Emergency Preparedness: What You Need to Avoid Disaster in the Home

Sometimes, no matter how much we plan and prepare, a disaster at home can strike. There might be a natural disaster leading to a flood, or damage to your home or roof. You might have a flood at home where ceilings cave in, or you get power outage from a storm. Whatever does happen, you will want to be prepared and plan how you can deal with it all. Having certain things in the home is important. So read on to see what are those important things to have in.




Alarms and Monitors


There are many different alarms and monitors that you can have in the home. They help to warn you about things, especially if you are sleeping and aren’t aware of what is happening. Having a working fire alarm is a great idea to help prevent disaster. It will sound when there is smoke in your home. Make sure that you check it often and test it. You want it to be working all the time. The second kind of alarm to have in the home is a water alarm. It is a little lesser known and quite a few people won’t have them. They are a good idea to have, though. They can be placed in areas like behind the refrigerator or under the sink. They need to be in places that will gather moisture or where water will pool. Then the alarms will go off when there is lots of moisture around. This helps when there is an internal flood or leak, rather than a natural disaster flood.


Emergency Folder


Having a folder full of important documents and information is a great thing to get together. So if you don’t have one at the moment, it is well recommended to get one together. It is a good idea to put in things like contact numbers for family and close friends. It is also a good idea to have details of local repairs or plumbers, for example. Having copies of insurance in there is a good idea too. Basically, anything that you think you’ll need in an emergency. Then you can grab it and go when needed. It might be a good idea to have details of companies that can help get your home back together. Companies that restore homes and furniture or help with the insurance process are a good idea. You could look at somewhere like CompleteContents.com for some ideas.


Emergency Grab Bag
If you have children, then having a bag to grab that has all the essentials, is pretty important. Think about having to evacuate your home in the middle of the night due to a fire. If you had a small baby, you would need lots of things for them. You don’t want to stress about gathering up things like that at the time. So have something prepared before time. Some diapers and wipes are a good idea, as well as some baby snacks or formula and bottles. Just whatever your child needs at the time. A change of clothes is a good idea too. Ready.gov/build-a-kit has some more ideas for what should go in an emergency bag for you.

Shoplet Contest for Schools



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Don’t Trip Up On The Road To Recovery From An Illness Or Injury

Guys, today I want to talk about health and more specifically, what happens when something goes wrong. An injury or illness could affect your life in ways that you can’t even imagine or begin to understand. When you recover from an injury or illness, it’s not just about getting your health back on track. It’s about getting your life back to where you want it to be. If you don’t understand the dangers of an injury or illness, it could knock you out the race for a lot longer than a couple of weeks. What exactly am I talking about?


Looking After Your Mental Health


Credit Source


First, when you’re injured or suffering from illness, it’s important to realise that it does affect your mental health. The longer you are injured, the more at risk of this effect you will be. When you’re injured or ill, you will probably be bedridden. At the very least, you won’t be able to leave the house. This can quickly alter your mood to the point where you might feel cut off from society and depressed. I know, this sounds extreme, but you’d be amazed how common it is. Even a minor injury like a broken ankle can result in this effect. Particularly, if the person is confined to one place. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should try and recover from your illness or injury as quickly as possible. You need to give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate from the stress caused. But you should not simply stay doing nothing in bed, trying to watch TV.


I always recommend that you spend time when you’re injured or ill catching up on reading. Or, if your child is ill, make sure they do some work in bed. It’s important to keep your mind active, even when you’re body is out of shape. There’s another reason for this other than just your mental health. An injury could affect the path of your career.


Injured, Ill And Off Work


Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org  This photo expresses how I feel about our current government budget.

Credit Link


When you’re ill or injured and off work, you need to think about how this is affecting your career. I know, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. But you do need to consider whether you’re receiving compensation. In some places, companies are legally obligated to pay you compensation for sick leave. If they are not, you may want to contact a law firm like SiebenCarey. They will help you get the compensation that you need and deserve. That’s one headache that you won’t have to deal with. But there’s another problem that comes from being ill off work. It relates to doing nothing while you’re off sick.


Essentially, what happens is you lose track of who you are in your career. The longer you’re off work, the more difficult it will be to fall back into the work routine. That’s why you shouldn’t let your sleeping pattern disappear when you’re ill. You should still be waking up at the same time, particularly if you’re off work due to an injury. If you’re ill, you might be exhausted enough to sleep through the day and go right through the night. With a physical injury, there should be nothing to make you more tired. It’s just a psychological effect of spending the day in bed. If you’re even slightly mobile, you should get up and move to another area in the home. Even if you’re just lying on the sofa, this is better than staying in bed.


It helps your mind separate the function of one room to another. When your return to your bed in the evening, you will sleep, even if you haven’t been active through the day.  


