8 Things to Consider Before Buying Jewelry Online

Nothing expresses a unique taste, style and fashion personality better than a beautiful, well-chosen piece of luxury jewelry.

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Buying jewelry online (from sites like Green Diamonds – Lab Diamonds) offers many benefits for the modern-day consumer. Improved convenience, free shipping, no pressure from pushy salespeople, the ability to explore a large variety of styles and compare different items, prices and sellers are just some of the key advantages.
In addition, it’s a great way to save money, since many popular online retailers offer special sales, discount deals and attractive promotions.

However, the high cost of fine jewelry leads to legitimate fears or concerns about getting scammed, lost shipments or issues such as safety, quality and value for money. If you’re worried about the price of jewelry then take a look at the best jewelry deals at GetYourCouponCodes. This will help bring your spending within budget and may let you be able to afford a higher-quality item.
Here are a few vital tips that can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience, better investment security and greater peace of mind.

Buy Only From Trusted Sources

Shopping from a well-known national brand, rather than an unfamiliar company that has not established its legitimacy nor reliability – is a safe strategy. You should only ever shop from legitimate sites like haruni.com to ensure you don’t spend your money on a shady site.
With big-ticket items, the trustworthiness of the seller should always be the number one criteria to explore.

Basic questions to be asked when evaluating a given online jeweler include: how long has the vendor been in business? Can you easily find their contact info on their website? Does the store have a phone number where you can speak to customer service? How does their Better Business Bureau record look like? Are there any complaints or negative reviews from customers, when you search the website’s name on Google?

Know What You’re Buying

Educate yourself and learn about the basic factors that influence any given item’s value: precious metals and their quality grades, the 4Cs of diamond quality, etc.
Doing homework, conducting proper research and becoming a more informed shopper will help ensure that you will receive what you pay for.

Use Websites that Present Information Accurately

Purchase only from websites that transparently offer a full item description.
Information must include all important aspects of an item such as accurate measurements, materials, gemstone identity, third-party validity certifications and grading reports from leading gemological laboratories, etc.
Also, the vendor must offer extensive and detailed images, showing the piece from all possible angles clearly.


The extensive jewelry shopping sites and their never-ending virtual catalogs can be exhausting to sift through.
It’s OK to generally explore the website first, but to be efficient, try to develop at least a basic idea of what type of jewelry you’re looking for, in item characteristics and budget.

Are your interested in a modern piece or a traditional one? An expensive diamond ring or one with a more affordable gemstone? A gold, silver or another metal-made piece?
Getting focused will help to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the endless choices.


The largest online jewelers offer an extensive variety of payment options, other than the traditional credit cards, enabling their customer more freedom, choice and security.
For example, more major jewelry retailers are offering PayPal as one of the methods for receiving payments from shoppers.

Return Policy

Read the site’s return policy carefully (including all the limitations, aka ‘the fine print’).
A bracelet that looks stunning in a website photo may not lay well on the wrist when the customer tries it on at home.
If you are dissatisfied with a purchase, the ability to return the item (for any reason) in a hassle-free process and get a full refund is important.


Verify that the vendor ships the package using credible insured carriers, such as UPS or FedEx and that the shipment is covered for the value of its contents if damage occurs, theft, or loss.

Additional Services

Another factor to consider is whether the jeweler provides additional services that might be required.
This can range from custom design options, engraving, express shipping, financing options or gift-wrapping.

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  1. You made a good point when you said that it is best to shop for jewelry from a company that has established its legitimacy and reliability. My sister mentioned over breakfast last Wednesday that she is planning to shop for handmade wire jewelry pieces for herself and some friends. She will surely do your tips to find quality pieces.

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