Simply Earth Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

As you all know I have been in love with Simply Earth for a while now.  I love that they send oils every month with cards on different ways to use them.  They have a great line of oils I cannot find anywhere else.  I hate taking meds with having ADD they really do mess with my head.  So, if I can find a natural way to take care of aliments and even just to relax I’m going to jump on it.


With this nasty Flu that has been going around I am on week 3 of it.  Once I get rid of it, it somehow comes back.  I hate being sick like most of you I really don’t have the time for it.  The new Simply Earth box could not have showed up at a better time. It had everything I needed for my Flu/Cold that just will not go away.  The little recipe cards are perfect.  The one above, I cannot get enough of I now keep it in my purse its going everywhere with me.

If you are like me and love essential oils, but need a little help on how to use them and which ones are right, you cannot go wrong with Simply Earth.  They have a great line of oils and they won’t leave you hanging.  The cards they send you will help you on how to use them and when.  I am in love with this box.

Want even better news?  They have recipe’s for the Diffuser. With out code you can get a free Diffuser with your subscribe to their recipe box use code TABBYSFREEDIF

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I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review

Making Our Family traditions

I love to have family traditions.  With my son, it also helps keep a routine for him.  Until now we have always been a retail family so for us having weekend traditions did not do so well.  We never knew which days’ hubby would have to work so everything was just me and little guy.  Now that he rarely works the weekend we like to make family time.  Which means we can now have things we do every weekend.

I know for most this does not work out with sports and other activities, most family’s weekend are just as busy as the week days.  My son does not do sports or anything else it’s not his thing.  So, we can start making traditions for the weekends. We start off with no alarm.  Why rush to wake up, it helps my son get all the rest he needs and helps to make up for what he and I lost during the week.  This has also taught him that when he does not hear an alarm go off it’s a free day no school just fun with the family.

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What a lot of people forget is to make a tradition does not mean it all has to be the same all the time you can do different things every week, but keep it along the same lines.  When we get up in the morning I have taken from my child hood me and little guy start off with some Saturday morning Cartoons.  These don’t always have to be the same just fun ones to watch with my little guy.

When it comes to breakfast, we have a lot more time on the weekend so we like to cook.  My son loves to help me make pancakes from scratch. I think it’s very important to teach my little guy to cook.  Not only for himself but also for his future wife.  He also gets to set the table for us all.  He loves mixing and matching different plates and silverware.

When breakfast is done, and cleaned up is where the fun starts.  Ever week we pick something new to do.  In the spring, it is normally fishing together, or sometimes just dada and baby day. We go hiking, play in the snow, ect.  One thing we love to do is play tourist for the day.  We pick something to do in town that tourist love to do.  This is a fantastic way to make sure you got to see everything in your town.

For lunch, it can be anything from local restaurants to packing a great picnic lunch and eating everywhere from the local lakes to out on our deck.  Then we are off to some relax time.  Weather its staying on the deck and hanging out to building something in the house.   Then we hang out for a great movie night together.

I know it seems like a lot for the weekend, but if we don’t keep busy we just sit around watching TV all day.  I like to make sure that when my little guy gets older he remembers doing more than just sitting around the house and watching TV.   Don’t get me wrong when we are sick or had a very hard week we might just take the weekend off and sit around, you can’t always be on the go.  But when it comes to our meals we are a family that loves to make them together.  That is relaxing time for us.

There is so much you can do to make traditions the main thing is that you are doing it together as a family.   Whether you are like us that loves to see and do it all, or even if you just want relax time on the weekends.  You can make anything you love to do into a tradition.

Finally Jeans Made for the #Athlete

Well fitness lovers we have found what you have always been looking for.  Finally, Keirin Cut Jeans made for the fitness lovers.  Way too many times I have heard about jeans just not fitting right.  Let’s be honest you don’t want to stop working your legs but the normal jeans are not made for people who have worked their mussels.

Now I may not be in perfect shape yet, but even for me my legs have way more mussel then the rest of me.  Finding the right kind of jeans that will fit my legs, but not be huge on my waist is hard.  I love that there is not a company that makes the perfect fit for the athletic body.

Want even better news besides being affordable they also gave us a great coupon code.

