Dimples for the Holidays Gifts for Foodies

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You all know me by now I don’t use any BBQ Sauce but Dimples BBQ Sauce.  I have tried so many from all over the place and I have never had any better than Dimples BBQ Sauce.  If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for the foodie.  I completely recommend the Best BBQ Sauce out there.  Make sure to check out a few of the recipes below.  Making a gift basket this year make sure to add the Dimples.

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Educational Insights


As most of you know by now I love Educational Insights they have wonderful toys for all ages.  Educational Insights had great toys for your kids imagination and learning.  My son always has a blast with everything that has showed up.

For the holidays, they had perfect gifts for my son and my nephews.  They make shopping quick and easy and a little fun.  I have found something for all the kids in my life and a few things I wanted for myself.  The web site is just as easy as pick click and checkout.  One other big plus there was not a ton of pop ups.  When I’m in the shopping mood last thing I want to do it close pop up’s over and over again.


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Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Great Excavations Turtle Science Kit


My son not only loved turtles but kids here love to go to the river (when it’s not snowing) and see what kind of goodies they can find.  He will now have his very own excavation kit.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. SubScope

My nephew loves going to the tide pools in California now he can take a closer look at all the beauty under the water and on top of it, without sticking his head in.

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Ready, Set, Woof! ™ Game

My youngest little nephew loves dogs and loves board games.  This one is the perfect age range for him and something fun he can play with his cousin and big brother.  What is better than giving the gift of family fun.

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Light Filters for Every Season

Yep you guessed it this is just for me.  You can use these over lights to dim the glare, but in our house, I will be using these over the decorative windows we have.  They are perfect for the holidays and will help cut the glare coming off the snow.


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Little Passports A Global Adventure


Do you have a little one that loves to discover everything about the world?  If so then checking out Little Passports is a must for their adventurous minds.  This is a fantastic subscription box for your kids that they will love. They even have different age boxes you can get so you know it is right for your child’s age range. Besides having the subscription boxes, they also have a great range of toys for your little learner, like the science kit, the mask maker and so much more.


I got the Little Passports Global Adventure Kit Ages (6-10)


Its came with a little old fashion luggage looking box. Inside was a passport, a map of the world, baggage claim tag, and an around the world activity booklet.  Every month you will get something new to add to your luggage and learn.


I love to travel and I love to learn all about this awesome world of ours.  I was just as excited as little guy was when this showed up.  If you are looking for a great holiday gift that will keep on coming all year long this is a fantastic way to go.

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The Busy Mom’s Guide To Living A Healthy Lifestyle



As a Mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And your load never seems to lighten. If anything, as the days, weeks and years go by, it only gets heavier. But that’s okay, you’re a Mom and you can handle it. Girl power to you.

One of the things that you might want to make time for is being healthy. Maybe you’re not sure how to get started, or don’t want to go it alone – either way, you need a plan that can guide you along your journey to living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to get back into exercise or focus on holistic health, these ideas should help you to figure out how.

Get Social



You can handle a lot of things that life throws at you. Once you’ve done diapers, nothing much phases you. But, when it comes to making changes to your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to get a little guidance. So, you’re going to want to get social. Join a club or team up with other Moms that you know and share ideas. Other Moms might already be doing things that could help you and vice versa. It’s a miracle what a little coffee and communication can do to your ideas.

Plan Ahead

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner


Now that you’ve got a few more ideas on what tweaks and changes could work for you, you need a plan. Every good guide works because it’s planned that way, so don’t think you can wing this and it will all work out fine. History shows that’s certainly not the case. You might want to start a new meal plan or prepare food in advance. Either option allows you to choose to be healthy, rather than being pushed into making unhealthy decisions. By sticking to a meal plan or having your meals already made, you’ll be less likely to overindulge too!

Make It Work




Now that your food is covered, you’re going to want to think about working out. Whether you’re a complete newbie looking to start a new way of life or a seasoned professional looking to pick it all back up again, you can find a method of exercise that works for you. You might choose to join a gym and get motivation from other members, find an online personal trainer so that you can do your workout in your own time, or even join a sports team! As long as you’re scheduling exercise into your week, you’re doing good and taking another step closer to that healthy lifestyle you’re looking for.

