LG Appliances Prep for the Holidays

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Best Buy LG

How is your kitchen looking for the holidays?  There is so much that goes into the entertaining and planning for the holidays.  Everything from the decorations, Invitations and cooking.  For a lot of people this can be a very stressful time of year.  For me it always gets my mind going of my perfect kitchen.  There is so much I want to do with my kitchen and now is the time to start putting those dreams together.  Not only does LG and Best Buy have great sales they also have some of my dream kitchen appliances.

Best Buy LG

Have you seen the LG InstaView door in door French door anyone who loves kitchens knows a refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen?  I love that they have the fridge that you can see through the door when you tap on it.  How fantastic of an invention in that.

Best Buy LG

The Over is perfect for the holidays you can cook so many different things at one time.  I am so used to having to plan my times to the minute.  You guys know how that one’s goes “ok turkey is done hurry up throw in the rolls”.

Want to know what kind of awesome deals they have Head here to see how you can Save up to $600 on LG Kitchen Appliance Package at Best Buy.

If you could have your perfect kitchen what appliances would you have?

I Stopped Doing These 5 Things and I Feel Happier and Healthier Than Ever

How many times do you tell yourself next week will be different?


“I’m going to eat healthier.”

“I’ll start exercising.”

“I’m going to be productive.”


Do these sound familiar?


We strive to live a happy and fulfilling life, but some days, it is just not that simple. We pressure ourselves to do big changes in our lives, but sometimes, even the littlest change can yield great outcomes.


Change is nothing until you make it into habit. Identify your bad habits and replace them with good ones. I stopped doing these happiness busters and now, I feel happier and healthier than I’ve ever been.


  1. I Stopped Being Lazy


I’ve always made “taking a break” an excuse to be lazy. On days when I would lay on the couch to “rest”, I don’t feel rested at all. I used to think that taking these breaks will motivate me and boost my mood, but it’s the other way around. I feel more tired, drained, and sad.


When I stopped being lazy, it opened up the door of possibility. Laziness has held me back in a place of excuses for a long time. I’ve never really done anything different or new for years.


Start with small steps forward. Take morning walks, use the stairs instead of the elevator, ride the bike instead of your car, do brisk walking, or clean the dishes. After that, I decided to incorporate 10 active minutes every day, I hired an online personal trainer, I changed my desk to a standing one—I turned these habits into a daily routine and never turned back.


  1. I Stopped Overworking


Just when you think you’re being productive, you’re not. Slow down. You’re pushing yourself over the edge when you’ve already fallen. Overworking is a sign of mismanaged time. I used to be lazy for weeks, pushing my tasks back to the burner as much as I can, then I go from zero to hypermode just to finish the pile of work that I made myself. The crash and burn feels twice as heavy.


To break this habit, acknowledge that you decide your calendar. Any task that you keep pushing back is going nowhere. Do it now, not tomorrow, not later. Also, learn to say no. It’s not rude, it doesn’t mean you’re not working hard, it simply means that the new task doesn’t align with your vision and schedule at that time.


  1. I Stopped Being a Bad Eater


A bad diet—grabbing anything at arm’s length that always happen to be junk food—has always been my go-to stress buster. I have this thought of “rewarding” myself through food to ease a bad day. There’s nothing wrong about eating ice cream, pizza, or chocolates once in a while. But overeating is what makes it a bad habit.


I learned to nourish my body with the right food by starting a food journal and being conscious of what I consume. Instead drinking cups of coffee in the morning, I replaced it with herbal green tea. I still feel energized minus the crash two hours later. I also started incorporating natural herbs in my meals. Not only they enhance the flavors of my food, they help me balance my hormones and get better, quality sleep.


  1. I Stopped Being Messy


I used to come home to a pile of dirty clothes, dishes, and random things I don’t even remember using. I open the garage door, and I see the same level of clutter, piling up, collecting dust.


Living in a cluttered and dirty environment is stressful. Being disorganized is seriously a bad habit of mine. Stuff was everywhere. My home was supposed to be my oasis after a day’s work, but the sight of it makes me more stressed.