Use code  “TabbysPantry” for $5 off. The code is active from today till Feb 28-2017


“Keirin Cut Jeans is a startup that celebrates the athlete’s physique and strives to make a product that FITS a trim waistline with extra room in the quads and butts. I am sure you are familiar with that problem which athletes and folks into fitness face. We as a company are reaching out to you to see if you will partner with us to help promote our new line of washes and fabric.  We operate a little differently than the traditional push model of the fashion industry. Customers pre-order the size/wash of the jeans they prefer on carefully curated fabrics, we manufacture and deliver. ”

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Time-Saving Tips To Get Fit Fast

If you’re a parent, there’s every chance that you don’t always have time available to devote to exercise. The good news is that it is possible to get fit fast, provided that you choose the right types of exercise and options that will suit your lifestyle. There is no universal plan that will suit every mom, and it may take you a while to find a workout system and regime that suits you. If you want to get fit, but you don’t have a lot of time available, here are some tips that may come in handy.

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Working out at home

If you have kids of any age, it can be difficult to find the time to leave the house, especially if you don’t have a sports center, a pool or a gym nearby. Once you’ve added the journey time to the workout session, you need to have entire afternoons free, which don’t come around very often. Working out at home is an alternative, which will save you time, and enable you to train without having to organize childcare. There are various options open to you. You can either invest in some equipment and make your own mini fitness studio, or you can follow DVD or online workouts. For most, all you need is a couple of light weights, and a mat.

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Being more active with your kids

Exercise offers a host of benefits for both adults and children, so try and encourage activity from a very young age. Get out and about with the kids. Even if you only go for a walk for half an hour or a gentle bike ride, it’s good to get some fresh air, and you’ll be burning calories at the same time. Leave the car behind and walk to kindergarten or school or take your bikes out. It’s also worth looking into classes you can do with your children. This is a growing industry, and you may be able to find classes like stroller workouts in your local area.

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Trying more intensive activities

If you don’t have time to spend an hour at the gym jogging on a treadmill, but you want to to get in shape, try more intensive activities. This way, you can hit your daily burn in a much shorter time. If you’re used to sports like swimming or you usually go for a jog while the kids are at school, swap these activities for fast-paced workouts like high-intensity interval training, kickboxing, Zumba or spinning. In half an hour, you’ll have burned more calories, and your training won’t eat into your days as much. If you do want to try intense exercises, it’s always advisable to seek advice first. Work with a personal trainer or speak to a doctor online using a service like Babylon Health.

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Time is a luxury for many parents. If you have a hectic lifestyle, and you can’t find time to exercise on a regular basis, it may be worth considering making changes to your fitness regime. You could try working out at home or involving your kids in your exercise plans. Another possibility is switching up the kinds of exercises you do. Replacing an hour-long jog with a 20-minute intensive aerobics session will save you time and increase your fitness faster.

Wrist Society #watchlovers

If you are anything like me, you love watches.  The problem is finding great affordable ones.  I would love to be able to change my watch to match my outfit, But I don’t want cheap looking watches and I can’t afford the expensive watches.  Now there is a solution for us watch lovers.  Its wrist society. Now you can get a great new watch sent to you every month for one low price.  There watches are great quality and look fantastic.  When it comes to style a watch can make all the difference in your look.

I am in love with this month’s watch.  Plus, I got a very cute bracelet to go with it.  For as little as $29.00 a month you can get a head start on an awesome collection.   When putting your outfit together you can really make a statement with a watch.  For men, this is also a biggie they don’t have much to choose from but a watch can make a huge difference on bringing their outfit together.

For years, me and hubby both wore uniforms to work.  We were dressed just like everyone else there was no individuality at all.  The one thing we could wear was modest jewelry which he did not wear, and a watch.  The only way to really be your own self was your watch.  This was our way to show who were apart from everyone else.  I think that is where my love for watches came in.  I could always be a little different every day by just changing my watch.

Wrist society has quickly become one of my favorites.  If you are like we were and have no individuality in your work life don’t miss out.  You can get a beautiful new watch every month delivered right to your door at one low price.

I received this watch for free in exchange for an honest review

Kids TV Round Up from Shout Kids and Hasbro


I love watching Cartoons.  I have always been a fan, now that I have a little guy they are so much more fun Shout kids and Hasbro have brought us a roundup of cartoons that is perfect for us.  When my little guy is, sick there is nothing better than putting in one of our disks and having a marathon while cuddling.  I love that cartoons help my son’s imagination, and that he loves to have conversations about what is happening and why.  What’s even better is that two of them are childhood favorites of mine and a new one that I have fallen in love with.  My little pony, Littlest Pet Shop, and Transformers are a great way for your kids to learn great life lessons in a fun way.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Exploring the Crystal Empire


My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Exploring the Crystal Empire is coming to DVD on February 7, 2017 in the U.S. and Canada from Shout! Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. 


