July Adore Box #subscriptionbox

Adore Box

For a lot of us beauty lovers it can get really expensive.  There are so many products out there.  Some we hear a ton about and some we have never heard about.  When we see them, we must try them.  It can get so expensive.  With the Adore box however you will get a great selection of full size and sometimes trial size beauty products for less than one product will normally cost you.  I have found so many awesome new products that have made a huge difference in my beauty routine.  I love that I get them at low price and if I fall in love for a lot of the products I can hop on too Adore Box and have them delivered right to me.

Adore Box

In this box, I got the Rimmel London Double ended eye shadow.  24k Collagen Gold Powder eye mask.  These were awesome I could use these every day.  The Reserve Company Bath tea was amazing if you have sore muscles then this is a must at the end of a great workout.  The GLO by Glory liquid lipstick was a fantastic color and lasted for quite a long time.

Adore Box

There was not one thing I did not love about this box.  Everything in it I would not only use but some of them I know need more of.  If you are looking for the best beauty subscription box out there you will not beat Adore Box one for quality and price.

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6 Key Considerations for Creating Memorial Jewelry

Thanks to modern technology, we don’t have to say goodbye forever to our lost loved ones. Now, we can preserve their memory and love by turning their cremated ashes into memorial diamonds. This new technology is becoming increasingly popular, making it easier than ever before to have your own created. But what do you do with your diamond once it’s made?

Diamond Ring

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A piece of memorial jewelry ring symbols your everlasting love from your beloved. He or she will be with you forever in this brilliant cremation diamond ring.

A popular choice for honoring your cremation diamond is by setting it in customized jewelry, particularly rings. Memorial jewelry rings made from ashes diamond are by far the most sought after type of setting for a loved one. Setting your diamond into a precious metal will take some creativity on your part, and there are some pros and cons to it, but the result is always beautiful.


Here are six key considerations to keep in mind when creating your cremation diamond jewelry.


  1.    Sketch Out Your Vision

It’s important to take the time to sketch out exactly what you want your cremation diamond ring to look like. You may be allowed to alter the setting’s design at some point, but once memorial jewelry ring or pendant is finished there’s no going back. So, except the color and carat of your cremation diamond, you need to consider your likes and dislikes as well as what you think your loved one would have liked.


You should also consider the purpose of the ring. Maybe you want to buy your future wife an engagement ring with our sophisticated diamond from hair? Or maybe you want to design a subtler fashion piece? This may influence the design, so ensure you take it into consideration.


Maybe you like large stones but your wife prefers small ones. Maybe you like platinum but he liked gold. Whatever you decide, just be sure that your vision is designed around your cremation diamond so that the setting is proportional to it.


Consider your differences between memorial jewelry and general jewelry, while honoring what you think they would have preferred and draw it on paper to show to a designer. This leads us to our next consideration.


  1.    Choose Your Metal

Most memorial rings are made of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum and white gold are the most popular choices of settings for cremation diamonds of higher quality. Platinum is very durable, but it is usually the most expensive, whereas yellow gold is more affordable but also more susceptible to scratches and damage. Consider your budget as well as your fashion tastes as you design your memorial jewelry ring made from ashes.


  1.    Choose a Reputable Designer

Begin by asking people you know if they can recommend a designer they have used in the past. If there is no one to ask, make a visit to respected jewelry store in your area and review the styles on display. When you find one you like, ask the salesperson about the designer and if the store provides a liaison service with them. Many jewelry stores are willing to work with you to help you connect with a designer.


If you find a designer you like online, reach out and ask them about their professional credentials and affiliations, their experience, and where you can find their work in your area. If they don’t have any of their work near you, find another designer. It is important to personally handle their work and inspect it for quality construction before you agree to work with them.


Once you have chosen a designer, be sure they are someone you feel comfortable working with. A good memorial jewelry designer is open to your ideas while letting you know what’s possible or not. Stand confidently by what you sketched and be detailed in your description, but allow the designer to guide you through the process through his or her own sketches as they are incorporated with yours.


  1.    Questions to Ask Your Designer

After you have chosen your designer, ask about how they will guarantee their work. Ask how they will make sure that the final result will match what you sketched and verbally described, and what recourse you have if you’re not satisfied with the memorial jewelry design. Your designer should feel comfortable asking any question you have at any time.


Consider putting in writing every element of the design together and putting your signatures on it once you have made an agreement. List what kind of metal you want as well as its purity, all the details of the setting, the ring size, and any other specifics you discuss. Then write down the agreed delivery date and price.


Be sure to ask them to supply an appraisal report so you can have your ring insured. Have them note on the report that it is a customized design with a cremation diamond plus the name of the designer. Having a properly prepared report will help you guarantee the replacement value your insurance company places on it.


