The Very Best Food & Drink To Consume After A Workout


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You’ll often come across guides that will help you in regards to the best food and drink to consume before a workout. It’s no wonder why, as people are always looking for advice on what they should be eating as soon they finish their tennis lessons cincinnati. It isn’t all that common to find ones that focus on the after workout phase, though. It’s just as important, and what you eat after your workout will dramatically affect the way you recover. You should also make sure that you have the right sort of workout for you. Maybe a personal trainer like Nathan would be able to provide this for you. The food you eat is important, but obviously so is the workout. For more information on the workouts that you could be doing you could check out a website like here.

Luckily, there are lots of choices at your disposal if you want to get the most out of your body. We’re going to take this opportunity to look at a bunch of drinks and foods that will put you in the best position. So, let’s get started!


There are lots of ways to include Quinoa in your diet. It can be used in multiple recipes, and it’s a fantastic choice for after your workout. This is where you’ll get your carbohydrates from. You can go with rice (brown rice in particular) as an alternative, but it isn’t quite as effective. Quinoa contains all sorts of nutrients and vitamins that will help you after a workout. It’s very easy to prepare so that anyone can make something with it quickly.


There are many people out there that suggest a fish oil supplement to compliment your workout. Whether you want to do this is up to you, but we’re going to focus on salmon as the most important fish product to go for. Salmon provides you with the protein you need, for starters. However, the big positive is that it contains omega-3’s that will increase your performance and rebuild muscles. You can’t go wrong with salmon after a workout.


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Green Tea

Oh boy, how great is green tea?! It has SO many positive benefits for anyone in life, whether they’re fit or not. As usual, it’s great here too. It’s an energy boost, for starters. It can treat conditions that you may have, and help to prevent soreness and inflammation. If you’re going to go with green tea, try going for matcha green tea. You can find it from Kiss Me Organics and other companies, and it’s particularly beneficial in this circumstance.


We’re going to mention a lot of fruit on this list, and blueberries are yet another choice that can prove very beneficial. Some studies have actually shown that blueberries can vastly increase your recovery rate after a workout. The other massive benefit of blueberries is that they can give your body a big antioxidant boost when it needs it. Yeah, they might be a little expensive, but they’re worth investing in.

Chocolate Milk?!

Who says you’re not allowed any chocolate after a workout? It’s time to find your inner child and go with good old chocolate milk. So, what could possibly be so great about chocolate milk? Firstly, it provides you with plenty of good nutrients. Carbohydrates and protein are in there, as is calcium. It’s also a fantastic way to hydrate yourself after a workout. You’ll probably want to mix it with water for hydration, but there’s nothing wrong with guzzling down chocolate milk. Enjoy; you know you want to.


For most people, eggs are the first thing that comes to mind when they think of workout food. And, they would be right that they provide all sorts of healthy benefits. Of course, they are a massive source of protein, for starters. They also contain all nine essential amino acids. Make sure you don’t throw away the yolk, though, as it’s the key to much of their nutritional qualities. You can eat eggs however you want, and you’ll benefit.


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Avocados are another one of those foods that we naturally associate with healthiness. If you like the taste, there’s a lot to benefit from here. They contain Vitamin B, for starters. They also contain a range of healthy fats that can assist when it comes to muscle repair. It has also been suggested that they reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Again, this is another food that will help everyone, no matter their fitness levels.

Protein Shake

Protein shakes are generally misunderstood by those who don’t understand health and fitness. However, they are a very useful choice for you after workout plan if you use the right ingredients. We’re taking a few pointers from Shape, who suggest the following. “Protein shake made with half of a banana, one scoop of protein powder, almond milk, and hemp seeds (excellent protein source)”. Go for protein shakes by all means, but make sure you’re using the right ingredients in the process.

Sweet Potatoes

Ask many fitness experts, and they’ll tell you that sweet potatoes are a fantastic food after a workout. Believe or not, sweet potatoes are a superfood, packing so many nutrients. There’s also an incredible number of carbs in sweet potatoes. There’s a massive amount of Vitamin A in sweet potatoes, too, among many other things. They’re tasty, and they’re fantastic for you after your workout.


How could we make a list of the best food and drink after a workout without including water?! It’s a basic necessity, and it’s something you should drink before, during and after a workout. If you fail to stay hydrated, poor performance and injuries can easily arise. Always carry bottles with you to keep you at the right level of hydration. Combine water with other drinks like chocolate milk and protein shakes, but don’t forget about it. It’s always important to keep up the H20 consumption.


Kiwi has long been considered to be a very healthy source of food, making it a great choice for you here. So, what’s so great about it? The amounts of potassium and Vitamin C that it contains are vast. Despite how most people consume Kiwi, it’s important to retain the skin if you can. It contains even more nutrients that you’ll otherwise miss out on. Also, Kiwi contains a lot of antioxidants which can help to combat muscle issues. Good stuff all round!


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Whey has been shown to have all sorts of benefits for those who workout. It’s readily available as a supplement, and it’s popular due to its qualities. Those who use it burn almost twice as much body fat as those who don’t, according to research. Also, it can help to build muscle and give your immune system a boost at the same time. It also appears to have plenty of health benefits, making it a good choice, especially for muscle builders.


We’re back to the fruit again! We all know just how great bananas can be for our health. For those who need a comedown after a workout, bananas are a perfect choice. They are very high in carbs, and those are the carbs that you need once you’ve done large amounts of activity. They’re packed with potassium once again, and they can help to rebuild your muscles. And, of course, they’re an excellent health food. Pack one-or-two of these in your bag as a snack for when you’re done after a workout.

Cherry Juice

We’re going to stick with the fruit theme for our final two choices, although we’re heading into the juice territory now! Before we start with this one, let’s be clear that we’re talking about fresh juice. You don’t want it from concentrate ideally, as you’ll lose a lot of the benefits. Cherry juice appears to reduce muscle soreness and strength loss. It’s packed with a vast number of antioxidants to fight off muscle damage and keep you protected. Don’t like cherries? Read on.

Orange Juice

If you’re already engaging in using protein shakes, you’re probably using orange juice already. If you aren’t; why not?! Orange juice is a fantastic option for those who need hydration after their workout. It’s filled with potassium as you’d expect, and it helps the body to restore fluid levels. Be sure to use fresh orange juice instead of concentrate if you can.


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What You Should NEVER Do After A Workout

So, we’ve given you tips on what you should eat and drink after a workout. Now, we’re going to focus briefly on what you should never do. By doing these things, you’re not allowing your body to recover properly.

  • Sports Drinks – Most sports drinks are made to hydrate in the middle of activity. At the end of a workout, though, they rarely come in handy. Instead, it’s much better to hydrate yourself with the methods we’ve talked about.
  • Ditching The Water Bottle – I know that you might feel tempted to drink something else, but you need that water bottle. Keep it on your person at all times. Ideally, you want to have consumed at least two-to-three glasses worth of water in the hours after your workout. If you wait until you get home, you won’t be letting your body recover.
  • Eating Nothing – Never, ever finish a workout and simply eat nothing. Don’t have any of the suggestions we’ve mentioned to hand? Doesn’t matter. Eat something. Your body needs to recover, and it needs food in order to do that. Eat as healthily as you can, but make sure you eat something in the hours after you’ve finished.

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