Involve Everyone



You might be looking into living a healthier lifestyle for yourself, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, there’s no reason you can’t get everyone involved. Get your husband a gym membership, workout plan or to join a sports team too. Your kids can enjoy enjoy eating well when you allow them to help you with plans and preparation. There are so many cool ideas on healthy eating, some involving fun characters and shapes to get kids interested in eating clean too! And before long, you’re new way of life will be a lifestyle the entire family enjoys.

Jord Watches for the Holidays

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Are you looking for the perfect present for him this year?  Then you don’t have to look any farther.  Jord watch makes some of the most beautiful watches for men that I have ever see.  Weather you have an outdoors man like mine or a man who loves fashion Jord Watches is perfect.  They make wood watches that will turn heads.  The last watch I got from them for hubby turns heads every day.  Everyone is always asking him where he got it.

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Now they have made them even better.  When giving it this year you can add engraving either on the watch or the gift box, and make it extra special.  They are quality watches that will last you quite a long time.  My husband Fishes, snowboards and works on snowboards and skis.  Even with all the banging around and tracking around outside his watch is still in perfect condition.  This is high praise seeing how hubby has always been known for destroying watches in no time at all.  Lol His Jord Watch is still in perfect condition.

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I knew when I saw this one he would be in love it is stylish and still understated perfect for my husband.  If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift this season I would recommend Jord watches completely.

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Relocation 101: How To Survive In A New State




So you’re relocating, are you excited? Maybe you’ve got to move for work, you fancied a change or you’re following your dreams, either way, you’re going to need to get it right. When you relocate, you can just pick up your current life and continue it in a new city. The places are different and the people are new.

The idea of moving to a new state can soon seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Not with your new survival guide at least. If you’re moving across the country or even to a neighbouring state, learn to adjust as quickly as possible and you’ll soon feel right at at home.

You’ve bought a new house, got your movers (or if you haven’t, this post might help – http://tabbyspantry.com/tips-tricks-choosing-moving-company/) booked and are all packed up. Now that’s all left to make it all work; starting with the first step.

Step 1: Acclimatize

Heading to another part of the country can mess you up. Especially if you’re used to warmer climates and you’re suddenly surrounded by snow, or vice versa. But, you’ve made the move so it’s time to get used to it. Plan ahead and stock up on the new clothing and lifestyle products that you’re going to need in your life new. Don’t wait until you get there. Your surroundings are different now, you need to adjust to them as quickly as you can.

Step 2: Set Up Shop

Next, you need to make the formal arrangements. If you’re hundreds of miles away from your old town, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to need things like a new doctor or dentist, schools and salons. You may have worked out the school situation before you moved, but if not, get searching. And for your health arrangements, you can use sites like http://dentists.local24hour.com/ to locate local services.

Step 3: Get Into A New Rhythm

Then, it’s time to get used to this new life of yours. You really might have a completely new way of living on your hands, but it’s not going anywhere so you may as well embrace it. Do you need a new daily routine? Maybe you need to change the way you’ve done things in the past. Do you need a nanny or should your kid up their extra-curricular activities. The sooner you work these kinks out, the easier the transition will be.

Step 4: Become A Social Butterfly

If you’ve moved to a new city where you know absolutely nobody, it’s time to get you butterfly wings on and change that. Making new friends isn’t always easy, but there are many ways you can go about it (like these – https://www.buzzfeed.com/erinfrye/all-new-friends). If you moved for work, you’re going to get new colleagues, and that’s one avenue covered. But if it’s your husband’s jobs that you moved for and you’re a stay at home mom, you might need to try other tricks. Head out and meet your neighbours or join a club. Friends will make the entire process so much easier.

Step 5: Write Home

And lastly, remember NOT to cut your losses. Right now, you might be all about building a life in a new place, but it might not work out. Say your company transfers you back or your dream wasn’t as dreamy as you thought. It’s best to stay in touch with your old life in case you ever want it back!

Home SOS: Common Problems During The Festive Season And What To Do


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Winter is well and truly here and with that many of us will be enjoying the festive season ahead. I’m sure you will have lots of plans to visit family and friends and enjoy everything that Christmas has to offer. But winter can spell trouble for our homes if we are not careful. This is why it can be worth ensuring you plan ahead to keep you and the family out of hot water. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the most common problems your home can encounter during the festive season.