Join Twilight Sparkle, every pony’s favorite studious princess, and her very best friends – Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Spike – as they explore the wondrous arctic kingdom, the Crystal Empire! Old enemies return and new friends are made in this collection of episodes that will have you exploring the Crystal Empire with magical adventure!

Episodes Include:

·         The Cutie Re-mark, Part 1

·         The Cutie Re-mark, Part 1

·         The Cutie Re-mark, Part 2

·         The Crystalling, Part 1

·         The Crystalling, Part 2

·         The Times They Are A Changeling


Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars

A pet star is born! On February 14, 2017, buddy up with Blythe and her superstar pet pals with Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars on DVD from Shout! Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios.


Sinister king cobras! Comedy festivals! Pet hotels! And a monkey on Mars?! It’s all here, as Blythe and her best friends – Russell the Hedgehog, Pepper the Skunk, Zoe the Spaniel, Minka the Monkey, Sunil the Mongoose, Penny the Panda and Vinnie the Gecko – share one outrageous adventure after another in The Littlest Pet Shop: Pet Stars!


Episodes Include:

·         Heart Of Parkness

·         Standup Stinker

·         The Secret Recipe

·         A Night At The Pawza

·         Sue Syndrome


Transformers Rescue Bots: Protect and Explore

Get ready for big adventures and rescues in the great outdoors!Transformers Rescue Bots: Heroes of Tech will be released on DVD on February 21, 2017 from Shout! Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios. Featuring five exciting episodes that the whole family can enjoy, this DVD is priced to own with a suggested retail price of $14.93.


When a mysterious iceberg is spotted off the coast of Griffin Rock, it brings both danger and the interest of an old nemesis. On a nature hike, the Rescue Bots team will have to battle escaped snakes. And when the Burns family is stranded at sea by a swarm of jellyfish, the Bots must control miniature souvenir replicas of themselves. Enjoy these adventures and more in Transformers Rescue Bots: Protect and Explore!


Episodes Include:

·         Tip of the Iceberg

·         Buddy System

·         No Place Like Dome

·         Thieves Like Us

·         The New Recruits

Kids Tv Round Up

Zzzzz…. Tips To Help You Stay Awake At Work

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Even if your job is extremely tedious, there is no excuse for you to start falling asleep at your desk! In fact, if you do find your eyelids getting very heavy regularly when you are meant to be hard at work, it could be time to sort out your sleep patterns. Unfortunately, trying to get more sleep of a better quality isn’t going to happen overnight. It often takes considerable time. But there are various ways you can help yourself stay awake at work until you do start getting some better quality zzzzs. Here are some fantastic ideas.


Improve Your Bedroom


Even though you can’t fix your sleep patterns over night, you will find that improving your bedroom can help you relax better which can help increase your energy levels through the day. Replacing an old mattress and ensuring you have a cozy duvet and some comfortable pillows can help you to relax and unwind in bed, even if you don’t find it any easier to drop off. As you will be comfortable, you can relax and snooze, which can greatly improve your energy levels the next day even if you don’t increase the amount of sleep you get.

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Image – Pexels


Grab A Coffee


If you are sitting at your desk and you feel particularly sleepy, take a quick walk to the office kitchen and grab a coffee. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which can keep your mind wide awake. The caffeine is a chemical that charges the brain and gives it a little boost. Thanks to this naturally occurring chemical in coffee, your concentration will improve, and your feelings of lethargy will reduce. However, you shouldn’t always rely on coffee to keep you awake. If you drink a lot of coffee or other caffeinated drinks over a long period of time, your body and brain will build up a resistance. That means that you will need to drink a lot more cups of coffee before you feel the energizing effects of the caffeine.


Take A Walk


There have been lots of scientific studies carried out that have looked into the effect that walking has on our energy levels. And the results look very promising! Most studies have shown that a twenty minute walk can effectively decrease fatigue and improve energy levels. So, whenever you get the chance, it’s a good idea to take a break from your desk and wander around the office, even if it is just to the kitchen to grab a drink or snack. It’s a good idea to take a walk during your lunch break after you have eaten as well. That way you can get a big burst of energy that will see you through the afternoon until the end of the day!

Image – Pexels


Look Away From The Screen


Do you know how long you have been looking at your computer screen for right now? If you have been staring at the screen constantly for twenty minutes or more, you need to look away. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of developing a headache, eye strain, and fatigue. You will be able to refresh your eyes and your mind if you look away, even if it is just for ten seconds. Ideally, you need to focus on something far away so it could be worth looking out of the window to see what you see.


