June Adore Box Review

Adore Box

    Have you checked out Adore Box yet?  I get so excited when this shows up every month.  I get to discover new great beauty products every month for one low price.  Normally for the price of one item I get 5 products.  A lot of them are full size and a few trial sizes to try out.  I love that I am not paying big prices to find products that I will love.

  In this month’s box, I got a beautiful Josie Maran Argan Natural Lip gloss.  It had a beautiful color and went on smoothly.  I loved that it was not sticky at all.  This one is definitely a keeper.  I also go to try the Bioaque Collagen Nourish Lips Membrane.  I had been dying to try these for a while now.  I know for a lot of us besides lip gloss or chap stick we all forget to take care of our lips.

  That’s not all there was more in the box the Dermalogica Active Moist it was a great light weight moisturizer.  It went on smoothly and soaked right into my skin.  I also got a great color of nail polish from Law beauty Essentials.  This box was fantastic and I really did love everything I got to try.

  If you are looking for a great beauty box every month that will not break the bank Adore Box is a must.

  I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review.

5 Foods You Never Knew Could Help Improve Lung Function

5 Foods You Never Knew Could Help Improve Lung Function

Whether breathing is difficult for you due to living in an area with high levels of smog, recovering from tobacco use, or you are asthmatic, it is imperative that you treat your lungs with care. Exercise can help you to improve the use of your lungs, but did you also know that your diet can play a role in making breathing easier?

Respiratory health experts with a bachelor in respiratory therapy degree know that there are certain foods that will help you breathe better, and over time make your respiratory system function stronger. Here are the five top foods that you should start eating if you want to take deeper breaths, get winded less often, and exercise easier.

1. Garlic

If you didn’t already know it, garlic is great for strengthening the immune system. People that consume a lot of garlic, both cooked and raw, are less likely to get the common cold or the flu. Garlic can help to make your lungs healthier by preventing inflammation and aiding in self-repair. Try out some of the various ways that you can start consuming garlic regularly, especially if you have recently quit smoking or suffer from asthma.

2. Coffee

Having a hot cup of coffee in the morning will certainly help you to feel more awake, but it is because of more than just its high amount of caffeine. Researchers have learned that coffee helps to open the airways and improve circulation, which will make breathing easier. If you are taking an online respiratory therapy program, try drinking more coffee to see if it makes a big difference when you take in deep breaths and exhale just before starting a study session.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Surprisingly, pumpkin seeds are also good for improved respiratory health. That’s mostly because of the fact that pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in magnesium. If you eat enough, you will never have trouble breathing and can help to avoid having asthma attacks. You can eat pumpkin seeds raw as a snack, make a kind of ‘milk’ with them by soaking them in water, or add them to salads and cooked dishes for variety.

4. Salmon

Although eating salmon doesn’t directly affect your ability to breath better it does support good respiratory system health. People who have diets that are rich in omega-3 typically have better lung health. Eaten grilled, smoked, or broiled, adding salmon to your diet will aid you in building stronger lungs.

5. Apples

This is another food can impact respiratory system health. Apples have a lot of vitamins that are great for your entire body, but they also have anti-inflammatory qualities. Gulping down apple juice has also been shown to be very effective in helping children who have asthma lead healthier lives.

Now that you know which foods are best for supporting a strong respiratory system, you can begin to figure out how you can vary your diet to include them more. Since you should already be familiar with many of the foods listed above, there’s no reason that you can’t start putting them on your weekly shopping list. Drink more coffee, add garlic to your favorite dishes, start indulging in apples more often, cook up some lean salmon, and sprinkle a few pumpkin seeds on your meals for healthier lungs.

Three Great Ideas for Graduation Presents for Your Kids


  • Three Great Ideas for Graduation Presents for Your Kids


There won’t be many moments in life where you’ll feel as proud as seeing your son or daughter achieve something they have worked really hard for. Graduating from college is definitely a major cause for celebration. Of course, it is also an important milestone in their lives as they leave full time education behind and embark on the next stage of their careers. It is therefore a time when a really special gift is in order – whether it is something that will help them in their next steps, something they can keep forever to remind them of how proud you are, or something to help them really celebrate. Here are three great ideas you may want to consider if your son or daughter will be graduating this year:


  • An Important Piece of Jewelry


Jewelry can be really special because it lasts forever, and people tend to attach a lot of sentimental value to jewelry given to them by loved ones. A great idea for a graduation gift can be jewelry that shows the college and class they graduated from. Check out signitas.com, which has class rings, pendants, cufflinks and charms in a huge choice of college designs, perfect for both men and women. If you prefer something different, a high end timepiece can be a great gift that will help them look smart as they embark on their professional career. For women, some beautiful earrings or a necklace can give them something they can wear all the time to remind them of this happy occasion in their lives.


