Dimples Halloween Blobs

Dimples Halloween Blobs


Now this was funny I started off making Dimples BBQ Sauce Pumpkin shaped meatballs.  When they started cooking they turned into blobs.  The good news they tasted just as good and little guy still loved them.  He calls them Dimples mummy blobs and we had a blast making them.


What you will need

1 cup Dimples BBQ Sauce

1 Pound Ground Beef

½ Cup Bread Crumbs

1 Egg

1 Orange Pepper (for eyes)


Mix all together and roll into balls









Cut peppers into triangles for eyes and place in balls


Bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes depending on if you like well done (which I do)


Take out place on plate and wrap noodles around it.


I used a box of pasta roni easy to make and tasted great


Pour a little dimples bbq sauce on tap and you are done

Finding the right wedding ring


   When it comes to wedding rings finding the right one can make all the difference.  This is something you are planning to wear every day for the rest for your life. Whether you want to go with the traditional plain band or go all out different make sure to find the one you just cannot live without.   They have so many designs out there these days you would not believe the choices you have.  Don’t forget to also think about a 2 toned ring to match all your jewelry.

   Now a days you also don’t have to spend a fortune to get what you really want. Plus, a very big difference from when I got my ring is you can now shop online and find exactly what you are looking for.   When I was getting, mine I wanted something that would match my engagement ring so I got ones that fit together.  I have a ton of friends that went the complete opposite and have 2 totally different rings.  No matter what you are looking for in a wedding ring make sure it speaks to you.    There are so many choices out there today make sure you have a budget and an idea and just start searching you never know what you will find that you never even thought about.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls – Legend Of Everfree


Little guy was so excited when this showed up.  He loves My Little Pony and wanted to watch it right away.  This was such a cute movie that had us watching from on the edge of our seat.  Shout Factory and Hasbro has come up with a fantastic My little pony for this time of the year.  We are going to have to watch this again Halloween night.  With camping, mystery and powers hoe can you not love this awesome new My little Pony movie.   This will be released Nov 1st don’t miss out.


Bonus Features

Audio Commentary



Fresh air – check. Starlit nights – check. Scary stories – freaky deaky! The Equestria Girls are leaving the halls of Canterlot High School for a field trip to Camp Everfree. However, they get more than canoeing and camp fires when magic begins to wreak havoc on the camp. They’re surprised to find a magical force is causing strange things to happen, and the girls seem to be developing new powers. The Equestria Girls will have to work together to control the magic or it will destroy their beloved camp!

  • For pony fans ordering their copy directly from Shout Kids, a free poster is included.


  • Copies of the film for sale in Walmart will include a pair of Twilight Sparkle barrettes!


  • Copies at all other retailers come with an adorable “Camp Everfree” sew-on camp patch. This can be used for a fun activity – making your own camp uniform!


If you kids love My little pony don’t forget to also print our these great coloring pages for them.

lp        lp1


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My Little Pony


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Honolulu Jewelry Company

img_8663        img_8664

Jewelry always makes a perfect gift for the holidays.  If you are looking for something simple and beautiful or something unique, or bold you don’t have to go any further the Honolulu Jewelry company.  They truly have something that she will love this holiday season.  I have been a fan of theirs for years I got my first piece from them when I was about 9 years old and am always looking to add more to my collection from them.


  The necklace I go to review is a simple yet beautiful turtle necklace.  This is the perfect necklace for everyday or even an evening out.  With a simple dress a nice pair of shoes this necklace will really stand out.  It looks very delicate but in reality it has a very strong chain, you won’t have to worry all night long about it breaking easily.   I have always been a fan of the quality and beauty of their jewelry.

  If you are looking for a timeless piece to give this holiday season, make sure to check out Honolulu Jewelry company you will not be disappointed.

