7 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Our wishes are oftentimes hard to pull off. Even if you have the necessary money, that doesn’t mean that you will get a product or service you desire. The best example is the bathroom.

Before renovation, people go to popular websites and check cool bathroom ideas. They create an image in their head; an image that is usually unrealistic. Why is that? Simply put, construction business is complex and requires numerous calculations beforehand. Your house may not be suitable for a certain model. However, one of the first things homeowners should be doing, should they want to start some home improvements is to look at something similar to these 8 things every home owner should know when they finally settle down into their property!

This is why you, as a homeowner, need to do proper planning before remodeling your bathroom. Here are some tips that will help you do it.

1. Consider space

One of the biggest issues with bathroom is the lack of space. It is a room that should provide us comfort. If you are stuck with a small bathroom, you won’t have this liberty. With this being said, having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t create space. If you take a look at sites such as https://toiletreviewer.com/toto-washlet-c100-review/, you’ll see what we mean by this. It’s all about creating a space that you are happy with, along with having the essentials you need to call it a bathroom. Not everything has to be over the top to get the look you are after. This is why doing thorough research is important.
Nevertheless, tearing down the walls is not always so simple. Before you start anything, consult with a contractor.

2. If you can, add more windows

Most bathrooms have windows. This is a hygienic solution. But, if you have this option and if you are not too exposed, you should consider adding more windows and increasing exposure. Humidity is common for bathroom and it can easily destroy it. With more windows you get more sunlight which will prevent appearance of mold.

3. Holes in the walls

This is another thing that needs to be considered during initial process. Adding holes to the walls can be a great solution (especially for small bathroom) that gives you more usable space. Unfortunately, some walls cannot allow this as they are too thin. Consider this option but proceed carefully.

4. Think about your environment

As mentioned, windows are a great solution for any bathroom. Besides mentioned benefits, they also allows to peak outside. Make sure to adjust your interior design according to your environment. If you are living in a country house, it would be natural to have a flower inspired bathroom. On the other hand, penthouse in the center of the city will do much better with a modern style.

5. Usage of tiles

Regardless of anything else, tiles are the main element which helps us start and end our design process. There are several ideas you can choose from. No matter what you do, make sure not to use same tiles for entire bathroom. You can create stripes of tiles, fill the tiles up to a certain height or make different combinations. No matter what you do, try to create a composition that makes sense.

6. Tub or a shower

Getting a tub or a shower is definitely something that is based on your personal preferences and how you like to use your bathroom. Nevertheless, there are some rules which need to be considered. Traditionally, tubs are a much better pick for classy bathroom. On the other hand, showers are great for modern bathrooms. Also, getting a tub for a small bathroom can make it feel a bit claustrophobic. It might also help to know this if you are looking to remodel your bathroom to help a family member who requires the change, for example, if you are changing because you need to put in walk in bathrooms or tubs.

7. Minimalism is the thing

Minimalistic design has become really popular during the last decade. Of course, this also applies to your bathroom. You shouldn’t use it as a storeroom where you keep make-up and drugs. Instead, use it solely for your hygienic needs. In the end, you can always keep drugs near your bed and put make-up in your bedroom. Choose colours which are minimalist. My friend has black tapware and I must say, it looks incredible!

Every homeowner should consider these tips. In order to create a perfect bathroom, you will need some preparation. Do not be shy and consult an architect. Always remember; every advice is valuable!