  • A Special Vacation


After graduation students will experience an extreme sense of relief, and will really need some time to relax to recover from the hard work and intense studying they have had to put into their degrees. It is also a rare moment in life where they have no immediate commitments, between finishing college and finding their first serious job, so it can be the perfect time to take a special trip. Depending on your budget you can pay for anything from a spa weekend close to home to a once-in-a-lifetime trip overseas to experience some things you know your son or daughter has always wanted to do. To make the gift even more special, consider talking to the parents of their friends to see if you could join forces and buy them a trip together as a graduation gift.


  • A New Car


Whether or not you already bought your child a car when they first learned to drive, graduation can be a good time to invest in an upgrade to their wheels. Since they will probably benefit from having a reliable, attractive car as they start working, this is a gift that will not only delight them, but also be quite practical.

These are just a few ideas for special gifts for your child’s graduation, which should cover most budgets and really thrill your son or daughter.

Decorating smaller outdoor spaces

It’s that time of year, we all want to get outside.  I love hanging outside all day and night long, but in our house, we don’t have a lot of space.  We live on half of an acre but this is CO land which means most of it is not hang out space.  What we do have is a great deck.  It’s not too big so we have to make every inch of it count.  You will get to see a lot of post from people about decorating your outdoor space.  They have great ideas, but most of them decorate it for entertaining.  In our house our outdoor space if for us to hand out with the little guy.

 Before    After

We use the room we have to make it fun for him not for a great dining experience for guests.  There are a few things we always have for our son.  A little pool so he can play in the water, and a sandbox.  So, our decorating has to be around these two, yet still fun for mama to hang out all day long.

One key decorating pieces is a fantastic Ruggable outdoor rug.  Not only are they easy to clean you can just sweep for a quick clean but you can also throw it in the washer machine.  When the sand gets stuck to his feet, he just wipes his feet on the outdoor rug and we sweep it away.  No more sand all threw the house.  I love that it adds a pop of color to our ordinary deck.  It also helps my little guy not burn his feet.  He can now walk outside on the rug without shoes.

Outdoor lighting is also a must.  The lights I have on our deck are right next to our door.  So, they are bright, but boy do they attract the bugs at night.  Then the bugs head right into the house.  Yes, I can keep my door closed but we are always going in and out so they always get in. Plus, the lights are so bright you don’t get to enjoy the night sky when they are on.  The Bulbrite string lights are perfect.  They add some great light at night without overpowering the natural stars.


When decorating your smaller area a few things to keep in mind.  Make sure you have your key items.  Stuff you must have in the area, for me it’s fun stuff for my little guy.  If you don’t have kids maybe a perfect set table is what you need.  Then pick a few key pieces to draw it all together like the rug and some lights.  Then when you have it all picked out and put together adding a few potted flowers that you can enjoy all summer long might be the finished touch you need.  No matter what you decide to do make sure it works for you.   Make sure to check out Bellacor.com for some great outdoor items you will fall in love with.

I got these free from Bellacor.com in exchange for an honest review

4 Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel

4 Tips for Planning a Kitchen Remodel



One of the rooms you may spend a lot of time in is your kitchen. This is the place you and your family may meet each day to eat meals and discuss things. Working to ensure this part of your home looks its best and is the most usable is ideal for getting the most from it. If you’re ready to do a little remodeling to this room of your home, you should be aware of tips that may be helpful before you get started.

Tip #1: Use a custom design

One of the things to enable any kitchen to stand out and look attractive is by relying on custom-designed ideas. For instance, putting cabinets that are specifically created to suit this space in your home can allow you to get the most use from these.

If it’s too hard to reach corners in your cabinet area and you need a special place for your belongings, you may want to visit a site like DeWils. Working with a business that specializes in custom cabinetry is the best place to start when attempting this project.

Other things you can do in your kitchen space is to install granite counter tops. These are durable and are available in a wide variety of colors that can either coordinate or contrast with your kitchen based on your tastes.

Tip #2: Create a plan

Taking time to list the changes you want to make is important. In fact, the possibility of having a kitchen that is more usable and attractive may rest on doing this one thing.