Use The Time Wisely


Picture Link


Finally, this last piece of advice is only going to relevant if you have an injury. An illness will leave you bedridden and unable to concentrate. But, if you are off work due to an injury, do take it as a chance. How many times have you wished you didn’t have to go to work Monday morning? Well, now you don’t. Obviously, you can’t go out and hit the mall or head to the theme park with the kids. But, what you can do is work on things that you never have time for. Maybe you’ve been meaning to start writing a novel? Perhaps your blog hasn’t been updated in awhile. Make the most of it now. After a few weeks off work, you’re going to be longing for the office. But we both know once you get back there, you’ll be counting down the days until your next holiday.


Unbeweavable: How To Get Rapunzel Length Locks


Photo Source


“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”. Popular culture is full of images of beautiful women with long hair. Western culture is saturated with paintings of women with waist-length, thigh length and knee length hair. Just look in any classic art museum. Stories tell of princesses with glossy, lengthy locks and pretty mermaids combing their hair with forks and shells. So how do you get your natural hair to reach such great lengths? Here are a few tips.


Au Naturel


There are plenty of ways to help your hair grow naturally. But when it comes to growing your own hair, patience is a virtue. It’s important to remember that your hair isn’t going to triple in length overnight. The average person’s hair will grow between one-quarter of an inch and half an inch a month. You can’t make your hair grow much faster than this, but there are a few techniques that will encourage your hair to grow and reduce damage and hair loss. Great hair will you give you a confidence boost and make you feel better about yourself, so it’s worth the effort.


Get a Trim


This sounds counter productive. But the hairdressers are your friends. Having regular trims will remove split ends which will prevent them from working their way up the hair strand. Your hair will be a little shorter, but it will be a whole lot healthier. It is recommended that you get around an eighth of an inch taken off every ten to twelve weeks. Have a consultation with your hairdresser first and make sure they know you want as little length as possible removed.


Image Source


Wash Your Hair Less


You don’t need to wash your hair every time you get into the shower. Your scalp produces natural oils which will keep your hair healthy and strong. So wash your hair less. When your hair does need a good wash, be gentle with it. Lather it up, gently massage your scalp and let the shower rinse it out.


Use Conditioner


When you wash your hair, it’s important to use conditioner. Conditioner is a healthy head of hair’s best friend. It helps replace the lipids and proteins inside of the hair shaft that thins over time.


Picture Source


Heat Protector


We put our hair through a lot. The hair dryer, straighteners, curlers and any other heated appliances wreak havoc with the health and quality of our hair. Use a heat protector before putting any heat on your hair. A quick spray will take hardly any time but it’ll make all the difference. You’ll see less breakage and your hair will remain stronger than without any product at all.


Picture Credit


Scalp Massage


Massage your scalp once a day. Whether this in the shower while you’re applying your conditioner, or just before bed. A scalp massage feels great. It’s so relaxing. But this isn’t the only benefit. It will increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. It also conditions the scalp and increases the overall strength of your roots.


Photo Source


Brush Carefully
A lot of people brush from the top of their hair shaft down. Don’t do this. Start at the bottom. Brush down. Then move up your hair. This prevents hair from creating one large knot at the bottom of your hair. This will result in hair loss and should be avoided at all costs.

False Profits: Don’t Let Arrogance Make Your House Flip A House Flop

It’s agreed, by and large, that the quickest way to make a lot of money is to buy real estate and sell it at a profit. Of course, the quickest way to lose a lot of money is to buy real estate and not sell it. Yes, there’s quite a tightrope to be walked there. On the one side of it, a lucrative line of work. On the other, likely bankruptcy. So no pressure, but if you’re going to get into real estate you need to be good at it.

One thing that real estate mavens keep coming back to when talking about the mistakes first-timers make is hubris. They’ve watched a few house-flipping shows back to back and they think they’ve got it nailed. They think they’ll smash through the neighborhood ceiling price because they know the things to look for. Despite the advice of experts, they insist that a really nice door is worth an extra 10% on the sale price.

Should you decide to flip a house – and it’s not easy in this market – then there are some golden rules you need to keep to. And no, you don’t know better.

  1. You Think You Can Do All The Jobs Yourself. Nope.


DIY plumbing rarely ends well

Most of us are a bit handier at DIY than we think, and can do quite a bit if we set our mind to it. However, there is a difference between being able to lay flooring and actual tradesman work. You might, having done the skirting boards and leveled the garden, think you can plumb in the bathroom and kitchen. You would be wrong. Call in a plumber, and an electrician too. It costs more than doing it yourself, but it will be done properly and earn a better sale price.

  1. You Have Your Sale Price And You Won’t Budge. Well…


Don’t expect a huge windfall if you play hardball too long.