I needed to stop being messy. I stopped leaving dirty clothes on the floor. I stopped hanging my jacket on the back of the chair. I stopped collecting dirty dishes in my room. I stopped holding onto things I don’t even use. I purged my home and I was brutal about it. If I haven’t used something in the last six months and I have no plans of using it, it has to go.


  1. I Stopped Constantly Checking My Phone and Social Media


I’m guilty of this. Constantly checking my phone like I’m missing on something important. Technology is a double-edged sword. It made immense advancements in modern communication, but we’re slowly missing actual, human interaction.


When I stopped obsessing over my phone and social media, I started to appreciate and enjoy personal conversations. I feel more authentic. I learned to build lasting relationships. I stopped seeking social validation and just enjoy happy moments without announcing it on Facebook or Twitter.


Author Bio

Jane is a health and fitness writer by day, ninja mom by night. She is a nurse by profession and a writer by passion. She has a soft spot for macadamia chocolate and green tea, an internet savvy who loves Excel sheets and sticky notes.

Great Halloween Movies Your Kids Will Love

Halloween is my favorite time of year.  Ghost, Goblins, Vampires and so much more.   Starting when I was a kid I would spend days before Halloween watching great scary movies.  Of course, as I got older the movies got scarier, but now a days they have a great selection for our kids.  I had a blast watching these with my son.  They all had a great story line and keep me and my little guy entertained.  Come check out all the great new movies you can enjoy with your little one’s year after year.  NCircle has brought us some great new ones to add to our collection.

ABC Monsters: Starring VWXYZ
Release Date: 10/03/2017
Twenty six cuddly ABC Monsters live within the walls of Capital Castle. Each monster represents a letter of the alphabet, but should any of the monsters go missing for longer than a day, all the letters will be wiped clean from every book in Capital Town!
In this DVD, embark on adventures with Alice, Brian, and Cherry Berry to search high and low for the letters V, W, X, Y, and Z. It’s a very windy day in Capital Town. After checking the ABC Monsters, it seems that one of them is missing – W-Monster! So Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry head into town in hopes of finding their missing friend, W-Monster. Along the way they meet, Wanda the Weaver, Wendy the Window Cleaner and then Willie Webster. Hopefully, one of them will be able to help Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry find W-Monster during this windy day.
Get set for a spellbinding series of magical adventures that engages preschool children’s imaginations, while making learning exciting and entertaining.
                                         SID the science KID Sid’s spooky Halloween
It’s Halloween! Join Sid and his friends as they discover how bats catch mosquitoes, why spiders are expert engineer web builders, and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies. The kids dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, and Teacher Suzie leads them in a special Halloween parade song to show off their costumes! With Sid the Science Kid, Halloween can be spooky and scientific!
Twelve year old Harry has lived and breathed magic since his early childhood.  The problem is that his hometown, Appletown, is not the best place for his natural talent to blossom.  Although he rehearses endlessly in his parents’ barn he realizes that his dream is just that a dream.
                                                         DOOZERS SPOOKYPALOOZA
Welcome to Doozer Creek where the Doozers live! They re green. They re cute. They re three inches tall and they re full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm! It’s Spookypalooza! The time of year when all Doozers get together to spook each other. The Pod Squad makes the spookiest pumpkin ever a cool Pumpkin Doozer made by stacking three pumpkins together. But when their new invention starts rolling all around town, the Doozers have to find a way to reign in their spooky creation! Enjoy four STEM-based adventures with the Doozers!
 Head here to pick up these and other great NCircle Titles
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Amazing Jewelry to Try Right Now

Use code TABBYSPANTRY for 25%off and free shipping Head here to start shopping

Sashka CO

I am always looking for that perfect piece of jewelry.  The problem is I don’t want to spend a fortune and I am very picky.  I am allergic to metal so unless its 14k gold I break out and swell.  When I got the chance to check out Sashka Co  I was so excited.  There was no metal touching skin and they looked beautiful.  Now for the next big question, for this price was I really going to get ripped off?