It’s so important to get everything in writing. Take the time to fully discuss every detail of your memorial jewelry ring design and working relationship until you’re in agreement. Then, write it all down and both of you sign it. Doing this could potentially save you a lot of trouble in the future.


  1.    Stay in the Loop


Your designer will take the ideas you both agreed on and create a CAD, which means “computer aided design.” A CAD can be a 2D or 3D model depending on the software your designer uses. Most designers make a 3D model of your memorial jewelry design and put it into a wax mold. You will be shown the wax mold for your inspection when it is ready to ensure that memorial ring or pendant is keeping with your vision, and they will allow you to try it on.


CAD design software allows clients to have different perspectives of the memorial jewelry ring made with a solitaire heart cut cremation diamond.


Any changes that are needed will be done during this point of the process. Don’t be nervous about expressing your displeasure or any change of mind you have. It’s very common to make changes, so don’t be shy. Your designer should be comfortable with you calling to check up on how things are progressing, especially if the delivery date has been delayed.


Stay updated on your cremation diamond ring’s progress so you can stay ahead of any potential issues.


  1.    Don’t Rush the Process


You waited months for your cremation diamond to be created. Continue being patient while its setting is designed and made. Typically, the process of creating a customized memorial jewelry ring made from cremated ashes does not take very long. Once you and your designer have agreed to the design, its details, and price, it should only take about 10-14 days to receive your memorial ring. However, any changes that need to be made such as a resizing could add to the time it takes for you to receive the final piece.


Consider the time frame for which you need the cremation diamond ring completed, but try to be flexible with your designer. Quality designers are true artists and will make every effort to fullfil your wishes. Your patience is always most appreciated.


A Thing of Beauty

Setting your cremation diamond on a piece of jewelry can be a lengthy and expensive process from the initial sketch to the finished piece, but you will find it well worth it. Your loved one will forever be with you through a personally inspired, unique creation that reflects the love you shared for years to come. As cremation diamond is becoming more and more popular in UK, US, Canada, Germany, and Australia, memorial jewelery is also becoming a new trend in these counties. Memorial jewelry is not only a thing of beauty, but also a thing of treasure.

Catch and Learn from PlaSmart

Catch and Learn

I love when I can find great learning game for little guy.  When I first saw the Catch and Learn Game from PlaSmart I knew it would be a big hit.  We come from a fishing family so he got to go fishing in the house while learning.  I did not know that my nephews would also go completely nuts for it.  The older nephew filled out the fish cards and the two little ones went fishing to match the numbers and letters.

Catch and Learn        Catch and Learn

This was so much fun.  The little fish cards are dry erase cards with a magnet in it.  You write on them like 5+5 on one and a 10 on the other. Then you use the worm with a magnet on it to pick up the matching cards.  It was a fun way to learn.  As you can see my nephew got so excited every time he got a card.

Catch and Learn        Catch and Learn

The boys had so much fun with this game.  It was not a play once and done game.  We played this for hours every day.  Best part is you can let them play on their own.  I did not have to sit there for hours watching.  They came up with their own stuff to put on the cards and had a blast.

Catch and Learn

If you are looking for fun learning games for your little one PlaSmart is so the way to go.  They have a great selection of toys for any age kid.

Catch and Learn

Don’t forget to join PlaSmart’s on Twitter and Facebook

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Ozeri Wine opener

  I would say where are my wine drinkers but I would not want everyone to jump up all at the same time.

Ozeri Wine Opener

  I have to admit I don’t drink wine that often.  I do have it once and awhile, but I suck at opening it. Yes I am one of those people that leave cork in it all the time.  With the Ozeri Wine opener it was so much easier.  It did all the work for me.  I really did not have to know anything at all to get our bottle of wine open.   This was very easy to use and very easy to put together.   I have had a few bottles of wine in the past I know I ruined, I am excited to know that now when I get a bottle to test out or as a present, I can taste the actual wine and not the cork lol.

Ozeri Wine Opener

  Ozeri has a wide range of great household products that have all been fantastic.  Each one works perfect and are quality products.  If you are looking to up the style in your normal everyday items Ozeri is a must check out.

  I got this free in exchange for an honest review

Ozeri Scale

Ozeri Scale

They say that what a scale says should not make a difference, it’s how you feel that should.  Well let’s all be honest we all want to know what the scale says even if we will not admit it.  So, if you are going to jump on it anyway why not have one that works right every time, and has a sleek design.