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Honolulu Jewelry Necklace

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Fresh Wave Candle



Have you checked out the latest from fresh wave?  As most of you know I love their room spray and other items, but I have now become obsessed with the new Fresh Wave candle.  This candle not only has a fresh clean smell but it also helps clean the air in the room you are in.  I tried this out in the kitchen first.  I was cooking my bacon beans and the smell of onions just filled the air.  I like them in my food but I don’t need the whole house smelling like onions for the day.  This candle helped clean the air in no time.


The Fresh Wave candle is a soy based candle that helps remove odors using natural ingredients.  This candle is safe for pets and kids.  No this does not mean let them play with it come on people it means when it burns the smoke from it is not harmful.


If you are anything like me this is a perfect candle for anywhere in the house.  With a little guy using the bathroom now he does not always make it into the toilet.  As we all know this leaves a pee smell that just never goes away.  I lit this candle in the bathroom while he was at school and my bathroom was smelling fresh in no time.  This is a perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list who has kids or who loves to cook but hates the lingering odors.  You can get this great candle and all Fresh Wave products at Target.  Don’t forget to also pick up one for yourself.  I would also like to note this candle is also pretty.  It will fit right in with almost any decor.


I got this free to try in exchange for an honest review.

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How To Be Your Own Tooth Fairy

Yes, if you have little ones it is often that you can find yourself popping a dollar underneath their pillow when these loose a tooth. Losing a baby tooth can be a cause for celebration. But losing an adult tooth is more of a cause for conversation and regrets. That is why it is so important that we look after our own teeth well and be your own tooth fairy.




Picture here


The number one thing that we should be doing is brushing our teeth regularly. Yes, everybody knows this, but not everybody does it! That it why so many people have mouth problems. The majority of people still use disposable brushes. But there are some other tooth cleaning options out there that can help you keep your mouth in tip-top condition.


Why not try an electric toothbrush? The rotate under their own power and are much more effective at clearing away plaque and tartar build up than the traditional kind. You can even get specialized brush heads for whitening. Some fancy models come with a mouth area guide and timer so you can make sure that you get all the places that need cleaning.




Something else that dentists recommend that we regularly do is to floss. Flossing is when we go in-between the teeth to remove any old food or build up that is there.




If you find normal flossing with medicated string a bit gross, then why not try a water pick. These work in the same way but they expel any debris out using water pressure, and it’s easy and hygienic to get rid of it.




Our teeth can become stained from certain types of food and drink that we consume. The worst offenders are coffee and red wine. Some dentists also warn not to eat too much fruit either. This is because the acid can affect the enamel on teeth.


Picture here


If you are having issues with stains or enamel then is it best to limit the consumption of this type of food. To get rid of stains you can try a tooth whitening kit at home, or go to the dentist for a professional treatment.

Image source


Dental Work


Of course, some people’s teeth problems go beyond just the color of their smile. Crooked teeth and overbites can cause hygiene, pain and confidence issues.


But many people have been put off getting these things sorted in the past because they were unsure of how good the end result would be. Firms like Digital Smile Design can help with this issue.


They can provide an image on the end result before you begin your treatment. This can assist you in being motivated and sticking with it until you achieve perfect teeth.



Picture here


Something else that can be atrocious for your teeth and your overall mouth health is smoking. Yes, it can cause black and yellow discoloration on the teeth. It can also increase your risk of gingivitis and other diseases of the mouth. So it might just be time to give up.


Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers for a cough/cold giveaway

Cough and cold season is here, and I’m teaming up with Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers to help you and your family feel better faster with a Cough & Cold Giveaway.

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When YOU Get Sick

It’s bad enough when your kids aren’t feeling well, but when you aren’t feeling well, it’s downright miserable. While there’s no cure for the common cold, Saline Soothers Nose Wipes provide soothing comfort for sore noses with Natural Saline, Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile.

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It All Comes Down to Saline

Whether you reach for Saline Soothers or grab your kids’ Boogie Wipes, it all comes down to Natural Saline. The Natural Saline in both products dissolves mucus, while the Vitamin E, Aloe and Chamomile soothe and comfort even the most sensitive skin. Click here to learn more about the benefits of all-natural saline.