Sashka CO

You all know how this one goes you find something beautiful and for a great price.  Normally when you are buying from the internet this means you are going to get ripped off.  I was excited when they came to see not only are they as beautiful in real life as they were in the picture, but there was also no hidden cost.  These truly are amazing jewelry at an amazing price.

Sashka CO

I was even more amazed that after I put in my order I got e-mailed awesome sales deals.  They are already a fantastic price so for an even better price how can you beat that.  Now I want to let you know I did get these to review, but I loved them so much I already placed another order.  I got a few of these to give out to friends for Christmas.  They are beautiful stylish and a great price you cannot go wrong.

Sashka CO

I got these free in exchange for an honest review.

Use code TABBYSPANTRY for 25%off and free shipping Head here to start shopping


Sashka Co. has been featured in the Oscars, Today show, Zulily.com, E Online, Cosmo, Glamour and many more

How Will Your Kids Learn To Manage Money?

This is a sponsored post with BusyKid.  All opinions are my own.


How do you teach your kids manage their money?  I think I have an easier time than most, for some reason my son never wants anything.  Which sounds fantastic, but I never get that exciting moment when they open the one thing they always wanted.

This might be because from the moment he was born we did not do big presents for his birthday and Christmas.  Since he never really needed anything when he was a baby when people asked what he wanted, we always just said get him savings bonds, stocks or money towards college.  So, my family always gave him those things and got him something small. This was perfect for us, like most family’s we live pay check to pay check so having something in savings for him was great.

As he got older he really did not ask for much still so my family still gives him bonds and stocks. Who knows maybe he will be a millionaire before he is 20 lol.  Now we are working on the concept on money.  More like what you have is all you have to spend.  When we go to visit dada at work they have those quarter machines.  Which is one thing he loves so we started giving him 5 quarters at the start of the week.  We explain to him he only gets 5 so if he spends them all the first time no more gum balls for the rest of the week.

Of course, the first week he spent them all in one day.  So, we had to explain to him that he spent all his money and next week he will get 5 more.  Well as time has gone by he now gets 1 each time we go and normally we don’t go 5 times so he has a few extra quarters at the end of the week that he gets to save.  This took a few weeks for him to get the concept.  I love that he is learning.  I don’t want him to live check by check like we do I want him to be financially free.

Now there is a new site that will make it even better for little guy.  BusyKid is the perfect place for him to learn and earn. You can now give kids stock instead of toys. I love that our kids can now learn about stocks while they are young.  I wish I would have had more knowledge about this when I was younger and spending my money on stuff I never needed.

A few things BusyKid offers 

– Price is now $14.95 for the entire family

– We are introducing the BusyKid Spend Card, a reloadable Visa® prepaid card, where kids can move their allowance in order to spend in stores or online

– For a limited time, 2 kids of each new family will receive a free $10 stock. We want kids to learn how to invest so we decided to give them their first experience in dealing with the stock market.

I will now be signing my son up for sure. This will be great when he does chores I will just add the money to his account. If you are hoping that your kid will be financially free when they are older this is a great step to take.

Special Offer – The first 2000 new children members will receive $10 to make a stock purchase.

How To Enhance Your Urban Home Decor

If you’ve got bored of seeing the same décor inside your home, it’s high time you remodel your home. However, it is easier said than done. Remodeling requires time, efforts and money, and with a busy lifestyle you can’t really afford to spend any of that! Having a sophisticated urban space according to your liking de-stresses you. Let us jump to giving you some tips about how you can enhance your urban home décor without spending fortune.


Hammock bed: Hammock is one of the luxuries only those can afford who have some outdoor space like a garden or a huge balcony. However, don’t worry if you do not have that kind of space. If you have some corner where there is no furniture or an area where you feel you cannot arrange anything, consider hanging the hammock bed. It can become your sanctuary when you want to spend some quiet time with your books.


Add a cheery color: An organized house looks tame. If you want to add some vividness to it you can bring some bright colored flowers and viola! your room will look cheerful. Now don’t bring some white flowers, get some yellow gerberas or orchids or red tulips or blue irises – anything that will accentuate the current color scheme of your room, while maintaining the de-cluttered look.


