Alisa Knows What to Do: Season 1

Alisa Knows What To Do

  Have you seen Alisa Knows What To Do?  This one was a new one for our family.  You will go on a great adventure with Alisa and her friends in the future.  As a little twist this one will take you on adventures while they are worried about stuff like a clean environment on the plant and in space.  I love that this one was fun and had a little education at the same time.  If you are looking for a new adventure for your kids and a great time make sure to pick this one up today.

Alisa Knows What To Do

Alisa Knows What to Do! is based on the extremely popular Russian science-fiction novels by famous Russian author Kir Bulychiov about a young girl from the future, Alisa Salazar. This animated series weaves a tale about the adventures of a group of teenagers living at the end of the 21st century. The world has changed yet the burning questions that occupied people at the beginning of the century are still pertinent today. Alisa and her friends not only battle evil and injustice but they are also concerned with global problems like the natural balance, both on the planet and in space.

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