Do you want to have a kitchen that offers more updates in order to make cooking easier? What about new appliances that provide the latest and greatest options for storing your food, or cleaning the dishes?

Knowing what you want and doing the necessary amount of research can allow you to make the most of your kitchen remodel. Of course, setting a budget should be a top priority of yours and ensure this is one you can stick to in the process.

Home Advisor states the national average for a kitchen remodel is $21,711. Working to get the estimated costs on the things you want to be done, this can be the key to not going past your budget.

Tip #3: Get organized

One of the best things you can do to optimize the square footage in your kitchen is to be organized. You can work to achieve this goal by adding additional shelves in your kitchen area and keeping these packed with things you need.

Having an ample supply of cooking tools, such as dishes, pots and other things required for each meal can make life so much easier, and this can happen when you remain organized. Regardless of the space of your kitchen, you can work to make the absolute most of it by being able to fit more into a smaller space when necessary.

Tip #4: Upgrade kitchen sink and faucet

The kitchen sink is one of the most utilized components in your kitchen. This area is consistently used to prepare meals and to help clean up afterward.

You can alter and improve the entire look of your kitchen by putting in a new sink and a faucet. These items are essential to helping you have a remodeled look that offers a lot and may help you stick to your budget.

The benefits of making over your kitchen space are numerous and can improve the overall quality of your life at home. Take time to consider the things that are necessary for you to make the most out of your remodel.


The Octonauts on DVD


That is right all no more taping 20 episodes on your DVR just to have on hand.  The Octonauts have made it to DVD now you can just put the disk in and leave the room on your DVR for other shows.  I know as a mom of a little one I love when his favorite shows come out on DVD if not I have DVR filled with his shows and I am rushing to watch mine to make room.  Octonauts is a great cartoon that will teach your little one about all the wonders of the ocean.  My son has been a fan since the first episode.  As most moms, I don’t want him to be watching TV all day long, but I also know the need for a little quiet time.  The Octonauts entertains him and I love that he is learning at the same time.  This great DVD comes with 12 rescue missions to keep your kids entertained.


The Octonauts: 12 Rescue Missions
Release Date: 05/02/2017
Dive into adventure with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! Join brave Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii and medic Peso Penguin, along with the other Octonauts as they explore the world’s oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats – above and below the waves!
On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they embark on not one, not two, but TWELVE rescue missions! From attempting to dive deep into the abyssal zone to encountering a school of toothy barracudas to Barnacles seeking guidance from a mysterious sea turtle. It’s time to sound the Octo-alert!

I got this free from NCIRCLE in exchange for an honest review.

5 Fun and Interactive Ways To Stay in Shape With Your Dog


If you’re looking for a committed, consistent and high energy personal trainer, look no further than your favorite family pet. Your dog might just be the accountability partner you need to develop a lifelong habit of consistent fitness and exercise.

In this article we’ll discuss 5 fun ways you and your dog can develop a fitness routine that will keep both of you strong, happy and healthy for years to come.


It all comes down to a simple equation:


Dog + You + Extra Effort = Great Results!


Seems easy enough right? It is!


So without further-ado, let’s jump into 5 ways you can exercise with your dog to stay in shape.


#1 – Running


While running isn’t everyone’s favorite activity, it’s actually one of the best exercises we can do. It helps strengthen and tone your legs while giving us a great cardiovascular workout. Running helps pump endorphins through our body which gives us relief from stress, anxiety and even depression. The great thing is that most dogs LOVE to run and it gives them just about all of the same benefits as well.


#2 – Fetch


A classic and a favorite. Fetch is probably your dog’s favorite activity and one that owners enjoy too, but in this case, we’re going to take things to the next level by having you do either push ups, air squats, sit ups or jumping jacks in between throws!


This will help you get a mix of different exercises in while your dog is running after its fetch toy. You can do sets of 5-10 reps alternating exercises between throws to get a fully body workout. You can also bring a pair of dumbbells to make things even more intense and to change things up.



#3 – Walk a Hiking Trail


While this doesn’t provide short intense workout stimulation like running or fetch with dumbbells, it’s a great way to change things up and to explore new environments while feeling a sense of adventure with your dog.


Dogs love new environments and nature is good for our soul, so it’s a win-win exercise for both you and your furry friend. Depending on you and your dog’s level of fitness you can choose to go anywhere from a half-mile up to 5 or even 10 miles. Just make sure you bring plenty of water for you and your pup and don’t over exert yourselves.


#4 – Play Tag


Have you ever tried running away from your dog? Impossible right?