Stay Hydrated


It is super important that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. There are lots of health benefits that come with good hydration. For instance, it can help you to feel fuller so that you won’t snack as often throughout the day. It can also help to detox your body and flush out all manner of toxins from your body. Not only that, though, but drinking plenty of water can help to keep you wide awake. You should think of your body as a car. And what do cars need in order to go? Gas! Water is the gas you need to put in your car to ensure it runs at full speed. So be sure to keep a bottle of water at your desk throughout the day to ensure you always have something to drink!
Hopefully, you will have found plenty of great tips in this blog post to help you stay wide awake whenever you are working at your desk. Your boss won’t keep on pestering you for looking so tired now, either! You never know, he may recommend you for that promotion you’ve got your eye on!

Are Social Workers For Seniors in Demand?

For those who are pursuing an online masters in social work, it’s only natural to start thinking about the job market, and what areas of social work are in demand. One area you may want to consider is social work with seniors. This specialization is not only rewarding as a social worker, but it is also an area that is showing growth, especially as the baby boomers continue to age.

A Growing Field

While fields such as technology, IT, and security are growing, there is another field that isn’t as talked about, but that is experiencing growth all of its own. The US Department of Labor shows social work is showing an increase in numbers. Over the course of the next eight years social work is expected to grow faster than the national job growth average.

By having a masters in social work you are ensuring that you are ready for this growth and able to embrace the many available opportunities.

The Baby Boomers Will Create an Influx of Seniors

There are a wide variety of avenues you can take in social work, and while they are all expected to be in demand, some are in higher demand. Choosing to specialize in Gerontology (working with seniors) is a sound decision it seems. The baby boomers are continuing to age, and with that said they will need more and more assistance. It is expected that by the year 2030 there will be about 72 million people living in the United States who are age 65 and older. That’s a fairly large amount of people.

It’s not just medical assistance they will need, either; they will also need other services that social workers provide, such as counseling. Social workers are able to provide in-home visits, visits to a senior residence, and visits in hospitals. Social workers will become imperative in allowing seniors to continue a sense of normalcy as they age, as this will help them to keep their independence.

Taking it one step further, it may also be wise to set down roots in small cities and towns. The large cities tend to be better equipped to handle the aging population, whereas small cities and towns will be in need of more social workers to handle the influx of clients.

Look for Specialized Programs

While a masters in social work will be enough to allow you to work with seniors, it would be of great help to explore graduate programs that deal specifically with gerontology and geriatric social work. This will provide you with that extra bit of knowledge that will help in the field.

A Solid Future Ahead

For those who are considering social work with seniors, the numbers don’t lie. It appears as though it will be a strong and solid career choice with plenty of rewarding opportunities. Making sure you have the proper education and specialize whenever possible, as this will help to ensure you are able to get a job as soon as possible after finishing your degree.

New Year New You #fitness

For the New Year, a lot of us want to get in shape.  We say it every year, and most years it falls through the cracks.  There are many things you can do, but finding a fitness routine that fits into your life is the best way to make it work.  You don’t want working out to feel like another job you have to do you want it to be something that just fits right into your life.  For me I joined the Gym, and it never worked for me.  I had to make time to get the hour or more work out in.  Not to mention the drive there and back, I just did not have the time to do it.  For me fitting it into my everyday life has worked like a dream.

You can get away with buying minimal stuff for your workout at home.  A jump rope is actually a lot of fun something your kids will do with you and is a great workout.  Adjustable dumbbells will grow with you and are a great workout you can get in, in a few minutes.  Hula Hoop yep all you heard that right.  This little marvel from our childhood is a great ab workout and once again can be fun to do with the kids.

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Now I know what you are thinking what about a treadmill and stationary bike.  If you have the space and the money awesome go for it.  If you are like me there is just not room for it, guess what the world is a treadmill.  Go for a 5-minute walk, if you can walk around the house and do a little gardening.  These are all workouts.  When you go shopping park in the back of the lot.  All of this stuff adds up.

I don’t get an hour workout in every day I get a whole lot more in.  The great thing about working out at home is if you have 5 minutes use it.  Lift the dumbbells, jump the rope clean a few windows.  5 minutes a few times a day will add up.  You won’t be a supermodel in a month but you will notice a difference in the first month.  Getting in a full workout all at once is not always in the cards for us, but getting in a few minutes here and there is so much better than just giving up because you don’t have the time.