5 Affordable roofing maintenance tips

If you’re a homeowner, you know how much trouble a roof can bring. It gets even worse when you consider that most people are reluctant to hire a professional roofer or a roofing company to help them out but instead, prefer doing everything themselves.

While DIY methods are awesome, they do take some time to master. As a result, homeowner might make some mistakes along the way. One of the most troublesome aspects of that is the loss of money. Just imagine doing the same thing over and over, spending so much time and money without accomplishing proper results.

If you wish to fix your own roof, there is no need to spend too much money. Just check these 5 affordable roofing tips that will help you out!

1. Plan material in advance

When you install roof for the first time, you have to consider the fact that this will not be your last purchase. Roofs can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on what type of a material you’re using. Some of them may last for decades even. No matter what, you have to consider the fact that sooner than later, you will need some of the initial products such as the original shingles, gutters, etc. The best thing you can do is order ahead and have some products stockpiled in your garage. That way, when it comes the time to replace something, you will have all the original pieces that were purchased in bulk.

2. Ask professional roofers for an assessment

Most newbies make a mistake because they try to do too much without a proper knowledge. Oftentimes you lose money as you’re unable to properly determine extent of damage or whether or not your roof needs repairs in the first place. The most important thing is to get the proper assessment. Luckily for you, most roofing companies in Canada and the United States provide free assessment. After that, you can either hire them or decline their offer. No matter what, you will at least know what’s happening with your roof and how to address it.

3. Invest in sturdier materials

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the US. However, this is far from an ideal solution. These shingles tend to get damaged rather easily forcing you to replace the whole roof before you know it. Ideally, you should get something that is stronger. Certain types of shingles and tiles can last for decades. Even though they are more expensive initially, they pay themselves off after a while.

4. Be certain about your decision

Homeowners tend to be cheap when it comes to shingles and other materials. For example, when there is damage to some of the shingles, they will remove only the problematic ones betting that the rest of them will hold. In most cases, if a shingle is a bit wobbly, it will fall off really soon. So, instead of saving money, you will be forced to redo fixes and spend even more. Make sure to address everything that looks suspicious; spending a bit extra will go a long way in the long run.

5. Address the issues as soon as possible

You always have to keep in mind that the roof is there to keep humidity out. If you don’t address issues promptly, the humidity will start piling up forcing you to fix areas of your home thus increasing the overall expenses. The best thing you can do is to fix issues as soon as you notice them. When it comes to the roof, it is much better to be proactive than reactive. Make sure to climb on it at least twice a year to assess its state.

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  1. Thank you for these awesome tips, it is a big help for me. Leaking of the roof can be dangerous, this may lead to a serious problem shortly especially when the storm passes by. Better to call a professional to check immediately to avoid unnecessary things to happen.

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