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The Importance Of Keeping A Clean Home When You Have Little Ones

It’s no secret that kids make a lot of mess. They throw food, draw on the walls, and spread their toys all over the house. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to keep your family home clean and tidy. The truth is that although kids make a lot of mess, as a parent it’s important to keep on top of the housework.


As otherwise, you and your family could get ill. Believe it or not, there are enough germs in your home to make your family unwell, especially the younger members of it. (That’s not a nice thought, is it?) Hence why it’s so important to keep your home spick and span when you have little ones. Of course, the question is what are the best ways to go about doing that?


It’s not just about cleaning


Photo from Flickr


Just because your home looks clean, that doesn’t mean that it is clean. No matter how often you vacuum, wipe the sides or clean the floors, if you’re not using the right products, the germs will still remain. That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right cleaning products, as well as knowing where the places are that contain the most germs. Take the kitchen sink, for instance. Unless you cleanse the sink and draining board using disinfectant once a day, germs will continue to live there. Or, take the TV controller, for instance. Did you know it can be one of the dirtiest objects in the home? Just think how many people touch it each day without washing their hands. Anywhere that gets touched frequently – TV controllers, door handles, etc., should be wiped over on a daily basis. The best product to use for this is an antibacterial wipe.


A quality vacuum is a must


Childhood asthma is a common condition – in each classroom of 30 kids, on average, three suffer from asthma. What causes asthma isn’t always clear, however, what we do know is that dust makes the condition worse. Some studies have even shown that it can bring on the first flare up. The most common place for dust to hide in the home is in carpeted flooring. As well as in sofas, curtains, and other soft furnishings. That’s why it’s so important to vacuum your home at least once every other day. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, not all machines are born equal. Some pick up more dust than others do, this depends on the filter and bags that they use. Take Miele vacuum bags, for instance; these are able to filter out a high percentage of microns, giving users the ability to pick up more dust and dirt. When it comes to keeping your home clean, a quality vacuum cleaner is a must.


Make antibacterial aerosols your best friend


Image from Pixabay


When it comes to keeping your home as germ-free as possible, antibacterial aerosol sprays can be a lifesaver. Unlike liquid sprays, they can be easily and effectively used to cleanse anything and everything. From furniture to children’s toys – a quick spray is all it takes.


If you’ve got little ones running around your home, you’ll know that dirt gets everywhere. They put grubby hand prints on the walls, trail mud into the house, and get food all over the place. Hence why it takes a lot more time and effort to keep your home clean. However, if you want to protect your kids from nasty germs, daily cleaning is important.

Stop Your Kids Feeling Unsafe At Home After A Break-In

A break-in is an upsetting experience for any family. The thought of someone entering your home and stealing your belongings is the stuff of nightmares. While you might be feeling devastated, it’s your children who are most likely to be left feeling traumatized. Children don’t always understand why a burglary occurs which can cause severe confusion. This can be intensified even further if some of their belongings were taken during the break-in. They might think they are being punished for bad behavior or not trying hard enough at school. As they are unable to process and cope with what has happened, this confusion can quickly turn to fear. This can stop them feeling safe in their own home and may make it difficult for them to sleep at night.


Reassuring your kids that they are safe is vital during the aftermath of a break-in. This can stop them from being constantly fearful and make your home feel like a safe place once more. To find out how you can do this, read through these simple tips and tricks.


Pic link


Get back into your daily routine


A burglary can cause considerable upheaval to your family’s daily routine. You might have had to stay at a relative’s home or your kids might not have been able to go to school. While it is often unavoidable, a lack of routine can be unnerving for your kids. This is because they are not able to adapt to sudden changes as easily as adults are. Children love the stability and familiarity provided by a daily routine. So it’s vital that you reestablish it as quickly as possible.


Make sure they go to bed and go to school at the same time every day. This should also apply to family meal times. If you take them to school or pick them up, try to continue doing this too. This can help make your kids feel more at ease and rebuilds the structure that was once lost. It also shows your children that your lives aren’t being ruled by the incident, which can also stop them being fearful.


