nap time, here are some tips on how to speed clean the kitchen.




Have a To Do List


It can take a few minutes to get together a list of the things that need to be cleaned in your kitchen. Some of the things will need to be done daily. These will be things like doing the dishes or sorting the dishwasher. Then you might need to wipe down the sink, the stove top, and the countertops. Sweeping the floor is most likely a daily task too. Then on your list, out things that need to happen around once a week. This is a slightly deeper clean like cleaning the splash back and microwave. It might include mopping the floor. Then there might be a once a month checklist like cleaning out the refrigerator and the oven. Have a checklist helps to keep you focused on what needs to be done. It is so satisfying to cross things off your list too!


Always Have Up to Date Cleaning Products


If you want to clean the kitchen in a quick and efficient way, it is a good idea to have the right cleaning products in the house. You don’t want to go to clean the kitchen floor, and you are all out of floor cleaner. So keep an up to date stock of cleaning products. Be sure to replace them as and when they are used up.


Clean the Floor As You Go


The floor is one of the most important parts of the kitchen to keep clean each day. If there are lots of crumbs on the floor regularly, you will increase the risk of getting pests in the home. You don’t want to have to set rat traps all of the time. So sweep the floor as and when mess and crumbs are made. It is a good idea to have a clean kitchen floor overnight too.


When you are cleaning, think of things that can double up as you go. Can you fill the sink to give it a deep clean? But why not soak a cloth and use the same water and cleaning products to clean the countertops? Think of things that can be done at the same time, to maximize how much cleaning you can get done at once. The shorter amount of time you can spend cleaning, the better!

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