Just about…


Playing tag with your dog is an excellent way to get a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout in. Just run away from your dog for 5-20 seconds or as long as you can and then take a break and play with him/her. During the rest phase catch your breath and then start running again for the same length of time when you feel ready. Do this for 5-10 rounds and you’ll put your body in a powerful fat-burning state that’ll shred calories like a machine.



#5 – Swimming


Swimming is a great way to exercise with your dog because it’s low impact and gives you a great full body workout. You can swim with your dog or bring a water toy and play fetch with them for added interaction. Just make sure your dog has proper training for water and they’re comfortable swimming by themselves first.



Hopefully you’ve taken away a few nuggets on how you could incorporate some fun interactive ways of staying in shape with your dog for months and even years to come. The key is to stay consistent on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that you build the habit of fitness with your dog for the long term.


Author: Mathew Bojerski

Website: http://petstop.com/






Top 10 Kitchen Tips for Safe and Sanitary Food

Everyone knows that you have to take certain precautions to ensure food is safe to eat and free of contaminants. However, many people overlook the importance of certain kitchen maintenance and preparation steps that ensure an optimal environment for preparing delicious, safe, and clean food. Whether you’re just learning how to cook or are looking for a quick refresher course to sharpen your knowledge on cooking safety, chances are you could learn something from at least one of the top ten tips below:


  • 1. Keep Pests Under Control


It’s easy to disregard the odd sighting of a roach or a few ants on the counter after a juice spill, but these seemingly insignificant problems can add up to a real hassle if they’re not taken care of expeditiously. According to Go-Forth Pest Control of Raleigh, even though you may only see a few of the critters coming out here and there, it’s likely that there’s a major infestation hiding somewhere in your home, and what you’re seeing is the occasional member of the colony making their way out into the open. Finding and eradicating such pest infestations is crucial to maintaining food safety because rodents, ants, roaches, and other pests have a way of getting into cabinets, pantries, drawers, and other places where food is stored.


  • 2. Understand Cross Contamination


Cross contamination is one of the leading causes of food poisoning, and although it’s a fairly basic concept, many people still fall victim to it because it’s so easy to overlook. One moment you’re cutting the chicken breast with a knife trying to get the slices onto a hot pan in a hurry, and the next you’re dicing up the tomatoes with the same knife – oops. Should you really throw those tomato pieces away? Well, if you want to be guaranteed that you won’t be perched on the toilet with a horrible case of the runs or worse, then yes, it would be wise to discard any food that has been contaminated by such a mistake. The easiest way to avoid such mistakes in the first place is to organize your cooking session so that you have designated utensils for raw and potentially hazardous foods.


  • 3. Wipe Down Counters and Sink Regularly


Most germs that cause illness can be found on the sink handle and faucet, sponge, and countertops. A lot of people don’t mind when they drop a bit of food on the countertop, and they’d rather just scoop it back onto the plate quickly than throw it out. Because hey, 5-second rule, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about germs being on your counter or sink at all if you just perform a quick wipe down of all surfaces before getting ready to cook. This is a good before-and-after meal maintenance practice that will keep your kitchen sanitary continually.


  • 4. Cover Food After Serving


Leaving the leftovers on the stove uncovered is like asking for flies and airborne dust to land on your food. Even if you plan on coming back for second or third servings, it would still be wise to use a sheet of foil or a lid to cover whatever is left of the dish. This will not only keep your food clean, it will also keep it from drying and crusting over on the top. Of course, if you think you’ll be leaving the food out for an extended period of time, then it might be best to have a cooler with ice, or simply store it in the refrigerator or on a hot plate, depending on the dish and occasion.


  • 5. Use a Paper Towel Dispenser


Paper towels are a great tool for keeping a kitchen clean, but most of us make the mistake of touching the inside of the paper towel tube with our dirty hands when reaching for a new sheet. A paper towel dispenser makes paper towels easy to access without requiring you to open any cabinets or grab the roll with unsanitary hands.

With a handy dispenser you’ll only have to touch the sheet you’re about to use, and since they’ll be conveniently dispensable on your countertop, you’ll find yourself using them more often, which will result in buying more paper towels, but the trade-off is that you’ll have a much cleaner kitchen.


  • 6. Keep Food Preparation Gloves in Stock


Handling food with gloves is the best way to easily fight contamination without having to wash your hands five times every time you’re trying to prepare a meal. For example, when you’re done cutting the chicken you can simply dispose of the gloves you were using and put on a new pair.