Pic link


Increase your home security


As your family has become victims of a burglary, there is obviously an issue with your home security. This is something you need to rectify as soon as possible to prevent further occurrences in future. Start looking for home security systems online that you can have installed into your home. Remember that these systems do vary in price and quality. So to ensure you get the best,

see this review of FrontPoint Security from Secure Penguin or look at other review sites. Also, make sure that your new system is installed by an experienced expert for increased efficiency.


Once the alarms, cameras, and lights have been installed, show them to your kids. Explain that these devices are going to make your home feel safe again. For even more reassurance, let your kids test how effective they are. You can also discuss what other methods you are going to start using to protect your home. For instance, you can get your kids to check that all the windows and doors are locked before leaving the house.

Pic link


Consider adopting a dog


Studies have found that households with pets are less likely to experience break-ins. This is because dogs can be trained to attack intruders or alert the homeowners of any suspicious noises. As well as being an effective deterrent to home intruders, pet dogs can also be a loyal friend to your child. They can take their mind off the break-in and give them something positive to look forward to. The presence of a friendly dog within your home can also make your kids feel more at ease.

So carefully consider whether adopting a dog would be a good idea for your family. You need to be able to commit to it’s needs and provide care for it’s entire life. You should also research breeds which are easy to train and good with children. If you don’t think your family is ready for a pet right now, buy your child a dog toy instead. That way they are still gaining a new friend who they can talk to and play with.


If your son or daughter still continues to feel unsafe, get in touch with your family doctor. They might need to be referred to a counselor to help them recover and process what has happened. This can be done through the use of art therapy or through simple role playing games. Talk to your doctor about your concerns to get the process started as soon as possible.

Kids & Concussion: Dealing With Bumps to the Head

There isn’t a child in the world who won’t bump their head at some point. And, whether it’s slipping over and taking a tumble or banging their head against a table corner, the result could be a concussion.


It is vital, then, for all parents to recognize the signs of concussion and respond in the right way. I’ve pulled together a few tips for you to ensure your child gets the proper treatment.



After the event


A bang on the head can lead to full unconsciousness, of course. If this occurs, it is vital you ring the emergency service straight away. An ambulance will arrive and bring your child to your local hospital or pediatric urgent care center. But what happens if it isn’t a knockout blow?


It can be difficult to see just how hurt your child is, but if they display any of the following signs, you should ring for a doctor. Dizziness and confusion are obvious, of course, and it is likely they will appear fatigued. If any of these symptoms last for more than 20-30 minutes, make a call.


You should also be wary of bumps to the head that seem to be OK. There could be blood appearing from the nose of ears, or even a simple case of vomiting. Your child’s speech may start to slur, too. Seizures and convulsions can also occur – and it is critical you get help fast.




The following week


Once your child has been stabilized, it is important they get plenty of rest. Your doctor may wish to see your child on a daily basis, depending on the severity of the blow. But, you should still keep a close eye on their recovery.


Not all concussions will appear straight away, and certain environments might make them even worse. Anything that involves concentration should be avoided – nothing too brainy or physical. And keep them away from loud and bright conditions, which can stimulate your child’s brain. Follow this advice, and the symptoms should improve.


However, if things start to worsen, contact your local hospital again – it could be a sign that something isn’t quite right.






After a week, doctors will often want to see your child on a weekly basis to ensure there is no bleeding on the brain and that they are making a full recovery. It’s important to keep your child from doing anything too strenuous, both physically and mentally.


It can be tough for kids at this point, as they will be feeling much better and ready to take on new challenges. You will have to put up with a lot of frustrations and anger – so be prepared.


During the second week, your doctor may recommend your child starts to use their brains a little more. And by the third week, all symptoms should be clear. However, there may be a need for your child to see a concussion specialist to ensure everything is back to full working order. And, it might take some time for them to get back to their full cognitive abilities.


While some blows to the head can be dangerous, your child will be okay in the vast majority of cases. Let them take it easy, and they will recover quickly – and always keep in touch with your physician.