Ozeri Scale

I loved that the LCD display was pretty big I did not have to strain to see it.  This scale will tell you pounds and kilograms.  I don’t know why I need to know both but I like to tell people I weigh the kilograms I then get to tell people a smaller number lol.  It even has an alarm you can set so it will remind you to weigh yourself the same time every day.  This might not seem like much, but you will get a better idea if you do it at the same time.  You don’t want to weigh yourself one morning after you have not eaten or drank anything yet.  Then on the next day do it at night when you have been eating and drinking all day. This would not give you a realistic number.  I was very pleased with this scale.

Ozeri has a wide range of great household products that have all been fantastic.  Each one works perfect and are quality products.  If you are looking to up the style in your normal everyday items Ozeri is a must check out.

I got this free in exchange for an honest review

Five Key Factors to Consider Before Getting a Family Dog

A dog is a very popular family pet, so it’s no surprise that more and more parents are considering getting a dog to complete their family unit. Dogs don’t just make excellent companions; they are also great for family health, since owning a dog means that you have a great excuse to exercise more since your new family pet will need regular walking to stay healthy and in great shape, too. However, when it comes to finally inviting the dog into your home, the first decision that you’ll need to make is which dog is the best for your family.

Like people, dogs are all individuals with their own unique set of characteristics and traits, although some of these can often be common traits for different breeds of dog, such as Border Collies, which are well known for being playful, energetic, and fiercely loyal. If you are considering adding a new puppy or dog to your home, then you’ll need to consider these key points before you make your final decision.

#1. Your Lifestyle:

First and foremost, you will need to take your family’s lifestyle into consideration before you decide which is the best type of dog to get. For example, if you live a very busy lifestyle and have little free time in the day to take a dog for a walk, then it’s probably not a great idea to get a larger, energetic breed of dog which will need multiple walks per day, such as a Husky. On the other hand, if you have a garden space that’s large enough for a smaller dog to run around in, a small breed such as a terrier or pug could be the perfect choice for families who have little time in the day.

You should also take your children’s lifestyles into consideration; active and sporty kids will probably prefer a dog who can keep up with them, whilst little ones who spend more time indoors will be better suited to a breed of dog that doesn’t require a lot of walking. See this tennis ball launcher on Fast Dogs for a great way of getting some quick exercise for your new pet.

#2. Affordability:

What you pay in terms of an initial cost for getting your new family dog can vary greatly. For example, pedigree breeds of dog can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, whilst mixed breed dogs, especially rescue dogs, may only cost you the price of having them vaccinated and checked over by a veterinarian. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the price of keeping a dog is always going to be a lot higher than the amount that you paid to buy the dog in the first place.

Bear in mind that you will always need to be able to afford to feed your dog, since they will become an important member of your family. Make sure that you budget thoroughly before you bring a new dog into your home; one of the most common reasons for dogs being sent to rescue centers is due to their new owners having underestimated just how much it would cost to keep a dog. Be sure to include things such as pet insurance, accessories, and any potentially unexpected vet bills in your budget.

#3. Your Living Situation:

Before inviting a new family dog into your home, you should carefully consider your living situation to ensure that it is the right environment for a dog to come into. One of the first things to think about is the amount of space that you have; will your new dog have enough room to roam freely around the house, or is there an outdoor space where they can play during the day? Where will your dog be able to sleep at night? Is there somewhere that they will be able to comfortably eat their meals?

Don’t forget to also consider any other pets that you may have and the potential effects of this. For example, if you have cats, then cats and dogs can often be hostile towards one another – it’s best to introduce them as kittens and puppies, although some adult cats and dogs can often become friends. You should also consider any other pets that you have which could potentially be harmed by a dog, such as rabbits or even chickens. If you do have other pets that you believe could pose a problem, then ensure that the two are able to be kept separate from one another.

#4. Temperament:

Another very important factor to take into consideration before you choose a new pet dog for your family is the temperament of the dog. If you are considering a rescue dog, for example, then this could be the perfect choice since there are so many unwanted dogs sitting around in rescue centers waiting for their forever loving home. However, bear in mind that certain rescue dogs may have been mistreated in the past, and therefore could be likely to display temperament issues as a result, such as being shy and anxious, or even becoming hostile.

A good rescue center will have staff who have been able to spend some time with the dogs in their care and will be able to give you more valuable information about the type of temperament and personality that each dog has, so that you can pick the best match. If you’re planning on buying a pedigree dog, then be sure to consider which breeds have the best temperaments and are the most suitable for living with families.

#5. Care and Grooming:

Lastly, it’s vital to consider the amount of time that you will be able to dedicate to caring for and grooming your dog. Whilst certain dog breeds are very low maintenance and will simply require an occasional bath and brush, others, especially long-haired breeds, will need a considerably higher amount of time dedicated to caring for and grooming their coat. Ensure that you research this fully beforehand, to make sure that you have the time to dedicate to keeping your dog in the best condition.

