4 Questions Moms Have to Ask Themselves before Going Back to School

Going back to school is a huge life change for anyone. But for a mom with a spouse, kids, and a job, starting college is more than a change. It is a challenge. Fortunately, it is a challenge that many moms and other adults are willing to face.

According to The Atlantic, one in four college students in the US is now aged 30 years and above. And most of these are moms. However, regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working one, ask yourself the following questions before going back to school.

1) What Program Should I Pursue and How?

Before you start on your journey back to school, know the degree program you want to pursue. And do not rush to make this crucial decision. Keep in mind that the program you choose will shape your career and life.

If possible, also know how you want to pursue it. Do you want to study in a brick-and-mortar campus? Or, does an online program appeal to you more? Studying in a physical campus only makes sense if you live close to one. But if one is not located nearby, then enroll in an online school instead, and save yourself a long commute.

2) Does the Program Match My Goals?

What are your career and financial goals? And, does going back to school match these goals? Your goal may be to advance in your career and earn more money. And, getting more qualifications is the way to achieve this goal. You may also want to follow your passion by changing careers altogether.

3) Is Now the Right Time to Go Back to School?

So, you have settled on becoming a medical sonographer, and you plan to sign up for an online medical sonography degree. Good. But, before you do so, ask yourself this question: is this a good time for me to go back to school?

Juggling an online medical sonography program and a family, especially a young family, is a hard thing to do. Can you manage both? What about your job? Will going back to school negatively affect your career? Remember, if you fail to balance your job and your studies, one, or even both, will suffer as a result.

4) Can I Foot the Bill?

There is no such thing as a cheap degree. In fact, traditional ones are downright expensive. And although affordable, an online degree still costs a pretty penny. So, sign up for a degree program only if you can afford it, and without incurring any debts.

But if money is not forthcoming, consider other alternatives to taking out a loan. For instance, why not ask your employer for help? Many will reimburse part of your tuition money. Also, apply for scholarships and grants. And when all else fails, shelve your education plans until a later date.

Have you gone back to school? Tell us more about your experiences in the comments section.

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