The heating breaking down

This time of year brings colder weather, and so it’s natural to turn to our heating systems and crank that temperature up a notch. However, one of the most common things to happen is your heating system failing. You guessed it, it always seems to happen on the coldest day of the year. So what do you do? Or how do you avoid such a problem? The chances are nobody can predict if your heating will fail, but preventative measures can be taken. The reason why your system might break down is the lack of usage during the summer months. So it may be worth getting your heating checked over before the cold weather hits, to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Significant rainfall causing flooding

Not only is there a threat of ice and snow at this time of year, but before all of that you could end up experiencing significant rainfall. Especially with some of the storms that have been hitting different places around the world. Rain is something we can all become accustomed to, but when you get a huge amount in a short space of time it can spell disaster in the way of flooding. The last thing anyone wants is their home to be overrun with water. But if this does happen, there are people on hand like http://restorationeze.com to help repair the damage.

Iced up pipework causing plumbing issues

Exposed pipework to the exterior of your home is open to the elements. So when you get a particularly cold day, these pipes may end up freezing. But once they thaw they could burst and cause other plumbing issues to your home. Protect those exposed pipes by adding a foam surround to them. This adds a form of insulation and helps to retain a temperature. For more information check out http://www.hopeplumbing.com.

Blocked drains

The chances are all the leaves will have fallen to the ground now, and if you haven’t had an opportunity to clear them up, they may have started to gather around the drains. However, this is another way to cause flooding as the drains can easily become blocked by debris. Try and keep those leaves at bay and things tidy before the poor weather hits.

Making sure your home is secure

Finally, making sure your home is safe and secure at this time of year it paramount. Burglary is rife during the festive season because of the amount of time people are vacant from their homes, or the increase of items due to gifts, etc. Make sure your alarm system is updated and working properly.

I hope this offers you some tips and advice to keep your home in order during the festive season.

Spring Clean? No Way! It’s All About The Festive Deep Clean

I think we can all take pride in our homes in some form. You might be the house proud person who follows all the latest home interior trends, or perhaps you like things neat and tidy and always in their place. Some people are minimalists, others are hoarders, but I think we can all agree there are certain points in the year where we all strive to get our homes in the order we would like. Most commonly, people consider the spring as the perfect time for it. Decluttering your life ready for a fun-filled summer. However, for me, I think this time of year is the perfect point to get your home in order.



You may be asking why? But I think it is fairly obvious. Christmas is nearly upon us, and with that we have the following happening, and in no particular order. More guests turning up on unplanned visits, more opportunities to have that extra glass of wine or Eggnog with the neighbors, or even having your children’s friends over for festive treats in the lead up to Christmas. Your home is a busy hub at this time of year, and so I think it’s natural to want a clean and tidy home. Not to mention a certain visit from the big man in the red suit on Christmas Eve, bringing more things into your home like toys for children, and gifts for the family.

There are plenty of ways to get your home in order. You might want to start with decluttering your home of unwanted things. This is a great way to make some extra space and even earn a few extra dollars by selling items on websites like eBay. Something that could certainly come in handy at this time of year. There are some great tips online on how you can slowly declutter your home.

Once your home is in order and tidied away then it’s time to get cleaning, and it certainly can be therapeutic during the process. You can stick to traditional cleaning methods, but sometimes creating your own DIY remedies offer the best results. Using pantry items like vinegar and bicarbonate soda offer amazing results, with very little effort and time. Check out websites like Vinegar Tips for more information on how to use a staple pantry ingredient like vinegar in cleaning and other uses.

At this time of year, it’s probably worth doing all those jobs you put off in your daily or weekly clean. Getting under the couch, moving furniture to clean behind and generally ensuring your home is in tip-top shape. This is a great idea to do before you put your decorations up, as it means less work for you in the new year.

But honestly, there is no better feeling than marveling at your work once your home is clean and tidy and the decorations are all lit and in place. It signals the time for you to put your feet up and enjoy the festive season with your family, after all, that is what it is all about.

The First Steps to a More Energy-efficient Home

Being more energy efficient is a good idea for several different reasons. One of them is that you can reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the environment. But if that’s not enough for you, it can also save you money. Watching your energy consumption could help you to reduce your bills by a significant amount. However, you have to choose to take the right steps. Before you do any of the following, make sure your home is well-insulated. There’s no point upgrading to more energy-efficient heating and other improvements if you don’t prepare your home first. Once that’s done, consider these moves.