Choosing a dog for your family is a big decision, so be sure to take these important factors into consideration.

Back to school supplies #shopletreview

Back to School

Shoplet has a wide range of products from office suppliescleaning supplies, Organization needs, Medical Supplies and Office Furniture, go ahead and stock up on everything you need for the year in one easy order.   I love that they have great prices and a very low free shipping rate.  I have found so many great products that I would have never thought of.  They really do make life easier.


The new Expo Magnetic markers are awesome.  Not only are the a bigger size for little guys hands, they come with a magnetic so they can stick to our board.  They also have an eraser at the end of the marker so you can quickly erase.  These are fantastic.  I would like to throw out there is you are a home schooling mama make sure to pick these up.

Expo and shoplet     

The Duel End Dry Erase Markers were also awesome.  I get a color on one side and black on the other.  It is very easy to switch colors when I am making different notes for different people.

Expo and shoplet

The Sharpie clear View Highlighters were very neat.  I could see when the color was going to run out.  I lived with my highlighters when I was in college.  The different notes and books I had would have been a huge mess if it was not for highlighters.  If you have a grad going to college make sure to pick up a few packs for them before they head out on their new adventure.  The Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens will also be great for taking notes.

If you are back to school shopping and have quite a list to pick up make sure to check out Shoplet.  They have everything you need and can be shipped right to your door.

I got these free to try in exchange for an honest review

Ozeri Electric Grinder Set


Where are my people who love to cook?  Weather you love to cook or it’s just a must in your house the Ozeri Electric Grinder Set is a must in your home.  Not only are they very easy to use, I love that I can use them with one hand.  When I am stirring with one hand I can grab with the other hand and it’s so easy to use.   It grinds perfect and so far, it has never clogged up.    They also have a no slip grip which is awesome.  When my hands are, wet I don’t have to worry about dropping them into the dish.  Which I have done before in the past.  They were easy to clean up.  If something splashed on them just a wet towel cleaned them right up.  They also had a low-level light on them so if I could easily see them when it was darker in the house.

Ozeri has a wide range of great household products that have all been fantastic.  Each one works perfect and are quality products.  If you are looking to up the style in your normal everyday items Ozeri is a must check out.

I got this free in exchange for an honest review

Despicable Me 3 – The Official Coloring Book! Insight Editions

 Despicable Me 3

   Who else is excited that our favorite charters are back.  When I saw the Despicable Me movie was coming out me and little guy were so excited.    I was even more excited that I got the chance to give this great coloring book from Insight Editions to my little guy.

Despicable Me

   As most kid’s the minions are his favorite and he had such a blast coloring them.  I love that this book gives your kids their own chance to color the favorite charters from the new movie.

Despicable Me 3

   This is a pretty big coloring book.  Your kids will not be done in one day.  They have some really cute pictures to colors.  If you have a Despicable Me fan then the new coloring book is a must.  I loved that it keep my son busy for a little while and gave me a few mommy minutes.

I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

Summer Must Have Bikini Soft

Bikini Soft

I got the chance to try out Bikini Soft a few years ago and loved it.  Now I am getting the chance again to try out a few of their new products.  They have just gotten better.  They also could not have showed up at a better time.  Its summer and I want to be hair free for all the fun in the sun.

Bikini Soft       Bikini Soft         Bikini Soft

Normally I have to shave daily this is not so much fun.  With Bikini Soft, I really do have to shave a whole lot less.  I am now about every three days which is a huge difference to me.  Also with the oil you use, your legs are left feeling moisturized and smooth after.  I have not got any razor burn and that includes the sensitive bikini area.  The pre-shave scrub is a must especially this time of the year.  It helps take off all the dead skin and lotions and sun blocks that is left on your skin.

Bikini Soft

Now the shaving oil will plug your razor, there is no way around this.  I keep an extra wash cloth next to the tub and wiped it off after a few swipes with the razor.  This took all the extra right off with no problem at all.

Bikini Soft

The Smooth Shave oil came in a little bottle so it was also perfect for travel.  I did not have to bring a huge shaving cream can with me.   The Pre-shave scrub has pretty big granulates so you are really going to get a good scrub while just using a little of it.  They also had a few different ones.  Citrus was one of my favorite.  They also have Coconut and sugar, and Organic Arabica Coffee and salt scrub.  I loved them all.  They each had a unique and wonderful scent to them.

If you are looking for a closer shave this summer make sure to have Bikini Soft on your list.