Using gloves not only saves you the hassle of having to wash your hands repeatedly, it also saves you money on hand soap and keeps you from having to overexpose your skin to soap chemicals. Plus, guests will feel a lot more comfortable eating your food if they know it was prepared with gloves.


  • 7. Use an Air Purifier


Most of us don’t stop to think about the amount of dust, dirt, pollen, fibers, and other microscopic debris that’s floating through the air. That’s because we can only see these airborne contaminants in certain lighting. If you’ve ever been in a dusty room when a beam of sunlight shines through and seen the plume of dust floating about, you know that this stuff can be very thick in the air and yet stay completely unnoticed in artificial lighting.

Indoor air pollution is extremely common to the point where it is actually the norm. The thing is, all that floating junk doesn’t just cause allergies, it also lands on your food and then you eat it. A simple fix is to use an air purifier that will help keep the air in your kitchen clean while you’re cooking. Aside from an air purifier, you might also want to consider using fly strips to get rid of any stray flies you have buzzing around your kitchen. You don’t want a filthy trash-ridden fly landing on a freshly prepared dish.


  • 8. Turn on the Oven Fan


Another way to assist in reducing air pollution and keeping the kitchen from getting too smoky is to go ahead and turn your oven fan on high when you start cooking. This should be basic knowledge for most home chefs, but even the most experienced find themselves occasionally leaving it off. Use a sticky note to put a reminder on your refrigerator door or above the oven so that you don’t forget to turn the fan on before using the high heat settings on your stovetop.

Although this step doesn’t have a huge impact on the quality of the food itself, it does keep the air in the kitchen and dining area clean so that guests aren’t coughing and dealing with horrible burnt smells while trying to eat. In addition to being annoying, trapped smoke is of course bad for your health and should be avoided whenever possible.


  • 9. Keep Kids Out of the Refrigerator


Let’s face it, no matter how many times you instruct kids to wash their hands, they’re always getting into something and carrying germs along with them. Giving your kids free roam over the kitchen is like asking for a hazardous food preparation environment. This is especially true if you have younger kids who haven’t yet learned proper kitchen etiquette. You don’t want the little ones getting their hands on raw meats or dropping odd objects into jugs of milk. Use a baby gate to seal off the kitchen and prevent toddlers from being able to access the fridge with their dirty little paws.


  • 10. When in Doubt, Throw it Out


One of the best old sayings that will save you a lot of hassle and potentially a bout with food poisoning as well is “when in doubt, throw it out.” There’s no sense in making yourself or someone else sick just to save a few leftovers or cuts of meat that you’re not sure about. If it has a funny smell, has been sitting out for too long, was dropped on the floor, is past its expiration date, or gives you any other reason to doubt its safety, it would be much wiser to throw it out than to run the risk of contracting a foodborne illness in the name of frugality.


  • Developing Protocols for Clean and Safe Cooking


Although keeping up with all of the above might seem like it would be a huge hassle, in reality it’s not so difficult once you get used to doing all of these things on a regular basis. You might find yourself overlooking some stuff the first few times, but after that it will be like riding a bike – you definitely won’t forget the basics. Preparing food that is not only delicious, but also safe and sanitary is a simple task so long as you take the necessary precautions and are familiar with the steps needed to secure and safeguard your kitchen while cooking.

Taking Care of Your Health In an Age of Rising Medical Insurance Costs

Did you know that if you lack medical insurance, you might need to pay for the entire cost of your doctor’s appointment upfront before you are allowed to come in for a scheduled visit? Co-pay costs might be rising, but for those who find themselves suddenly without health insurance it can be a hard choice between maintaining your health and going into debt. There are a few helpful options such as looking into free STD testing locations nearby, and healthcare clinics with sliding scale costs for people with no or inadequate medical insurance.  Whether you have a horrible cough that just won’t seem to go away or concerns about chronic health issues that require medications and other treatments, here are the best ways that you can make your health a priority.

Good Healthcare Starts At Home

If you are aware of the fact that your doctor is concerned about you having high cholesterol, hypertension or another health issue that relates directly to your diet and lifestyle, you need to make immediate changes. Sure, medication that helps to reduce high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels will aid you in taking care of your health, but drug intervention should be a last resort if there are positive changes that can be made to your lifestyle. You never know how much weight you can lose just by eating cleaner and exercising every few days. The same goes for people who need to lower their bad cholesterol levels. Try eating more oatmeal, and limiting the amount of saturated fat that you intake, and it is highly likely that your health will improve without you needing to go to the doctor more often.