Image source: Pixabay

Replace Your Furnace/Boiler

A poor heating system could be the thing that’s making it difficult to heat your home. A lot of people find that even with their heating on full, the house won’t get warm enough. If it does, it cools down almost immediately once the heating is off. Poor insulation can play a role, but once that’s fixed, you need to look at your heating. It may be time for a new boiler or furnace, which could be much for energy-efficient. Have a look at http://www.savehomeheat.com/heating-products/furnace-repair-replacement-and-installation to find some examples of models that could be right for your home.

Switch the Lights

LED light bulbs are one of the most often recommended changes for an energy-efficient home. But it’s for a good reason that so many people say that you should switch to them. It’s an easy change to make, so it could be the first one you decide on. Once you’ve done it, it can give you the drive to consider other changes. LED bulbs might be a little more expensive than traditional ones, but they save you money in the long-run. They’re much more energy-efficient than other types.


Image credit: Pixabay

Get a New Shower

An electric shower can use up energy and lots of water too. If you consider replacing yours, you could improve its environmental impact. You don’t necessarily need to get a whole new shower unit. Just using a water-saving shower head could be a good choice. Other things will help you to reduce the energy and water you use in the shower too. For example, you can get a gadget that tells you when it’s time to get out. Some people underestimate how long they spend in the shower, and it doesn’t need to be that long.

Generate Your Own Energy

Harnessing renewable energy is an option that a lot of people consider. However, it’s also one that isn’t available to everyone. It can be expensive, so it’s not always the first choice for homeowners. However, it can be an excellent investment, and there are a few different options. You could consider solar panels, heat pumps or possibly even a wind turbine if you live in the right place. If you’re committed to being more energy-efficient, generating your own is the ultimate goal.

It’s easy to get started with creating a more energy-efficient home. You can use it as a great excuse for a home makeover too.

Tips to Take Your Selfie Game to the Next Level



“Selfie” was given the distinct honor of word of the year in 2013. Oxford Dictionary defines it as a self-portrait, usually taken with a smartphone and posted to social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. The selfie craze is here to stay and everyone from the mom next door to our political leaders are snapping their own. Even Barack Obama isn’t exempt, as he was photographed taking a selfie with Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and UK Prime Minister David Cameron during Nelson Mandela’s memorial. While part of a selfie’s charm is its low-key and amateur feel, there are ways to take better shots of yourself. Here are some tips to get started.

Trade the Duckface for the Turtle

Sucking in your cheeks and puckering your lips is mockingly called “the duckface,” but this pose offers less-than-flattering results. Instead, stick your neck out and do the “turtle” to eliminate the risk of double chins. The turtle can also make you seem more centered and alert in the shot. Whether you’re sticking out your neck or taking a more relaxed pose, don’t look down or risk casting unseemly shadows across your face. The turtle is good advice for just about anyone, but getting too carried away could lead to a stiff, over-posed shot.

Whatever pose you strike, a shaky camera can lead to a blurry selfie or cause bad lighting in the camera frame. Lean your smartphone against a solid object or get a case with a kickstand. Once your phone is positioned, just lean forward and get your shot. Furthermore, make sure your smartphone is equipped with a top-of-the-line camera, like the 12 MP rear-facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. A high-quality camera held steady will make for an ideal portrait.

Give More Meaning to Your Selfie

Instead of clicking a quick selfie, capture what you’re seeing and responding to instead. The Frontback app takes a photo of whatever you’re looking at and experiencing while also snapping a shot of yourself. The ultimate result is a simple collage, giving your selfie some context.

Other apps eliminate the need to perfect your selfie altogether. MomentCam turns your selfie into a work of art. Snap a shot of yourself, then watch the app turn it into a whimsical cartoon. The first app in the world to interpret pictures into cartoons, MomentCam’s finished product looks like you sat for a caricature artist on a New York City street corner. The app Glitche can also transform your selfie into a creative expression by distorting the photo and turning it into an avant-garde creation.

Selfie Health

There’s another reason to take selfies beyond online sharing, indulging in vanity or just having some fun. Cornell engineers created a smartphone cholesterol application for Rapid Diagnostics, or “smartCard” using your camera to figure out your cholesterol level. It can analyze the biomarkers in a drop of blood, sweat or saliva from your own self-snapshot and uses color analysis to give the results. So the next time someone pokes fun of your posted selfie, tell them you’re just checking your cholesterol and staying healthy one shot at a time.