When you add the price of the house you’ve bought to the amount you will put into it, you have your outlay on the house. You’ll want to factor in a profit and, with those three figures, you have your sale price. Now, you may think that the price you put it on the market at is the bare minimum you’ll settle for. If you still think that two months after it’s gone on the market and no-one’s biting, budge! It’s not aging like a fine wine.

  1. Remember You’re Remodeling For The Market, Not For You


Not every buyer wants a bold statement room

You may like the idea of vibrant, Mediterranean colors throughout the house. Congratulations on your excellent taste, it is a dashing look. However, it is essential to remember that you won’t be living in this house, unless you fail to sell it. So do a bit of market research and see who’s most likely to buy this house, in this area. Remodel with them in mind. Your choices, your tastes are irrelevant here.


If done correctly, remodeling a home and bringing it to market can be a highly lucrative way to do things. Of all the millionaires in the world, a fair percentage got that way by doing exactly that. What they didn’t do was fly in the face of expert advice.

Flat Hair Fix With Puff Me


  You know how for years I have always had thick wavy hair?  Well this year I shed like a cat.  My hair was so flat and lifeless I had no idea what to do.  Frizz and big hair had always been my problem.  Then I got the chance to try Out Puff Me and I am so glad I found this wonderful hair product.


  With just a few puffs at the scalp I was back to fuller hair in no time.  This one does leave a little residue in your hair.  Nothing you can see but every time I ran my hands threw my hair It would puff back up.


  I loved that I could go out for the day and if my hair started getting flat again I just ran my hands threw my hair and I was back to beautiful bouncy hair in no time.  This little bottle will also last you quite a long time.  You really do not need much and it lasts all day.  Whether you are like me and suddenly find yourself with lifeless flat hair or you have always had it make sure to try out Puff Me you will be amazed with the results you get in just a few puffs.


I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review.

Stolen Fruit Brunch


As most of you remember from last week’s post we are now in love with Stolen Fruit Cocktail Mixers.  They have such great and unique flavors that everyone will love.  This week we decided to make an old favorite with a new twist.  For your next brunch make sure to spice it up a little with Blood Orange Muscat.


   This one is as easy as it sounds and it will be a great new taste for your Sunday brunches.

  What you need


      Blood Orange Muscat Mixer


  Yes, that is all you need and this will be a big hit at your next event.

Getting That Rustic Charm For Your Home In A Few Simple Steps

We all have our preferred aesthetics, be they modern or more antiquated. That look can go a long way in terms of what we want to buy, where we want to live and what choices we make when remodeling. In fact, the right aesthetic can sell pretty much anything. Most of us can name at least one person who’s stuck with an inferior brand of something because they liked the packaging. It’s not because we’re shallow. It’s because there is a certain look that makes us feel comfortable.

When you are remodeling a house, this does come into play. You are to a certain extent constrained by the way the house is set out, that’s true. But on the other hand, there is a lot you can change and a lot you can add. If you like the Nordic look, then you can paint the outside in pastel shades. You can look at re-roofing and give the interior a Scandinavian look.



If you like a more old-world look, then there is plenty you can do to bring that into being. You can change the front gate to look more antique; you can redo the doors and the windows. There is plenty of ornamentation that can go in the front garden. Some of it can be quite functional, too. But a lot of people shy away from bringing the older ways into the house. After all, they died out for a reason, right?

Well… some did, and some didn’t. Yes, you probably don’t want to be using lead paint on your walls. Not because it’s a bad look per se, but it could be fatally poisonous to children. And you don’t need to have a spittoon in the corner, but that’s just because it’s gross. But there are certain other touches which can make a positive difference and make the home look charming. Touches like this can even add a bit to your resale value.

One approach worth looking at is giving the home a more old world heating system. Don’t worry, the needs of health and safety can still be served here – but with a wood or pellet burning stove you can have the best of both worlds. It’s a modern, clean way of providing heat in the home, while also being a nod to an old-world aesthetic. Once upon a time, this is how all homes were heated and even food cooked.



If you’re going to buy a pellet stove or a wood burner, then it is a fair sign that you want to add a real sense of the old world to your home. There are some other touches that you may wish to add, rather than just having an old style stove in there looking anachronistic. In some cases, the additional touches will be practical as well as stylish.


Log Holder

If you have chosen a wood burning stove, then a log holder is good from an aesthetic point of view and for practicality. Whether you buy fire logs or pick them up yourself, they are fuel for the fire. A log holder that you keep nearby – safely out of reach of any potential sparks – will reinforce that old style look. More than that, though, it will be a way to keep the fuel safe and tidy.