Finding Local Healthcare Facilities

When medical care costs rise some people just stop scheduling doctor’s visits indefinitely. Preventative health care is nearly as important as going to see a doctor when you are certain that something is wrong. Both women and men need to be mindful of reproductive health issues, which means that you can’t afford to skip out on your annual pap smear or regular checkup. There are low cost healthcare clinics in every state in the U.S. Even if you have to travel a bit to find one in your local area, you should find out where you can go to schedule annual check-ups and have a doctor that you can trust.

Getting Emergency Medical Treatment

Everyone knows that going to the emergency room is expensive, with or without medical insurance. Although you probably won’t need to go to the hospital emergency room too often, you should never forgo healthcare services because you are concerned about expenses. There are many emergency clinics that are less expensive than hospitals where you can be evaluated around the clock. It is always best to have a medical professional examine you before any decisions are made pertaining to the type of emergency medical treatment you should or should not be receiving.

Ensure that you stay in good health by heeding the advice of doctors, leading a healthy lifestyle and going in for annual checkups. If you have been advised to lose weight, make a serious effort to control what you put into your body so that positive changes can be made before you are scheduled to see your doctor again. In the end, your healthcare costs will be lower and you will have more choices when it comes to medical coverage in the future.

Are You Ready To Reach For Your Healthiest Self?



When you make the decision to be healthier, live a balanced life, and take better care of your body, you can feel super motivated and excited to reap the benefits. But, it’s not always easy to know how you can make your efforts not only count but last too. If you’ve ever tried to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into your life and failed, you may feel like you’re never going to find something that sticks. But, if you’re serious about reaching your healthiest self, you can easily apply a few tweaks and twists to your life to make it happen.


Regardless of your current health levels, or the problems you’re dealing with, in order to reach your healthiest levels, you’re going to want to start off slowly and embrace each of the changes you make. At the same time, you need to look at this change holistically. Because in order to live a healthy life, each element of your life needs to be involved. But, if you’re determined to live well, gain more energy, feel happier and benefit from a fit and healthy body, you can make it work by applying a few small changes to how you currently live.


Figure Out Your Goals


Although it’s tempting to just jump right in and make a change, you’re going to want to hold off before you go cold turkey. To figure out just what changes you need to make, you’re going to want to think about your fitness and health goals first. Do you want more energy? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to build more muscle? Regardless of what your goals are, you need to be able to make them to apply the right lifestyle changes.


Find A Healthy Hobby


With your goals in mind, you’re going to want to find a healthy hobby that can boost your healthy lifestyle. Not only is it important to make time for yourself, to take time out and allow your mind and body to relax, you also need to have fun in life too! A healthy hobby can help with that. Whether you choose to take a dance class, start reading or learn yoga, you should find something that you’ll love, and that can work well in your lifestyle.


Switch Off


At the same time, you really do want to allow your mind to relax as much as you can. In today’s modern world, we’re all on the go, all of the time. So, it’s important that you can step back from stressful situations, walk away from your devices and just relax. Not only will it help you to unwind, but you could find that you’re less stressed because of it.




Switch Cardio For Resistance


When you’re interested in health, it’s highly likely that you already enjoy working out or have a form of exercise that you like to stick to. But you might not be working out to your potential. One of the things you can do to maximize your workout is to switch out an entirely cardio-focused workout for resistance, or a combination of both. Resistance training helps you to burn fat and build muscle. To see if that would work for you, read the full article: https://defendyourhealthcare.us/body-beast-workout-reviews-what-is-body-beast.


Eat Clean


Another step that can help you to find your healthiest self is to focus on clean eating. Eating foods that are super clean can help your body to lose fat and stay in good shape. Whole grains, lean meats, and fish, vegetables and fruits are always a great base to build your clean meals from, but you might find that healthy fats, nuts, seeds and protein sources are also great to add in too.


Get A Better Quality Of Sleep


You may see sleep as that fun activity you do, but it can often be crucial for reaching your peak when it comes to health. Not only can a good night’s sleep help you recover, but it can boost your energy levels too If you need a better quality of sleep, take a look at these tips to try out – http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/sleep/art-20048379.


Drink More Water


And finally, you should definitely work on drinking more water. When your body is properly hydrated, you’ll find that you not only feel fuller for longer as superficial cravings disappear, but you will gain more energy, and your skin will even be radiant too. It’s definitely a key step towards reaching our highest levels of health.