Beating Any Problem: Is It Mind Over Matter?

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It is one of those oft-used expressions, that things are “mind over matter”. But is this actually a true sentiment? When it comes to beating any sort of problem, whether internal, external, or other, the idea of applying yourself to overcome a problem seems to be a very old-fashioned approach to dealing with something. Lots of people would consider that this isn’t feasible because of the way of the world now. Instead, if you are struggling with an issue in one way, shape, or form, you would go and get professional help. So, does this mean we are less reliant on our own instinctual processes to overcome health matters, personal problems, or solving something that is a big issue?

How It’s Worked In Medical Situations

There is still a reliance on things like medication now, but if you are seeking professional help, the solution appears to be more of a combination of therapies. When you look at what are the trends in prescription drug treatment, for example, you’ll see that the therapies involve a mix of methods that aim to solve the underlying problem, rather than treating the symptoms. And we are seeing these more now, these holistic methods of treating problems, but you would argue that a holistic method wouldn’t work in solving a medical problem, or would it?

Developing That Inner Well

It would be foolish to think that you can cure an illness without medication, but now, we are seeing lots more people attempting to solve their own problems, rather than go for professional help. As time has gone on, you can find more resources on self-help, but also using certain self-help techniques to help beat common ailments. From motivational speakers like Tony Robbins helping people to take control over their lives, to extremely alternative methods of controlling the autonomic nervous system, such as the methods presented by people like Wim Hof. These two ends of the self-help spectrum as shown in the modern day what we can do to reprogram our frame of mind, which has shown sufficient medical benefits.

The Benefits Of Self Resilience On Our Health

Undertaking these holistic approaches to looking after yourself, either through self-help methods. Or things like meditation and mindfulness, aren’t just a way for you to feel more of an even keel with the stresses of the everyday world, these different approaches to self-help have shown that it’s going to affect you in positive ways. It all sounds like a major flight of fancy when they say laughter is the best medicine, but your frame of mind can have a major impact on your body state. Something like meditation and mindfulness has shown to have a positive impact on your blood pressure, where it is lowered severely. Something like deep breathing has been shown to have a positive impact on your frame of mind, and as you know, if you do a bit of deep breathing, you feel a bit calmer. So, by integrating this into a daily practice, you will feel the benefits, but medically, it will show there are benefits also. It has become a far more difficult thing to accomplish now, getting relaxed, but making time for yourself to relax is one of those vital things that we don’t appear to do anymore. And that is why people are operating on high anxiety, suffering from the fear of missing out, and eating poor diets. All these things, in combination, have an effect on our well-being.

Why Managing Your Stress Is So Important

Now, the impact of stress on our ability to function in the modern world has never been more spoken about. Now, because of research into how stress affects us, and we’ve seen that it makes our body a breeding ground for, not just negative frames of mind, but also disease and feeling unwell. The importance of managing your own stress has various benefits, from reducing anxiety and depression to having a better outlook on life, to not feeling as unwell as most people would. There are a lot of treatments available to help manage these mental illnesses. Some people who regularly suffer from depressive episodes and high stress have been known to use sunmed cbd oil tincture to try and reduce the effects of these illnesses, allowing them to manage themselves much better. However, there are always other methods available too. Managing your stress in an overall, holistic method which can be a very long process, but we can all start to do it now to help beat our own inner demons. This is why mind over matter is a very important tool now. We can use what we have as a way to develop this well of resilience and help ourselves feel better. Finding ways to manage your stress levels is a popular approach to making life with anxiety and depression a little easier. You might find it comforting to read stories similar to what you could find if you click here to find a story that helps you relate to others in similar situations. However, there are other treatments such as transcranial magnetic stimulation too that a large number of people find useful. As the TMS & Brain Health website explains, TMS is a noninvasive procedure using magnetic fields that stimulates nerve cells in the brain to improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. TMS is usually used when other depression treatments haven’t been effective. Checking in with your stress levels is still important though. Correspondingly, lots of entrepreneurs talk about the importance of focus, structure, and developing that frame of mind that is almost childlike. And, you see that lots of entrepreneurs refuse to read the news, because of the effects of it on their frame of mind. Now, whether you agree with this approach or not, these people have a level of success that they attribute to their focus and determination. Regardless of whether you want to build a company or not, we can learn a lot from these people who have sheer grit and determination, and apply some of these practices to our daily lives. These people have infinitely more stress than we do, so by applying a few of these stress reduction techniques, we can take back control of our lives.

Starting Again

As they say, if you have a problem or an addiction, it’s you that has to admit to this problem before visiting a methadone clinic or an alcohol clinic, for example, to get the help you need. And we all have this potential within us, so starting again can be a difficult task. But, as we’ve seen, your frame of mind colors your whole life, from your outlook to your overall wellness. Beating a problem is something we can’t rely on other people to do, so it’s that frame of mind that we all need so we can accomplish these things. It’s an age-old practice, but we seem to have slipped away from it somewhat in recent years, because of things like medication and expecting outside factors to do the job for us. But, the buck stops with you. So, when it comes to beating a problem, mind over matter is one of the most definitive tools you could have in your arsenal.

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  1. I think sometimes its the thought there is an issue, which can make it feel like its to large to solve. I think the only thing you can do is firstly decide you need to deal with it then actually find something small to start with. I normally find once I start sorting the issue, it seems to get smaller and doable.

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