Break the traditional setting: If your home décor is traditional, you can break that by adding a zestful accessory. For example if your dining space is dominated by brown and green, throw a patterned red tablecloth to make it eclectic. This little addition will add personality to an otherwise boring interior.


Herb garden in your kitchen: People love to have small potted plants in their homes. Space being a constraint, often people grow herbs indoors. One of the best places to have a small garden that you can boast is the kitchen. You can plant herbs in small pots and arrange these on your windowsill or perhaps create a special wall where you can hang them in the kitchen.


Tree house for kids: We understand that kids miss on real tree houses if you are living in an apartment. So how about making a tree house in their room? You can buy a kit online. Spend a weekend fixing it. Make sure that the wallpaper you have used in the background has a tree and bird!


Floating shelves for display: Ready made floating shelves are available on the market. All you have to do is buy them and fix them. Use these shelves to show your collection of unique objects you have bought. You can also use them for displaying fresh flowers also.


Abstract paintings: Paintings cover the walls so beautifully that they enhance the entire look of the room. Buy abstract paintings that are colorful and add cheery flavor to the wall.


Final caveat


While we spend relentlessly on getting new and modern accessories for our home, making small changes is more than enough to create a chic look. You don’t have to style everything at one time – go slowly. It will keep you occupied and interested.  

GE Appliances Prep for the Holidays

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

GE Holidays

I am so excited for the holidays.  In our house, it means hours we will be spending in the kitchen.  We are always cooking something and the kitchen is where everyone ends up hanging out.  We have had a few years when cooking was hard.  When I was in college our oven broke and we were without one for a few months.  Of course, this was during the holidays.

Now that I am older and not broke and living off of top roman I am so excited that with GE, we could have everything replaced in no time at all.  I also love that they have a wide range of designs that all match.  So, no matter what my style is I can find exactly what I need.

GE Holidays

I was truly impressed with all the new appliances they have now.  It’s not out old oven they have a ton of new appliances that are sure to wow you.  It’s amazing on what the right oven, stove top, fridge and the rest of the kitchen appliances can do these days.  Technology has come such a long way and GE has certainly keep up with the times.

GE Holidays

*The unexpected convenience of hot single serve brewing at your fridge

Refrigeration SKU

5037504 – Keurig Kcup French Door

Offer to include:

SAVE UP TO $1,200* on Select GE Appliance Packages

*Purchase 4 or more eligible GE Profile™ or select GE® appliances and, depending on the number of appliances purchased and whether any are BONUS models, receive a GE Appliances (GEA) Visa prepaid card valued up to $1200*.

GE Holidays

GE Holidays

Edge-to-edge cooktop – A large cooking surface gives you extra room for pots and pans of all sizes and lets cookware move easily from burner to burner

·       Extra-large, integrated reversible cast iron grill/griddle – Enjoy ultimate cooking versatility. Cook up to six grilled cheeses on the industry’s largest integrated griddle, and then flip it over to grill your favorite foods.

Is Your Home Really Set Up For The Lifestyle You Want?

We all live really busy lives. We’re often so busy that we don’t notice that our lifestyles are changing and evolving over time. The kids get a bit bigger, and suddenly we’ve got school runs and soccer club. Then, when they’re teens, our private evening time alone with our partners is gone as the kids stay up later. Jobs and careers change, and even the activities we choose as a family evolves. So why on earth do we become so complacent about the services we use to support those lifestyles?


The amount of TV you watch today is probably different than what you used before the kids came along. You probably view different shows, and kids TV dominates! So why are you still on the same TV subscription package? Chances are, you’re not getting much use of the channels you picked out before. And now we’re all using our phones a lot more for internet browsing, you might be missing out on better bundle packages.

Picture credit


Start by looking into your internet provider. If you’re not getting the speed you need to stream your TV on demand and get on with your home-based business, then it’s time to switch packages. Bundles tend to be better value for money, so sit down with everyone at home and check who is watching what. It’s so easy to lose track when you’re all on different schedules or in different rooms.