Fire Set

If you’re going to have actual fuel burning in your home, the first thing you need to make sure is that it is burning safely. An engineer who knows how to ensure the fire is venting correctly should be called in. Second, you need to have some accessories that allow you to keep it burning efficiently and cleanly. A fire poker is essential. You can also add to that a brush for brushing out ash, and some tongs for putting fuel on the fire.



Now, these are practical items – you can buy them in a perfectly modern style. However, you would be missing out on the opportunity to make a real old-world statement by buying them in a more antique style. Make them match the style of your stove, and they will really finish off a classic look.


As well as adding other old-style touches around the home, it is important to add one more thing if you are installing a fuel burning stove. A carbon monoxide alarm is essential. As long as the stove has been installed correctly, there shouldn’t ever be any problem with emissions. However, just to be sure of it and keep everyone safe, have the alarm as a backup. You can never be too careful.

Taking The Next Big Step In Your Workout Regime

So you did it! You cracked the holy grail of physical health and have got yourself going with an exercise plan. You no longer need to bribe yourself for basic workouts; you’re used to the rush of endorphins and you always want more. It’s a tricky road to get to that point, but so beneficial for your mind and body when you get there.

Imagine fitness as a literal uphill climb. You start at the bottom, when it feels impossible. Then by the time you get to the summit, everything has flattened off and you can enjoy the view.

Now imagine that, on the horizon, you see another, bigger hill. The summit of the first hill isn’t the end of the story – it’s just the beginning. With a baseline established, it’s time to take the next step.

Step One: Work On All Forms of Fitness


Source: Flickr

When we try to get in shape, the vast majority of us focus on cardiovascular exercise – so your running, swimming, things in that bracket. While you may now be able to sprint up stairs without a hair or breath out of place, it’s widely agreed there are three forms of fitness.

Cardio fitness: The one you have likely already mastered, where you can work your body for short bursts and feel good for it.

Strength: This is where lifting weights comes in, as well as toning exercises found with disciplines like Pilates.

Endurance: Being able to do both of the above for longer and longer periods of time.

There is also an argument for a fourth form – suppleness.

So when you have mastered one area, turn your attention to the next. This way, not only will you keep yourself from getting bored, but you’ll cover all the basics too.

Step Two: Support Yourself To Do So

When you begin to take on more strenuous forms of exercise, the chances of pulling a muscle become more likely. The last thing you want is to interrupt your good spell by having to rest up an injury.

The type of support you need depends on the exercise. For Pilates and balance work, an ankle compression sleeve can keep you on firm ground. If you’re running, tape the balls of your feet and the back of your hamstrings. Finally, for strength work, a belt not dissimilar to the type weightlifters use is a good option. They might not be the most attractive things in the world, but they’ll keep you on the fitness straight and narrow.

Step Three: Change It Up

So let’s say you come up with a workout plan that involves running, some weights and alternate day pilates. You do the same thing day in day out, and as a result, two things happen.

1) You get bored

2) You’re only working the same areas of your body

Every once in awhile, do something different. Maybe use a trampoline, which is both fun and quite the core workout. Swimming is great if you’re nursing any sore muscles, as it’s low impact. Even dancing like no one is watching in the privacy of your own bedroom can raise your heart rate, and make you (if not the neighbors) smile.


Source: Pixabay

Remember: change your habits, support yourself and look for a holistic way of working your entire body. You’ll soon be on the top of the second summit.

Captain America Kids Backpack


When I first got the chance to pick an item to review from Uniik Stuff I knew right away that little guy had to have the Captain America Mini Back Pack.  He is in love with the shield and my little guy does not fall in love with items easily.  What I did not know was I was going to fall in love with it too.  When it came the quality so good I wanted it for myself.   The stitching on it is fantastic there were no loose threads at all.  The fabric was a little fuzzier which I love just a wet wash cloth and I can clean it right up.  I could also throw this in the washing machine on gentle and not worry about it. This would make a perfect back pack for the comic shows I go to.  It had enough room for everything I need and its adorable.  The great thing about Uniik Stuff is that they are affordable.  I can easily get one for myself and not have to fight over it with little guy.

IMG_8604  IMG_8603


I love that her store is not just for cute kid’s items.  She has great Holiday gifts for that special person in your life.  From little tin boxes to floating jewelry you can get a big chunk of your gifts done this year with one easy shopping trip.   If you have anyone you give cash too this year Make sure to check out the tin boxes.  They would be perfect to throw some money in and still make it a cute gift.

cioccolata-cup-cakes-2594-500x500  american-flag-570-500x500

Uniik Stuff has a wide range of items from jewelry to a kid’s area.  I love that if you are shopping with them you are shopping to help a small business owner.  The web site was very easy to navigate and easy to check out of.  I spent quite a bit of time surfing around on it looking at all the fantastic stuff she had.

IMG_8602      IMG_8601

I got this back Pack free in exchange for an honest review.