Of course, it’s not just your home entertainment choices that will change over the years. How you use each room of the house will change a lot too. Once the kids are all at school, you might find there’s nobody in the house all day. Using a smart thermostat can help you to make sure everyone’s warm when they get home, without unnecessarily heating an empty house.

Picture credit


If you’re struggling to keep up with the chores, you might be tempted to delegate housework tasks to the kids. The trouble is, they have busy social lives, lots of homework, and all those extra curricular activities! No wonder they have no energy or time to help you out. This is where a robot vacuum and mop can come in very handy. Let the machines take over! Add a slow cooker to your kitchen, and you’ll all have a hot meal ready for the table, regardless of the time you get in. And if you’re always running out of bread, bake it at home with a breadmaker.


There are two rooms in your home that will change many times over the year. They are the dining room and the spare bedroom. As hobbies and interests come and go, your ‘spare’ spaces will be used for lots of different things. One year it might be a music practice room. Then it might become the preferred space for homework. Eventually, it might even become a gaming room or den! Moving furniture about is a hassle. And keeping these spaces clear of clutter is even harder. Are you on top of it? How much has your home changed in the last year?

Tips on Grabbing Confirmed Train Tickets

How many of you have had to cancel your train tickets because of the long waiting list? Many of you would say that boarding a train is not as easy as is used to be because of the ever-increasing rush of the people. However, instead of thinking of the various ways of avoiding a journey by train, have you ever thought of making it smooth and enjoyable? If you have, then you must be wondering how can get a confirmed ticket for yourself and your family on your next vacation. To find the right answers and to make sure that you are quick and sensible, read the article. You will surely not fear to grab the confirmed train tickets after you do so!

  • Book the Tickets Well in Advance: The IRCTC train tickets can be booked by the passengers 120 days before the commencement of the journey. Therefore, if you are aware that you will take your children to visit the Taj Mahal during their summer vacation, you should buy the tickets as soon as the tickets start selling. If you can manage to get the tickets much before the others, you will definitely get a confirmed seat!
  • Extend Your Destination if You Want a Comfortable Journey: If you are travelling from Delhi to Dhanbad via the Rajdhani Express, you might be put on the waiting list because the reservation for the passengers who would get off at Dhanbad is quite less in number. In that case, do you know what the easiest thing would be? You should buy the ticket up to Kolkata. Thus, if you extend your journey, you will automatically not fall under the reserved quota for the passengers getting off at Dhanbad and this will help you grab the confirm tickets. If you are not on a very tight budget, try this out for a comfortable journey. And, don’t worry about getting off to your desired destination. Fortunately, the IRCTC train tickets do not come with the rule that the passengers can only get off at their denoted destination. And, in case this ever happens, you can always pretend to fall sick and get off at your chosen platform, right?
  • Use the LB Quota: The Lower Berth (LB) quota is one of the best ways of getting your seats confirmed. If you are a single male passenger aged 60 and above or a single female passenger aged 45 and above, you will automatically become eligible to get a confirmed lower berth. This privilege is given irrespective of what the general waiting list might be. However, if you are travelling as a family, you will not be eligible to avail this opportunity if you buy the tickets together. So, in case you can avail this privilege, buy the tickets separately.
  • Split the Journey: If you are about to go on a long journey and you don’t get a confirmed train ticket, it is very difficult to adjust. In that case, you can split your train journey into two or more parts. By doing so, you can buy the confirm tickets from one destination to another separately. In this way, you can reach your ultimate destination comfortably.
  • Take a Circular Train Journey: The Indian Railways provides a splendid opportunity to the tourists who want to explore a region while travelling by the trains. The circular journey opted by these tourists start and end at the same place. The ticket price is comparatively lower and the chances of buying confirmed train tickets automatically increase.

Thus, when you embark on a journey, travelling by train can be one of the most comfortable modes of travelling. If you follow the aforesaid instructions carefully, you shouldn’t be facing much of a problem in grabbing the confirmed train tickets. So, plan your trip responsibly and enjoy a lot!